Nwigwe, Tobe - Bad And Boujee Flow Lyrics

Yeah Get Twisted Sundays
Bad and Boujee
If Young Metro don't trust you I'm gon' shoot you

Off top (ouu)
Get guap (ouu)
The hood got heavy metal like slipknot
I hustle for the change like a pit stop
I used to wanna grip grain till my wrist locked (ouu)
Now I want a BMW I3
It's little but it's on point like Kyrie
My mamma taught me never let a sucker try me
But if he do draw blood like an IV
I'm a lover not a fighter dog
But I done earned more stripes than a tiger claw
Low key Fat can't fight at all
But she got a CHL if you tryna brawl
All peace, no war
I need bank like a black board
I'm tryna get my mamma out that RAV 4
I just feel like she look better in a black Porsche (skrrt skrrt)
Peel off, I could ride this beat till the wheels off
Head on my pillow only time I feel soft
Prego with the flow spit real sauce
Boy that's straight out the jar
Ask around my hood they know who we are
If they don't then they probably a Mark
I might be with Jeff up at Amity park
In the swat or the west
Every bar I spit is for people oppressed
I need every penny won't settle for less
Trash on the radio really keep me abreast
Of what the current tool for manipulation is in my community
Astronomical coonery
Fancy cars and jewelry don't influence me
I think every hood need an amnuity
Or at least a solid year of jubilee
That's why I spit tips like gratuity
In hopes to slow the rates of eulogies
Hell I wish it was two of me
Truthfully every label need some scrutiny
Cause musically they foolishly push bafoonery into the schools and we let em
I tell countless people that I don't rap for pesos
My partners tell me that I need chips and queso
They see the flow is fuego so alfredo
Is what they think I'm after with the draco
Get it how you live is how the phrase go
I tell them that I move when Yahweh say so
Hopefully they all attain a halo
Jeff is really bout to go to Lagos
I'm tryna get young journ up on the payroll
If I'm Aristotle E is Plato
I do this for the culture like I'm Quavo
Push it push it just like OG Maco
But don't forget to slow it down and ponder
Why every hood be on divide and conquer
Swear we could all ball, Sinead O' Connor
Shoutout Migos for Bad and Boujee
In 05 I was baggin' groupies
I was so live just a savage student
I had soul ties with the baddest hoochies
Look, please excuse me I get mesmerized
When I think about how far I came
Elohim scooped me I got exorcised
All them demons died now the flow is flames
I'm gone

Woo, woo

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Nwigwe, Tobe Bad And Boujee Flow Comments
  1. Darlice Dean


  2. Mike Millz

    Yes sir no doubt bru

  3. Bonnie Hughes

    When you coming to the A?! I’m trying take my son to a Tobe concert!

  4. Stacy Moore

    You did yo thang, but daylyt and 69 murdered that already. You did too but they off

  5. Melaninated Unicorn

    I always like that beat but this man blessed it with his voice and brought it to life... yassssss made my morning

  6. FLYBOI2782 KENO

    Im woke now snooze button done...🔥🌋🌋

  7. B Nouzari

    Every beat you touch you destroy the rapper originally on it. And you don’t throw shade on their name. You are truly gifted and god bless you. This is how I always imagined the rap game should move towards this. Praying for you upcoming and hope you keep inspiring the youth.

  8. Kenneth Taylor

    I listen to your music everyday keep the real rap coming my G .. much Love homie

  9. John Bell

    Why do he have 53k views and only 900 and something likes quit hating on this man people he speaking the truth keep doing what you doing Toby💯💯💯💯

  10. Brown 1

    I been waiting for you boy

  11. Monkey Rench Garage

    Are you Hebrew?

  12. Robert Johnson

    White kids are allowed to be children for longer. Somehow injected by society, just spitting truth!

  13. Josh The Manager Molotsi

    Elohim schooled me FIIIRE

  14. Eric Kindred

    That Devin the Dude shirt though! 🔥🔥😍

  15. Polo Gizmo

    what we missing Thank God for Tobe.

  16. Elev8d CulTurE

    I here the andre 3000 influence I love yall story I love the positive message with the kill everyone out almost right now flow! Its wakanda,futuristic,original right its kendrick,j.cole, Tobe for me! Go ham homie!

  17. Gary Bynoe

    *hello 911 what's the emergency* Hey uhh...I'm calling about Tobe again. *911* Sorry Am I to understand he murdered another beat? -Yep. He did.

    Tonye Harcourt

    *He spit too much fire and burnt my house*

    Dana Julien


  18. Jason Hurns

    Fan of your music, keep doing what you are doing...need to hear more music like this!

  19. Hiatus Black

    Bows respectfully 🙏🙏🙏

  20. Caleb M

    Did I just find the best rapper alive what is this

  21. Juicy SiSiBBLala

    Trop bON BEAT !!

  22. James Smith


  23. Darrell Wilson

    I hustle for my change like a pit stop that’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Riley Coleman

    Love to here real spitters

  25. J. Williams

    And you dont curse!!!!! You will go down as a great!

    anthony sabur

    as above so below I’ve never heard tobe curse in any of his tracks at all

  26. Samuel Peeters

    You're the soil and your songs are the seeds which will grow into a big forest one day! Keep it up!! 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Arin Frazer

    A cover on DNA would be so lit

  28. Dare Kuforiji

    Dope bra,you dope. Abeg school these new kids who be doing mumble rap biko. You Fire!!!

  29. A Rivera

    what did you do that got you right with God?

    Anthony Jeter

    A Rivera he asked jesus to forgive his sins

    Faith Kaplan

    A Rivera admit that you’re a sinner and Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sin. then begins the journey

  30. D P

    WHO is giving that a thumbs down?!

    A Rivera

    DeRon Powell mumble rappers

    D P

    @A Rivera​ Ha! Pretty much

    anthony sabur

    D P someone that support mumble rappers

  31. Code Fitness

    I spit tips like gratuity in hopes to stop the rate of eulogies smh 🔥

  32. Matthew Prince

    I want to see him and BIG KRIT to a track together

    Nickolas Davis


    Bre Forest

    Matthew Prince that would be sick

    Hint Of Salt

    I said that when I first heard em

    Ollie Johnson

    Matthew Prince n

  33. Morrison Conwright

    "I'm tryna get my momma out that Rav4. I just feel like she look better in a black Porsche." Whoo! Dope man. Never give up. You're gonna make it big.

  34. siyanda gwiji

    look here, they cant touch you my guy



  36. GPJ

    Goodness Gracious my guy!

  37. Exist N Nature Media

    Nice combination, beat and lyrics.