Numan, Gary - The Iceman Comes Lyrics

The iceman comes
Someone is out there
They'll wait and won't make mistakes

The iceman comes
My head runs empty
Oh I've got the fear

The iceman comes for me.

The iceman comes
Blow dust off your stories
I could give in

The iceman comes
I'll send, you'll take
Is this such dark business?

The iceman comes for me.

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Numan, Gary The Iceman Comes Comments
  1. Chris Horn

    Gary numans...greatest my opinion...

  2. Donna Foster

    My fav on this album ♥

  3. Rune Foonman

    One of my favorite Gary Numan songs. The tempo, the soundscape, the fretless bass (Joe Hubbard), the EBow-ed guitar (Rrussell Bell), the sax (Dick Morrissey), and the guitar sneaking in at the end (Bill Nelson)—sublime.

  4. Ian Fleming

    Dick Morrisey on Sax is sublime on this track, my favourite Gary Numan song.

  5. starmartir

    This song has grown on me over the years. Very underrated but worth it.

  6. Adam Mumford

    Very underrated song in my eyes, its that blend of the fretless bass and Saxophone, beautiful...

  7. paulustomsen11

    Real change of course for Mr Numan and although this album was somewhat different from the great futuristic synth of Replicas /The Pleasure principle and Telekon...........................................I still like this song and most of this album