Nwigwe, Tobe - Murder She Wrote Flow Lyrics

Get twisted
Look every beat I'm on
I never give it mercy
Like an alpha
The flow ice cold
If you're thirsty
Every bar I spit
Soothe ya soul
Like murder she wrote

If ya talkin bout appropriation
The whole nation
Guilty by association
This whole system
Need exfoliation
You keep commandments
But you devilish so
Really you a holy Satan
How you Muslim
But you roll with bacon
Hell I ain't Muslim
I'm just sayin
If you acting
That's the roll you playing
Don't judge me
You need to listen OC
I'm approaching 30
That's when all that nae nae
And whippin stops
Don't get it twisted
I'm with God till the ticking stops
But anybody can catch these hands
Like the chicken pox
Quick to box
If you threaten me
Or my family
From the swat
So watch how you speak
When you handle me
Flow is hot
Boy I bring mo heat
Than a candle bring
Thotties bop
Every time I be
Where the cameras be
Not to brag
Hol up lemme get back in my bag
Look I don't juju on the beat
I'm a guru when I speak
No papaya
I'm a naija boy
That's fufu when I eat
I'm a lose you if you weak
Catch a bruise if you repeat
I'm Desmond Tutu
Yo flow
Booboo gagagugu
When you speak
You got baby flow
All I spit is dragon fire
Desecrate all the food on my plate
This beat an appetizer
I ain't even touched the main course
It take work to get it poppin
Like champagne corks
Stained floor in my living room
Fat be in there painting
Facebook live
Almost 20, 000
Checked out our engagement
Spit was thick
Had me shedding tears
Lowkey felt like Jameis Winston
During freshman year
No disguising
I get live when
I see the visions of the mini mes
On the horizon
Me and Fat synergy
Coincidently surprising
She had me on bending knee
The image was polarizing
You find the one
You should lock her up
Hit a knee
Put a ring on it
And knock her up
The beat is sick
It's getting doctored up
Please tell the fat lady
Sing the opera
It's over

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Nwigwe, Tobe Murder She Wrote Flow Comments
  1. Color Blind Entertainment

    Still here in 2019. Can’t wait for the new album I already know every song word for word

  2. HereOrNot16

    Fuego 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Lyricast

    Like an Alpha, the flow ice cold 💯

  4. Pas Brenes

    Mad ting bro!

  5. Sony Dormevil

    Straight FIRE!

  6. Nola Brown

    Killt this!!!!

  7. Billie Billy

    🕺🏾🕺🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥 favorite

  8. Billie Billy

    🕺🏾🕺🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥 favorite


    this song copies taxi of pitbull

    Neisha Brooks

    and taxi copies murder she wrote -.-

    Giselle Gil-Heredia


    Lotus Aguilera

    You can't even compare lmfao Pitbull is a hype ''artist'' and Tobe is a Lyrical Genius.

  10. Aida [eye-dah] Fine Me

    Loveee this!!

  11. Louis S

    Your gonna bloww

    100% CUTEmagic MSP

    Louis S I

  12. Kiraya Kawesa

    This is the best one so far 💯