Numan, Gary - Whisper Lyrics

I wonder if at times
You ever think of me
Or even call my name.
I don't suppose you do.

They talk of rain
They talk of time
They talk of pain
They talk of mine.

They whisper names
They whisper news
They whisper 'shame'
They whisper you.

I tried to look for you.
I tried for years and years.
I wonder if you knew?
I don't suppose you cared.

'I leave old memories
Ghosts in hearts like yours.
I left your words unheard
Like whispers in my heart.'

I think of tears
I think of who?
I think of years
I think of you.

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Numan, Gary Whisper Comments
  1. The Raymundos!

    Guau, esto es tan hermoso...

  2. Doug M

    Another one that sounds like "Dance" album from 80's, Like this song and 'Dream Killer'

  3. Robert Edward Bullock

    Always liked this song. Not his best career phase, but some of the individual songs had real sincerity.


    This album was like the last vestige of all the soul and R&B influences that permeated his 80s output, and I've got to agree with that assessment. Lots of heart in some of the songs here.

  4. holdmyhandtv

    I think of years 
    I think of you.

    Eerily creepy lyrics of a narrator who suffers from distance, but real nonetheless, trauma.