Nwigwe, Tobe - HËÂT RŌČK. Lyrics

Get twisted Sundays look
I ain't gon' wait till the beat drops
Imma get it while it's warming start to form this heat rock

I spit classics complex progressions, my whole flow is bebop
I bless demographics with lessons 'cause my bars are sheetrock
That's hard, these scars gon' get me to the treetop
I'm different now but I used to keep my eye on tail like peacocks
Changed my perspective
Got selective on what line I eavesdropped
Switched to the main one then refrained
From all the dames that P-popped
They were thotties, used to smash them as hobbies
But I'm Godly, no prob'ly, I bring Yeshua to the hood
Mamma Nita met Fat she said yes He blessing you good
My cousin whole life a mess cause he stay obsessed with the jugg
I try to confess I'm blessed even when my life as dark as Suge's
Last name, that's knight; don't get it? You prolly snoozing
I make it clearest, my dearest, whenever the spirit moving
I'm tryna spark a reunion, bring back all the real rappers
Donald Trump won the president, preacher say that the rapture
Is coming; so we on our knees praying to get acceptance
If we made it in his image then why can't I see reflections of love
They project us as thugs, hell, my partners need hugs
We straight outta the mud, I told my pops I'm the plug
For purpose, passion, talent, skills, and everything that's above
Hell the poverty line if I ain't the best then they probably lying
The flow touch souls boy it's probably divine
Whole wrist gold but I hardly got time
For Facebook post that are partly designed
To place fake hope in the partially blind
And I told Ms.Rogers she oughta be mine
And we start dating practice abstinence to dodge Satan
I'm cool with waiting but swear it took revelations
And Genesis, matter fact, awhole Biblical compilation
The defense of Gary Payton and hella spiritual patrons to help me
Cause I was tryna GTD like Tommy on season 2
Prolly episode 16 of Martin, man, RIP Tommy Ford
But please check that episode
Just to see how much more I put into every score I pen
I scrub the floor with men
Who say they rap but really industry whores within
I'm done, bring the chorus back in
But ain't no chorus though
Yeah, but ain't no chorus though

Ouu, you know that boy so fye
Ouu, you know that
Ouu, you know that
But ain't no chorus though
Ouu, you know that boy so fye
Ouu, you know that
Ouu, you know that
Ouu, but ain't no chorus though
Ouu, you know that boy so fye
Naw, scratch that, we about to put a chorus right here

This is the chorus for the haters that be big mad
Who throw us Juju but we doo-doo on that witchcraft
We black as the Zulu with moves you do at the kickbacks
Shoutout to those of you who knew we'd get the big bag
Say it! This is the chorus for the haters that be big mad
Who throw us Juju but we doo-doo on that witchcraft
We black as the Zulu with moves you do at the kickbacks
Shoutout to those of you who knew we'd get the big bag
Ouu, you know that boy so fye
Shoutout to those of you who knew we'd get the big bag
Ouu, you know that boy so fye
Shoutout to those of you who knew we'd get the big bag

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Nwigwe, Tobe HËÂT RŌČK. Comments
  1. George Salazar

    He needs to get rid of those hoes dancing. I like his flows but I’m not down with all this wakanda forever dancing bullshit. Those hoes have to go.

  2. David Puckett

    WHAT! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Killing Dem Softly

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    The definition of prolific

  6. Marquis Perry

    clicked on one video and been hooked ever since. UNDERRATTED......

  7. ryu son

    I think they should do a song with Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole .

  8. R. Adams

    Got dat raw Moundbuilder look; We ain't dead.

  9. James Carey

    I ain't gonna wait to the beat drops

  10. Maurice Morrison

    Tobe you are amazing look you should do a song with K-Rino { from Texas } the energy it would put on this earth omg! Keep Making Amazing Music

  11. Keyera Rowland

    “ This is the chorus for tha haters that be big mad. That threw us juju but we doo doo on that witch craf. We black as Zulu with moves u do at kick backs. “ I love it

  12. Keyera Rowland

    Yes! Spit it Tobe

  13. Darnell and Dom

    https://youtu.be/5hR5UuryAmc. I finally got to go to a Tobe concert y’all !!! He’s 100xs doper live and he’s ridiculous on wAx ! TOP 5

  14. Princewill Anyagagligbo

    congrats on a mill

  15. brian drennan

    Shit Toby savin hiphop 4 me..... AAAAND FROM S.W. HTOWN! GO HOME

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    If u know where they filming you so HTOWN

  17. Monica Kanyali

    I forgot to breathe when watching this one 😥🎇❤

  18. Lancine Keita

    Is he African? Nah this guy's definitely African.

  19. xvjm bubs

    🔥 fresh!

  20. Akina Helaire

    Tobe got bars for daze....oui wee

  21. Kristopher Wood

    Ok he mentioned Payton and keeps it different with some intricate ryhmye formations thats knew to me. 👍

  22. 80's baby keep it Trill

    Dude is crushing!! do you hear me???? crushing the rap game it's going to be alot of rappers with hurt feelings and egos after watching this

  23. Chris Workman

    Industry whores within!! Sellouts

  24. Daniel Clay

    This Igbo boy right here!!!!🔥🇮🇱🎙

  25. Benjamyn Fair

    This man inspired me as an artist

  26. herschel walker


  27. rebornofnewseed 18

    Your flows crazy, dance crazy, artistic man....never seen something like this

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  29. Wayne Brunner

    Yahweh!!!! Yah!!

  30. Michael Reid

    You and Donald glover and J Cole need to collaborate please god make this happen at least you and earth gang 🙏🏾❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. babynae00

    I love this video so much!!!

  32. JO Akrofi

    The best rapper ever

  33. Dave Bezo

    Fireeeeeeeeeee yasss

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    This has similar style with childish Gambino, nwanne i dig ur style

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    He hard Af. A THOT told me to come listen to him. She told me the one with Paul wall. But this one had more views. So I guess I’ll go check the one with PW out now lol

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    Idk how to explain it but my ears really enjoy this

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    Magnificent .......sway brought me here

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    Man this man just killed this in totality and building the Kingdom of God with it.

  40. Patrick Sullivan

    loving the penmanship.

  41. Kruxyy


    Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    meaning?..... two way different artists, but if you mean he will blow up, then hopefully so. this guy is prolly the most underrated rapper.

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    MIKE DROP,,,, no chorus

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    Ach spirtual incline sheesh flames !!!!

  45. Righteous One

    He pick up the torch that Andre 3000 put up... I love his music..

  46. Timothy Kennedy

    Glad I found this

  47. Prince Ali

    No chorus tho

  48. Mike Haywood

    LOVE how you rep the beauty of Blackness. May God continue to bless you.

  49. AmorSirrah Organics

    So black and beautiful ❤️

  50. paul shoultz


  51. Samantha Hatt


  52. Count Duku

    KANYE 3000 Preach !🙏

  53. last days

    The man has the right attitude right passion the right skill right direction he is everything that should be right in rap

  54. last days

    The man is a lyrical genius

  55. Vincent Soweto

    Ohhh Shit watch out for Tobe

  56. Jamal Brown

    Best rapper out!

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    Every one of Tobe's videos deserve to have over a million views by now but this shit deserves 10.. all good, still 🛌 on

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    Videos are smooth like Gary Coleman

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    I came here after hearing your testimony.... And this song is amazing I'm glad you gave you surrendered your dreams to God... I learnt a lot from you.

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    This Man’s lyricism is on another level

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    If shao khan could rap...

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    I mean...graaacious this is fire. This man dropped so many flames and talked about abstaining from sex before marriage and broke down a whole episode of Martin in one song. Refreshing rap

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    This is the song that got me hooked. Much love fam 🌍🙌🏿

  65. My Best Life

    This is what rap is suppose to sound like, that is the flow, bars, and word play other rappers should be listening to.

  66. I have to get to at least one concert!

  67. Ryan J

    Ouu You Know That BEAST So Fye!!!

  68. kevin sytko

    Heard this the day it dropped still fire a year later!


    Can't believe that I just heard this.....BRUH this dude is #REALRAP

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    This nigga da shyt gahtdamn me!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    socks and sandals every song... love it

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    Oh my goodness!
    And then came the chorus! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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