Nwigwe, Tobe - TEN TOES Lyrics

[Tobe Nwigwe & Tim Woods:]
(I don't care)
I don't care if anybody ride for me
Or my enemies try to slide on me
Ten toes down without a nine on me
'Cause who could be against if God for me?
Though they try to block my purpose
Take it to the the unemployment line
'Cause it's not working (It's not working)

[Tim Woods:]
Couldn't hold me down, what was the hold up?
Feet planted in the ground until I rose up
Look at how hard they try to hoe us
They'll smell the flowers 'fore it's over
They shouldn't wanna stunt no more
They couldn't even stunt my growth
They the ones who coming up short
If I gotta sleep with one eye closed
Luckily, I got two more
They respect you in your field until you kneel in it
Only way to keep the peace if they can kill with it
In a pickle but we don't know how to dill/deal with it
Ain't nothing kosher about the culture but we still flipping
Government cheese and free lunch into a meal ticket
Love ain't authentic, the drink is synthetic, we still sip it
I just got a taste for something real
When I find it, you're invited to crack the seal
(I don't care)

[Tobe Nwigwe & Tim Woods:]
I don't care if anybody ride for me
Or my enemies try to slide on me
Ten toes down without a nine on me
'Cause who could be against if God for me?
Though they try to block my purpose
Take it to the the unemployment line
'Cause it's not working (It's not working)

[Tobe Nwigwe:]
Oh, look
I told God show face, he threw me a mirror
Then said be weary of your gaze lest you be a fuhrer
My intent for putting pen to pad ain't never been purer
That's why I never trip on judgment from jaws of the jurors, oh
Don't judge me, love me
Fat be on my head like Scullys when my flow get rusty
So I must be tip top with a flow disgusting
Enough to disrupt the flow of those that duck
The power of Jah, you know the flow hard
You see all my scars, but give me applause
Because I'm real
I show my naked on tracks and they ask how does it feel?
Word to D'angelo, I would dismantle your girls cameltoe
Before them evangelicals taught me 'bout Brown Sugar
Can't turn my nose up at no one, they'd be done found boogers
But I still keep my ear to the street like a sound hooker

[Tobe Nwigwe & Tim Woods:]
They can't set us up (set me up)
We've upset them all
We're always T'd up (T)
Still we don't play no golf
They don't want smoke with us (No, they don't)
They might have withdrawals
All those L's we'd stuff
Still we can't take no
Still we can't take no loss

I don't care if anybody ride for me
Or my enemies try to slide on me
Ten toes down without a nine on me
'Cause who could be against if God for me?
Though they try to block my purpose
Take it to the the unemployment line
'Cause it's not working (It's not working)
(It's not working)
(Talk to me [?])

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Nwigwe, Tobe TEN TOES Comments
  1. margo linzer

    Dang it that should be on 2k21

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  3. Toney Cooper

    Cant turn my nose up at no one they be done found boogers .. mannnnnn

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    I love y’all Fam, Tobe, Fat, Nell‼️

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    Yooooo.... I have not seen one, Not one bad Video or heard one bad track from this man... 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥

  6. WestEnd TDot

    This is is the truth. Shout out from Toronto. Naija love!

  7. IntoTheFray

    The best out right now IMO

  8. Kalee Williams

    This Almost Errthang That Htown Kids Feel Truthfully

  9. Fernando Ford

    Its Real

  10. Syfulai Yanguba

    Most underrated artist in the world his songs has gotten me thru some rough times nothing but good positive energy coming from his music.

  11. distill

    Who can take an L, when they're always smokin' them?

  12. Amos Culbreth

    Seeing you live is something special. Much love to you and your team. 🌍🙌🏿

  13. 100YearsofWealth

    not sure how to feel about him....but i'll hold back comments until I have more time to process

  14. Itxd1n3022

    Keep them flip flops on, they lowkey feel unique

  15. Blank Ace

    I love the Jim Crow pose flip. "Take it to the unemployment line cause it's not working!"

  16. TooFly357

    Man this dude made me pull out the dictionary. 1:29 Who knew what fuhrer meant? I have a decent vocabulary and never heard that word before.

  17. Mr. Youtube

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    That’s my teachers friend

  19. Oladokun Emmanuel Godwin

    This Is another level

  20. Elaine jackson

    HOW IS THIS NOT ON THE RADIO— they mad at these good frequencies 😊😏

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    I told God show ya face he throw me a mirror. Love it 🙏🏾💪🏾✊🏾🖤

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    i knew i wasn't alone pero i thought i was alone. thank you for being you.

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  29. Steven Tzorin


  30. Steven Tzorin


  31. buddhawhoa

    Yall are so amazingly talented. This is my first time seeing this video and it is now my favorite. So well produced, lyrics are 🔥🔥, beautiful all around. Man thank ya'll for resuscitating the culture.

  32. Jihan Brooks EMPOWER Real Estate Team

    💕🙌🏾🙋🏾‍♀️ Holding no L’s over here. God is for me! Ouu! Take it to the unemployment line because It’s not working. OR change your life and become a Credit Consultant and start working! Ouu!🏦😉

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  34. Sheisrael Daughter of YHWH

    This is my son's favorite song. Thank you for bringing realness back. I can blast your whole album and know that he's singing along to substance. 🙏🏾✊🏾Love your music. You and Courtney Bell are my top Israelite artist.

  35. Taheerah Chestnut

    I love your messages💞Ase' King, lyrical musical genius🙌

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  38. Demetria Jones

    They respect you in your field until you kneel in it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Georgina Cox

    Anyone able to explain the D'Angelo lyric?


    Da la Soul. Vibe

  41. ll Gillie ll

    I heard one of your songs on a youtube ad, checked you out and I feel like I found the best lyricist in my opinion besides MO300. You're legit special and I've been sharing your music to all my homies. Rap needs you.

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    That pun on drakes "9"

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    Tob I'm from Houston. I'm from the Stead (Homestead) Northwood Manor (The Manor) to exact I love music and we all know that most of our Legends from the H come from the south, so if you can please reply and I will always do the same in return ( copy n paste) cause I want to hear from the real music leading out of Houston.

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  52. Renae B hittin

    Yeah the third eye reference isn't godly at all, it's actually contrary to the straight and narrow road to heaven which is Jesus Christ, NOT Christ consciousness.

    Tim Woods

    Renae B hittin 😳

  53. Juan Munoz

    would love to meet this guy and talk

  54. Jpimpster20

    Only way they want to keep the peace (peice) is if they can kill with it. 🔥

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    First of all it’s too many puns too write down

    If I was an artist I would keep a close eye on you to learn!! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾

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    Shout out to H-Tyne! Shout out to my boys T Woods! PV YOU KNOOOOWWW

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  60. Paul Badoski

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    Well said bro. Thank the most high for this brother

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