Nwigwe, Tobe - Exhibit C Tribute Lyrics

Legendary, look

I ain't gon' wait 'til the beat drop
I'ma get it while it's warm and start to form this heat rock
I spit classic complex progressions, my whole flow is bebop
I bless demographics with lessons 'cause my bars are sheetrock
That's hard, these scars gon' get me to the treetops
I'm different now but I used to keep my eye on tail like peacocks
Changed my perspective, got selective on what line I eavesdrop
Switched to the main one then refrained from all the dames that p-popped
They were thotties, used to smash 'em as hobbies
But I'm godly, no prob'ly, I bring Yeshua to the hood
Mama need him, met Fat, she said, "Yes, you're blessed and you could"
My cousin whole life a mess 'cause he stay obsessed with the joog
I try to confess, I'm blessed even when my life dark as Suge's
Last name, that's Knight, don't get it? You prob'ly snoozin'
I make it clearest my dearest whenever the spirit movin'
I'm tryin' to spark a reunion, bring back all the real rappers
Donald Trump won the President, preacher say that the rapture
Is comin' so we on our knees prayin' to get acceptance
If we made in his image then why can't I see reflections of love?
They project us as thugs and my partnas need hugs
We straight out of the mud, I told my pops I'm the plug
For purpose, passion, talent, skills and everything that's above
Hell, the poverty line
If I ain't the best then they probably lyin'
The flow touch souls, boy, it's probably divine
And the whole wrist gold but I hardly got time
For Facebook posts that are partly designed
To place fake hope in the partially blind
I told Ms. Rogers she ought to be mine
And we start datin', practice abstinence to dodge satan
I'm cool with waitin' but swear it took revelations
And genesis, matter fact a whole biblical compilation
The defense of Gary Payton and hella spiritual patrons
To help me, 'cause I was tryin' to GTD
Like Tommy on season two, probably episode sixteen
Of Martin, man RIP Tommy Ford
But please, check that episode just to see how much more
I put into every score I pen, scrub the floor with men
Who say they rap but good as industry whores within
I'm done, bring the chorus back in
Yeah, yeah
Bring the chorus back in

Oh Lord hear me

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Nwigwe, Tobe Exhibit C Tribute Comments
  1. DreadInNY

    Peace Tobe, I want to cover your NYC show as a photographer. Let me know. Check out my work at www.LabofNoyzes.com



  3. Richard Riley

    The courtroom scene!!! GTD!!!

  4. Richard Riley

    Wait! Why is this one not on Google play?!

  5. Richard Riley

    🐉 flow! So much lyrical nutritional content packed into this flow. Multi vitamin rap!

  6. DeepBlack Aquatics


  7. TeamCap1217

    Heat rock is way better.

  8. Brian Belle

    You ate that bruh

  9. Destiny Washington

    Mann You just cold.

  10. DericSells

    sounding lke my boy big K.R.I.T.

  11. Chris Davis

    Jay electronica is back yo wtf

  12. daniel rodney

    I was skeptical on yiu attempting exhibit c, it transcends hip hop imo but you more than did it justice!!!

  13. OTKP


  14. Marques Prude

    Man, I'm sure Jay Elec had to go back and listen to this a few times. My lawd thank you.

  15. Salathia Graham


  16. Obsession

    why this shit dont have 1 million views? wtf youtube

  17. Tm_ 3 _gA

    Jesus. What a Lyricist 🔥🔥


    Jesus was a scritptualist. Tobe is a lyricist

  18. armon dooley

    Man this deserve at least a million

  19. Zoogstin

    Tobe your whole mixtape is fire! And this is definitely my favorite track!

  20. Chris Reghel