Numan, Gary - Warriors Lyrics

I fall
No control somehow

No help
My favour slides

No one comes
Now I'm feeding strangers

Thin air
Like cold death
Here in my heart

I fell for so long for you all
I fell for so long for you
I fell for so long for you

Come in
I'm the ghost
Of the white faced clown

She's gone
Gone. I won't look back
She's gone

I'm old
So old
This infection of time

My skin
Shows no kindness to me

I fell for so long for you all
I fell for so long for you
I fell for so long for you

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Numan, Gary Warriors Comments
  1. Jonathan Boetto

    Brilliant... forty years later, as the world once again feels like it's right on the brink of destruction, this feels just as vital as ever!

  2. Corrie Severin 77

    Amazing rare voice ,big fan fav album , speciale track 10

  3. John coughlan

    Very gifted talented and intelligent man.
    I met him when we had both just got our first flying licenses.
    He went on to become a great Harvard display pilot, his Brother John is also a great pilot both commercial and vintage licensing.
    When you look at these people,you wonder how the fuck you messed up your own time on this planet haha.

  4. kieran xoxo

    i didnt know this song had a music video!!

  5. mermaids are realדורון פרנקו


  6. Kenneth

    Brilliant song I remember rushing in to to town too buy this on 12"

  7. gatsby

    I bought the extended (vinyl) version of this in 1984 and played it over and over in my dorm room. Back when it wasn't so easy to loop a song!

    vcr_archives 1977-1987

    was it the 7:30 version ? I only discovered that on the CD reissue

  8. coolhand chris

    Not only can he write cool music but he races cars and fly's vintage airplanes. Go Gary go!

  9. jose izquierdo

    🎶Here on my plane, I go safest of all🎶

  10. Delart Ambient

    Love the atmosphere that this create around me

  11. Pink Mist

    He's a popstar but he's also got a pilot's license. Imagine that.

  12. neil kelly

    Finally catching up with your back catalogue!! Keep em coming...

  13. Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    He suited the blonde look.

  14. jose izquierdo

    Nice Video...Pilot Numan

  15. Pollywog

    Awesome,Thanks Gary!

  16. Wayne WW Brown

    -{ Bad Hearth Passing out ]-
    I fall down, no control some how
    slick walls slide down
    Effort abyss deadness sound
    I hope I can climb out

    Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    Wtf is a Bad Hearth?

  17. Schattenheim

    Lets fly ...

  18. Jay Cartwright

    Looking for something? Destroyer abides.


    Brilliant song from a brilliant album

  20. Andy Smallbone

    My brother had a picture disc version of this.. such an awesome song

  21. Danny Blitz

    I bought a lot of Numan on vinyl from op-shops in the 90's. Serious pop.

  22. Kirk Decker

    Awesome. Where are his Yaks?

  23. Richard James

    very under rated song from a very under rated album