Nutini, Paolo - Bus Talk Lyrics

Hey, come on in. Here, sit down, make yourself comfortable.

I was going to work the other morning and these two chicks were on the bus and they were running off their mouths about everybody’s business. Yeah, you know and all, talk, talk, talk.

Well then they were talking about my business so I listened. Your name and my name came up. Yeah, they were saying things like, “Yeah, Marge ain’t got a man up tight no more. He’s been tippin’ up town. And Marilyn’s gonna take him from her if she don’t look out.” Who’s Marilyn? I don’t know who she is. You tell me who she is. Then I’ll know what they’re talking about.

Give it up, give it up, give it up, give it up.

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Nutini, Paolo Bus Talk Comments
  1. Kevin Beal

    Just love you, Paolo Nutini and to me ,Amazing singer ,entertainer and more ,,Carinho ,always,,CHb

  2. Marion Moore


  3. William Lavagna

    The funny vocals at the beginning sound like "Reasons" by Earth, Wind & Fire but really sped-up.
    Go on, have a listen.

  4. Ffion

    Is there 0:44 at all without bus talk? Thanks!

  5. Constantina m

    Ohhh please tell me! is the beginning part of a movie!?

  6. Maria Portelli

    I remember listening to this guy when i wasnt even a teenager and his videos were the blurriest videos ever. He got better, stuck with his style of music and has one of the most unique male voices I've heard. Add to playlist *check* :)

    Ayesha Noor Mujahidullah

    What are you talking about? He didn't have any videos until he got a record deal. Don't make him out to be some hidden talent you discovered and stuck by.

  7. Heghine Torosyan

    Good interlude, Love it

  8. Antonella Carrieri

    amazing mash

  9. Ida Williams

    Must be Marilyn Monroe lol alias daughter cool !