Nwigwe, Tobe - COLOR Lyrics

[Tobe Nwigwe:]
Oh how life
Seems black and white
Until the light adds color
A rose will rise
Through mulch that hides
The seed within a mother

Drop it

Seasons changin', I know you can see the glow, ooh
Baby rappers is my Gohan, I'm Goku
Sonnin' 'em, every one of 'em, none of 'em
Could ever pick up a pen and pad and try to summon Him
Ooh, no cap, this ain't just cold rap
Tis a known fact my whole stature archangel
Most cats approach rap with flows that
Display that, they toe tap like Bojangles
Ooh, all that shucking, jiving
Paw Paw told me that ain't my assignment
From the city where the cups is violet
Keep arms by my navel like the Heimlich
Maneuver, for any intruder that wanna damage me
Or the beautiful ruler who chose a suitor like me to carry her into the future
I'm getting off topic
Don't let me lose ya, look

[Tobe Nwigwe & Fat Nwigwe:]
Oh how life
Seems black and white
Until the light adds color
A rose will rise
Through mulch that hides
The seed within a mother

[Tobe Nwigwe (Fats Nwigwe):]
Ooh, seasons change, I'm feeling
Myself like I lost my wallet (It's gone)
They say "Tobe, yo flow wavy"
I say "I'm a faucet" (Drip, drip)
Splash, splash, splash, splicka, dash
Word to sauce, walk, I got heavy drip (Ooh-wee)
And even though the flow is water
I still keep my guard up 'cause Lucy a jellyfish (Ouch)
Tryna sting me even though he know that I'm submerged
With the word that keep haters off me
And I don't understand how I provide so much flavor
But some folk out here still be salty (Haters)
I call it iodine poisoning (I do)
I never fold like accordions (Yuh)
And I'm only here to give you the heads up
That the one is coming, word to Morpheus
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

[Tobe Nwigwe & Fat Nwigwe:]
Yeah, yeah
It's a new dawn, it's a new day
We on repeat like a screw tape
Taking off like toupees
We the new wave
We the new wave
It's a new day (New day)

Oh how life
Seems black and white
Until the light adds color
A rose will rise
Through mulch that hides
The seed within a mother

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Nwigwe, Tobe COLOR Comments
  1. Jasmine Bischof

    'Paw Paw told me that ain't my assignment .'👏👏👏

  2. Dark Mountain

    That chorus is beautiful and the entire song was so well written and executed. Great video too. The simplicity is refreshing and pure.

  3. Zelle 6259


  4. Arjun Santiago

    Congrats!! Another baby added to the movement. Dope pregnancy announcement.

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  7. JourneyWithPittman

    Lil CorNell!!! 😂🤣😂

  8. GMB creates

    First anime reference in the pass several songs I heard from my first week of listening to him. Sheesh! 🔥😥

  9. Tay Thomas


  10. Hola Jovito

    lmao iodine poisoning
    #Deep #Bars

  11. sonofYsrael1

    super dope!

  12. David Berg

    Bruh do it all for the right reasons ! Much love and respect !!

  13. THE AUSTIN's

    congrats to Nell and fam.!!

  14. christopher blaise taylor

    You keep surprising me. I thought going to be an average song but no. It's wicked.

  15. PhuckUMean

    Pure art😭

  16. Shana Wimbley


  17. : Erin Moffett :

    Killin me, it never stops being awesome

  18. Nick A

    Wow how am I just hearing about you?! Addicted to your shit bro. So different from all this other bullshit these kids putting out. I'm a fan! TDE needs you! You and Kendrick on a track together would be CRAZY.

  19. Samad M1

    Bruh y'all are the Truth...

    We ain't heard nothing like it in a bit since
    BRO you gotta be from Wakanda.. you bringing the straight VIBE-ranium

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  21. Nik Muoneke

    😮 Whooooooa-MAN..!

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  23. Mike Still Rapping

    The whole time I was thinking visually it would’ve been dope if Fat was the only thing in color.... Then the ending came.... What the hell do I know 😂. CONGRATS!!!

  24. Ryan Douglas

    Man... yall dope!

  25. Alynthia Penn

    Congratulations, Nell!

  26. DIVERZE.

    Congratulations nell and Cory!!

  27. E.Flores

    Being raised on screw and being from houston this is a breath of fresh air. Everything is money cars clothes and hoes. I'm in my 30's now and got into lyrics that are much deeper with content that is not so ignorant and more meaningful and that almost seems not to exist in Houston rap.
    Rappers just seem to be rapping the same content over and over and the only thing changing is the metaphors used.

    If people know other houston rappers that have lyrics deeper then a bird bath I'd be highly appreciative of dropping their names.


    This was awesome and Congratulations Nell & Cory💯❤

  29. MYnameIsANTONY

    Absolutely Brilliant. Very inspiring.

  30. Queenofweaves

    Congratulations Nell 😍
    🔥 as always!



  32. TheDarster14

    Dope lol

  33. Tinotenda Kapatamoyo

    Oh nawwww

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    I'd love him a lot more if he didn't just switch between being big boi and andre 3000. Better than 80% of the game right now though.

  35. TaSheena SB

    I’m both angry and happy I’ve JUST discovered your music. I’m obsessed.

  36. Ayanna London

    ayyyyyue Nell!!!!!!

  37. ItsTae Junae

    Ever since this video was added on here I’ve watched it every morning and when I get off! The song is DOPE & Congrats Nell 😍😩🙌🏼

  38. Bajan Girl

    I look forward to these sermons on Sundays 😁. Keep bringing the word. We listening!!
    Congratulations Nell 🤰🏾😍

  39. acollado815

    Congrats! Also dope as usual.

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    Congrats Nell!!!!

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    Back to the hard flow mixed with the melody 💪

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    OMG neLL dope. Congrats neLL


    Beautiful Congrats

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    Every song u put out is a banger flow so sick it's just captivating.luv and respect keep it up

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    Congrats beautiful 😘

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    Andre 3000 Vibe💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Congratulations Nell!!!!

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    Tobe, Fat and NewMamaNell the best to ever do it, change my mind.

  50. Ashley Canty

    Ohhhhhh snap, What a twist. Yo i thought this was about Fat the whole time

  51. rudy W

    Bro your words are so deep I look at them instead of the picture at times 🙏🙏🙏

  52. V's Bible & Boarding Channel

    Congratulations Nell!!!!🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️😭😭✨✨

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    Ayye congrats! Ive never seen an aetist who dropped nothing but quality hit back to back to back without fail.

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    Awwww congratulations Corey and Nell!!!! Thryre gonna have a beautiful baby!!

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    Bro can u bring back tobe from the swat I loved that series

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    These mfs dope af! It's like a Erika Badu group or some shit. Smh

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    Beautiful fam! Your heart’s pour through your music.

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    I knew there was a pregnancy involved, felt the energy hidden in the lyrics.

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    My preacher has spoke again

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    “The One is comin’, word to Morpheus”!!!!!! That’s right!

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    OMG nell is having a baby this was beautiful congrats

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    This fire 🔥 has been burning for a while now Tobe

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