Nwigwe, Tobe - Int'l Players Anthem Tribute Lyrics

Get Twisted Sundays
We back at it again
In honor of the legend
Ahem, look

My biggest problem is I don't believe the concept of in love
In college I was with Whitney, when she kissed me, I felt then the
Heavens had to send it upon me, so strongly
I was wrong B, she came from the big apple, wrong tree
I kinda sometimes felt like that was God perfecting me
I got with Fat and lowkey she changed the trajectory
Of my vision, supernatural circumcision from selfish ways
I'm on a mission, but to be alive, I said I never felt this way
I have before but this love thing just ain't no grab and go
You have to pour everything inside out, pray it don't hit the floor
Simple as that, this just ain't rap, this ain't fictional
They made dodie medicinal and made love seem conditional
But it ain't though, hell, really it's perfection
Even if it's like Anthony Hamilton's beard, it come through in sections
The lesson, better yet the blessing is the fact that it's a choice
Perception in the wrong direction has the power to destroy
Your essence, check your reflection, make sure that it's cool
For your protection, learn yourself before you learn in school
That you inadequate, truthfully I'm an advocate
For these savages chasing these objects that be inanimate
I wish that I could give them something way more tangible
It's hard to get your gift from God when both your hands is full
With all your pettiness, actin' Ed, Edd and Eddyish
Lack of umbrellas always make raindrops fall down the heaviest
Stand under something then, hopefully it'll help you understand
That everybody black on the inside like Folgers cans
Keep your kin bold just be careful how you approach a man
Pigs can't smell the odor of slop to know they grosser than
Most people, but ain't no one picture perfect on easels
Don't hate nobody, be Godly, swear that poison is lethal
My cousin got out, got locked back up, that boy home, the sequel
That penal system got his penile gland smothered in fecal
Matter, I'm still squashing all the chatter though
Them thotties try me, I dodge the bull like a matador
Far as the baddest go, my quota way past the status quo
That's why Fat got my heart in the end like a Navajo
Or Arapaho, I got nasty flow
Tell wack rappers take a backseat, I'm they chaperone
From the back straight to the traps, that's where they have to go
No coonin', no metro, I'm boomin' 'til my casket close
I should rap some more, but I have to go
RIP Ali, but I'm feelin' like Cassius though
Rope-a-dope then go for broke like hook and laterals
Holy mackerel I murdered the International
Players Anthem

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Nwigwe, Tobe Int'l Players Anthem Tribute Comments
  1. antonio graham

    He need to do more of these

  2. Mecca Modai

    Who the fu$k gave this a thumb down need they head buss to the white meat! This cold as hell.

  3. gangsterapmademedoit

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    Ludwig van Beethoven coupled his genius for music with profoundly held political beliefs and an almost religious certainty about his purpose. With the possible exception of Wagner, no other composer has, single-handedly, changed the course of music so dramatically and continued to develop and experiment throughout his entire career. His early music, built on the Classical paths trod by Haydn and Mozart, demonstrates his individuality in taking established musical structures and re-shaping them to his own ends. Unusual keys and harmonic relationships are explored, while as early as the Third Symphony (Eroica), the music is vastly more inventive and cogent than anything Mozart achieved even in a late masterpiece like the Jupiter. Six more symphonies followed, all different in character, all attempting new goals of human expression, culminating in the great Choral Symphony (No 9) with its ecstatic final choral movement celebrating man’s existence. No wonder so many composers felt daunted by attempting the symphonic form after Beethoven and that few ever attempted more than the magic Beethovenian number of nine.

    His chamber music tells a similar story, building on the classical form of the string quartet, gradually making it his own (listen to the Middle Period Razumovsky quartets) until the final group of late quartets which contain music of profound spirituality and deeply felt personal statements – light years from the recent world of his illustrious predecessors. The cycle of 32 piano sonatas reflect a similar portrait of his life’s journey; the final three of his five piano concertos and the sublime Violin Concerto are on a par with the symphonies and quartets. His single opera Fidelio, while not a success as a piece of theatre, seems to express all the themes that Beethoven held most dear – his belief in the brotherhood of man, his disgust at revolutionaries-turned-dictators, the redeeming strength of human love. All this was achieved, romantically enough, while he himself struggled with profound deafness. Beethoven’s unquenchable spirit and his ability to use music to express himself places him in the forefront of man’s creative achievements. ‘Come the man, come the moment’ – Beethoven’s lifespan helpfully delineates the late classical period and the early Romantics. His music is the titanic span between the two.

  4. Chris Ramsey

    Tobe your not a rapper fam,that's an understatement. Your an ARTIST FAM! Alabama rocking with you


    Fire yo you sound like you should been on the original. do a track with outcast and bunb ✊🏾

  6. Corey Singletary

    Newly acquired fam catching up on all I’ve missed. 🔥🔥🔥

  7. chris bullard

    i would love to see u do something with (aqualeo) you guys speak the truth and make it sound so honest,and amazing.

  8. chris bullard

    god damn your shit is makeing my brain waves go like did he just do that?

  9. E.Flores

    Lol i dodge bull like a matadoe. That part made me laugh. Great content as always. Even though this is old.
    See you posted a photo on the twitter of your billboard in houston. I dont have twitter or facebook but our sells guy on the account showed me.
    Outfront baby.

  10. LaTonia Morrison

    When I came across this HIT, I tired to tell my twins son about it...and for the first time since old school rap in the 80’s came out I feel back in love with rap....I look forward to hearing great things from you!!!!

  11. Louis Madison

    KING.... I love ya music and the way u keep ya QUEEN close to you in everything.... . Keep doing ya thang man.... 💯💯💯

  12. Nicholas Mensah

    Someone pls remix this verse with the original version as the last verse. You are certified as one of the greatest.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. The Aha Moment


  14. Ricky Tucker

    Shit tough 🤞🏾

  15. j moran

    Tobe ur a star now

  16. Jay W

    been on repeat since I heard it

  17. House of Henny

    Dawg you so cold like I don’t know what else to say

  18. Bre Forest

    Why isn’t this dude signed yet

  19. ECW8711

    Bruh i am putting these Germans on out here.they don't even know

  20. Christopher Woodall

    Your verse so do dope

  21. Curtis Wingfield


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  23. Reginald lewis


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  25. Ogunmola Philip

    Damn!!!! now i have to choose btw you and Kendrick...... Brov You Nigerian? damn!!!! you gat a crazy fan in me

  26. Derrick Selinka

    Hard to get your gift from GOD when both your hands are full... geeeez

  27. 2 Lz

    Coldest flow I’ve heard in a long time

  28. Reginald lewis

    This s--- is so tight off the f------ hooked this MF is super nice!!!!!!! Conscious lyrics love this

  29. Nautica Marshall


  30. B Plus

    young Tobe, why you rappin' so hard?

  31. TheBiggz808

    I appreciate this very much!! Long live the real!!! You just another subscriber.

  32. Taylor Yancey

    This is art.

  33. Scott Serles

    Dope art so I’m supporting

  34. Best Life Network

    Awesome Work OUU!

  35. Serious Sammy

    Boi, any hotter man and you and fats fina burn thru the floor mang.

  36. Pablo


  37. WamahMafiaTV

    Love !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Sergio Jansen

    she came from the big apple, wrong tree!!! #DamnTobe!

  39. olivionb


  40. Lenard Graham

    Bro thank you for bringing me back to Hip Hop. I gave up years ago! #therealisback

  41. H HUD

    fire best song out right now

  42. Prince Akeem

    liked it before it started cause I know his skills

  43. GPJ

    Sheesh bro, your flow is only getting better and better! Keep doing it!



  45. I might need security

    absolutely amazing!! thank you for using your gift! We need more of this type of art!!