Numan, Gary - The God Film Lyrics

She's like death on two legs
She is raw pink shame
Please stop the God film
It's all wrong
But I'm not to blame

These boys of image
Carry banners
Believe in slogans
Kill policeman
Say it's 'freedom'
Say it's 'goodness'
Say it's 'peaceful'
I'm lonely
I'm feeling down (everyone I know has been and gone)

It's such a sick picture
She says 'I cure everyone'
I'm alone in a corner
I won't ever forgive
I must be broken
I don't know
Who on earth can I blame?

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Numan, Gary The God Film Comments
  1. The Raymundos!

    Empty Bed Empty Heart and Here Am I are such great songs, and yet they ended up as B-sides.

  2. Remote Viewer

    I remember this oh so well at the Glasgow Apollo 1984, the dying of a great on stage. And I truly mean a great. The year before he held his own, but the Berserker tour was a disaster. I never saw him live after this.

  3. Doris Thistleton

    my parents are flying somewhere else 🙏

  4. Terence Rosenthal

    This reminds me a lot of Japan- but Numan is awesome

  5. Chris Horn

    This is the greatest music of the eighties ever...

  6. Tyrone Epps

    Gary numan 4-ever !

  7. Philippe Cirse

    Paul Gardiner is the real fantastic bassist !!!!!!

    Jay Bowden

    Philippe Cirse he passed away before this album was recorded (I think)

    Philippe Cirse

    @Jay Bowden Yes You're right but it does not detract from my point ... ;-)

  8. Exceller8

    When Numan was Numan and not Nine Inch Numan!!


    You nailed it. I did mean the pun. He's still doing the Nine inch Numan shit to this day.

  9. bestrickie2

    A FANTASTIC album I gladly own a copy AND AND I also gladly own White Noise (G N Live in Hammersmith Oden December 1984). I am a HUGE fan and I gladly own other G N and Tube Way Army albums. I also create my own versions of a few of G N/Tube Way Army tracks as a PURE PURE hobby and NO PROFIT will ever be made from my recordings. I’ve just created a new version of Are Friends Electric to mark 40 years of this FANTASTIC song.

  10. Jarrod Charlifue

    What synths was Gary using in this era

  11. TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan2006 NAUTTP

    Berserker! B E R S E R K E R!

  12. Christy Olson

    Getting super strong Dali's Car vibes in the bass lines.

    Philippe Cirse

    Ooo Yes, nice comment !

  13. David bowie

    Most fans hate this period because Gary doesn't like them musically. well i don't care.I love all the 80's stuff he did. going to see him in half full venues, cheap tickets, no £150 meet and great as he used to just meet the fans after most of his gigs for free!. Think he forgets about that. He should be proud of his past albums and be happy he's come out on top

    Philippe Cirse

    you're right, Gary is the inspiration of the 80's, a prince of the "Cold wave"

  14. Chris Murray

    As an avid Numan fan I have to say that this is where burnout hit him right between the eyes. This is a dreadful album compared to The Pleasure Principle and Telekon. His continual desire to reinvent himself musically and physically finally caught up with him with this release. At 52 years of age I'm still listening regularly to Gary's music and I thought tonight I'd give Berserker a go again. Thankfully there are many, many other tracks that remind me of just how much of a god this man is, than there are on this album.

  15. David Davies

    This album was on Gary's Numa Label Nice use of the PPG synth. My Dying Machine is my stand out track. The guys a real talent in my eyes. My best track on Savage Songs from a broken World is My Name is Ruin. Well Done Gary You and Toyah are The Best The phrase Voice of a generation comes to mind. Also a wave of Irony come over me.

  16. Norwave999

    I am very thankful to have "Dance". It is a masterpiece. But this one is also very Very adorable. Seems he is getting better and better through all the years. 💜 Such a talent. It's like homecoming. Comfortable and mysterious 💜

  17. David bowie

    Don't care that Gary sort of hates these "Middle" albums. Think they're much better than his ripped off NIN newer ones. At least these were original :)

  18. camann33

    Perfect song.

  19. Justin Price

    0:25 chicago bulls intro alan parsons project

  20. I Am Mr Berserker

    absolute gem of an album, still thrash it today, very expensive and very hard to get hold of now...many will regret giving this away back in the day...if only they knew lol

  21. Point Venus

    Decent album sounds like a copy of Japan's tin drum though

  22. Zonex123

    I'm amazed at how good this album is. Pretty much everything gary numan does is amazing. Love the guy


    Do I wanna come with you.... Absolutely! Do I wanna come with you NOW..... Yes, I do!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Stella Wembley

    OMG thus is a masterpiece!


    Absolutely 💜

  25. Nobble The Tech Cobbler

    Don't mind me, just a twenty-something electronica-fueled Numan fan catching up on some tunes from my childhood. Thanks Dad for enlightening me to some great artists! 🤖

  26. Frank Schalk

    She cries is a really cool track

  27. Nathan Wilson

    How can you people listen to this demon possessed transvestite homosexual ?

    Nathan Wilson

    @M Fitz and a dildo up your ass

    Point Venus

    How is he? He's married and has a family, get your facts right before you start typing smack you fucking clueless tit


    Cause it's better than bitch music. Just Sex and nothing else. I call it: BORING.

    This album has got a strange sound, voice isn't like casting trash... moreover it's emotional. So you can hear everything. Seems you fall in a dream. And in another moment seems you are in another world. It's also a very good decision that he put the womens voices to his tracks, it makes the album different from the other ones. Also his voice getting a groove. It's like he shows another part of his art. Sound is more dark but groovy and strange. In contrast to "Dance" it is less than a typical eighties sound. Moreover like from another century.


    Fun fact: Numan isn't homosexual. Because he is married 😉. And no his style is more like art.

  28. George Inmortalus

    Muchas gracias por subirlo, un discazo!.

  29. Stuart Young

    Thank you, mrsdevilurumi, for making these full albums (including extended mixes and bonus tracks) available! They make a lonely Saturday night more - bearable.

  30. Claudestar1

    Great album, thank you

  31. ian Numanfan wright

    love this album

  32. ghostnation

    if it wasn't for the dislike of the press towards gary he would have just as big as bowie better in my opinion.

  33. thomas balink

    thank you

  34. Andy JS

    Very sinister bassline.

  35. Richard Ballinger

    Still Brilliant! Haven't listened to this for a long time as all my records of this era are on vinyl. Thanks for uploading.

  36. Matthew Jessup

    where is child with the ghost ??

  37. The Thought Criminals

    fuckng great album.. big influence over us

  38. NWO-Killers

    Berserker? Is Gary Numan singing about the unstoppable "Berserker" machines of the sci-fi series by Fred Saberhagen ?

    James Simpson

    Yes. Numan mentioned them in contemporary interviews.

    Writer B.L. Alley

    I should send him copies of my books

  39. JP Sclafani

    Kind of Bowie-ish. Love it.

  40. Tomdelcastillo


  41. paul spate

    one of my fav tour & album

  42. Marvin Jones

    @ 15:27 "mMMmmm, yeah..." I always wondered if that was meant to be included or were they reusing tape and got some bleed-through from the original recording. Sounds like its from a porn or something. Hahaha.

  43. Rijmert Spreeth

    Loved this and The Fury to bits as a 16y old. This was my after midnight look for about 2 years running(shhh don't tell my parents, they're still alive). Thanks once again mrsdevilurumi, you're making a middle aged fool feel young again.

  44. Sandy Grungerson

    bass is very king crimson c. 1984

  45. Gary Eaton

    Used to tour round Derbyshire playing this so loud awesome days

  46. Andy JS

    This was on Top of the Pops on BBC4 recently.

  47. Vivek Wally

    Fuck the critics, just sitting there on their fat arses, and lambasting thoroughbred masterpieces.. The asses.

  48. The Space Pixie

    Wonderful masterpiece of a record.

  49. Colin Finch

    Wow, not heard this for years. The Mick Karn/Japan influences are strong. Brilliant as ever 😎

  50. TheBobWilliamsProject

    Timeless, classy, jazzy and great!  I could listen to Gary everyday~ <3 Tammy from BAT GUANO <3

  51. Jonathan Robbins

    I wish I could go back in time and let Gary know that it's probably not the best idea to mix industrial with fretless bass.... I mean he made work a hell of a lot better than most people of his time probably would... but still. I would actually love to see him do a revival of this period of music(Berserker to New Anger) in the style he has going currently.


    Jonathan Robbins Skinny Puppy-Glass Houses
    Fretless bass and industrial were meant to be, and 1984 cemented it as fact haha

  52. MusicMania

    I adore this album ♡

  53. Brian Michael

    I'm not going to lie I came here to listen to this with little expectations after not caring for the last 3 albums before this, "Dance," "I, Assassin," and "Warriors." However, I really like this album!!!

  54. Soltec

    Futuristic music.

  55. Lucifer Box

    I remember an interview in the now defunct British music magazine "Smash Hits" back in 1984 with Jon Moss from Culture Club, and he was talking about Numan performing the title track on 'Top Of The Pops'. Considering the extreme image that Boy George had at the time, I was hugely amused by Jon's comment that 'only Numan could get away with looking like that'. How cool was that? The Berserker image certainly was dramatic and Moss was right, only Numan could have got away with it.
    I still think it's a great image, although apparently it was a nightmare for Numan throughout the Berserker tour. Still one of my favourite Numan albums and definitely underrated.


    yes,was underated.

    signal76 codeblue

    Star Hits must of been Smash Hits American sister mag...was my fave! (Jackie)

  56. EdwardsOperation

    Excellent! Love GN!

  57. Ryan Hunter

    Where's A Child With The Ghost?

    q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅm̷͍̅ k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅

    This album is missing the track "A Child with a Ghost" thanks to UMG constantly blocking the video worldwide.

    Donna Foster

    @q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅm̷͍̅ k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅ :-(

  58. JamesPolymer

    I've always wondered whether "Here Am I" and "She Cries" were really from the _Berserker_ sessions. The former I could accept, as it sounds like his _Warriors_ (1983) sound fused with the PPG synthesizers featured on _Berserker_ . "She Cries," however, is a different animal entirely. Nearly everything about it--the fretless bass, the drum machines, and even Numan's vocal style--sounds much closer to the _I, Assassin_ (1982) era. =/
    Are there any Numanoids out there who could shed some light on this?

    Dave Gould

    Sounds a bit like The Iceman Comes.

  59. Kenneth

    How cold love can be
    I've nothing more to loose
    I'm trapped inside and dying
    I don't sleep without you
    Empty bed-empty heart
    And I'll wait for you
    Years and years and years
    How strange love can be
    It bends and tears and screams
    I'm lonely here inside my (head?)
    I don't live without you
    There's nothing I can do
    I'm waiting always waiting
    I'm waiting always and old
    I'll leave you now
    Alone forever
    You're now gone
    You're now gone forever
    (You know I'm [?])

  60. thirdgengta

    An incredible musician and an imaginative songwriter. Innovative, futuristic, and intense. I haven't been able to find anything he's done that I even marginally dislike. I can't even say that about other groups I like that I once thought were untouchable (Rush, The Who, Yes, Van Halen, etc...).

  61. CatoMinor

    I would like to hear this album without the extended songs, in its original version, but it seems hard to find by now.

  62. TheFokker03

    Gary during his oddball period,well dressing up shades of Bowie i mean,cos the music was always fab.

  63. Callum Lister

    missing A child with a Ghost


    Read the description. I wouldn't have deliberately removed such an amazing song without a reason.

  64. SynthJohn

    An underrated classic.

  65. colin wright

    Don't laugh...Have you got Machine and Soul?


    I have both the extended version and the regular one with the bonus tracks. Nothing to be ashamed of, really. To be honest with you, I've grown quite fond of it too. If you'd like me to upload it, I suppose I can do it whenever I have some time on my hands.

  66. david hefner


    John Gibbon

    as a favour to my boss then i had to take his son to see this band on tour, what a gig! i loved it. pagan john

  67. Tom Petr

    Would you happen to have the White Noise live album? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.

    Tiffany Houchin

    Tom Petr They are really good at finding great music, you can ask about that specific album by asking directly... I have a request above and you can respond there to ask so they see your request EASILY.
    Happy Hunting! ⭐⭐⭐🎼
    🎧♠ Tiffany


    Sure, I can do that. The thing is, I won't be able to upload it until next month. But it's definitely coming.

  68. Prentice978 jgb

    Fuck the critics, this is one of Gary's underrated masterpieces

    colin wright



    Music critics care about two things and two things only;
    a) how many tracks on the album are going to be radio hits
    b) how much money the album is going to make

    They are literally the last-second hitmen for the studios who step in when the artist dares to defy what the recording studio wants. If it isn't loaded with hits and might not make that much money, they'll deliberately sabotage any potential success it might attain on its own by destroying it textually. That's the way it's always been, and that's the way it is, and that's the way it will always be.

    Morgoth Bauglir

    Yeah I think a lot of his 80s stuff is terrible after the early 80s tbh, but Berserker is a hidden gem

    Anthony Nunez

    Sirun B Is it highly recommended to own?

    Sandy Grungerson

    its better than his "blame God for my lack of commercial hits" bullshit

  69. rfl dnz

    do you wanna come do you come do you wanna come with me now?

    rfl dnz

    OMG !!! that word is dirty....

  70. Tommy Varekai

    Not on Itunes, in store, ebay or even amazon, anyone know where i can buy this?


    It is on Amazon, but it's a very rare CD therefore it can be incredibly pricey. The vinyl on the other hand is not that hard to get and tends to be more reasonably priced.

    Tommy Varekai

    @Uru Thanks heaps, I appreciate the reply!


    No problem, although if you really want the CD, there may be another option. There is a box set called "The Numa Years" that shows up from time to time on Ebay. Some tend to have a decent price and it includes Berserker, The Fury, Strange Charm, Machine and Soul and Sacrifice. You can get it as cheap as £40 - £50 which is a proper bargain because Sacrifice and Berserker CDs alone can cost way more than that. It's also on Amazon, if you'd rather buy it there.

  71. jeff jones

    His newer work is the whip, also!!!

  72. jeff jones

    The first track is awesome!!!

  73. PureSplinterRising

    Say what you will but I'll take this album and his newer work over Cars any day.


    Having become a fan due to AFE and Down In The Park, I always hated Cars, still do. The jaunty jerky rhythms leave me cold.


    @jaxxstraw One of the Hybrid remixes of Down In the Park was the first song of his I heard, absolutely loved it. Cars does nothing for me personally, but we can't deny how important it was to his fame.


    @UncleHappy5 I quite agree. Still, I remember how disappointed I was by it as the next single after Are Friends Electric?. Luckily The Pleasure Principle turned out to be an awesome album. :)

    I still preferred the more "fluid" tracks like Airlane and Tracks though.

    Colin Finch

    jaxxstraw still amazed, Metal, was never a single. I'd love to hear one of the mixing geniuses on hear remix and extend that track...

    Timothy Quinn

    It's honestly a shame that Cars is the only song of his anyone's ever heard, and it's not even close to the best he's done. It's catchy, and that's all people care about. I'm glad to know his lesser-known material, at least.

  74. Tiffany Houchin

    +mrsdevilurumi Whoa, I have noticed earlier eighties albums available courtesy of: YOU! Thanks for posting these formerly impossible to find albums. Once you told me to ask you if I had a specific request, and I do. First, keep up the great work! And, about Jagged...How about this: can you get your hands on "Jagged" to post? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Fellow Gary Devotee, and your biggest fan, Tiffany


    You're welcome! Sorry if I didn't reply to you straight away. I didn't know Jagged was no longer available on Youtube, though there's still a few songs here and there. I'll see what I can do about it.

    Tiffany Houchin

    mrsdevilurumi Thanks for being such an awesome NUMANOID!! I really appreciate the help of another TRUE, dedicated fan! I know you are busy, thanks again for your labor of Love, Gary has aged like fine Wine!!! You are the best! Cheers!! 🎵 🎼 🎧 ♠ ❣ 💜 ⭐ Tiffany


    No problem! It's always a pleasure to speak with another fan. If you ever have another request, feel free to ask. I don't always respond very quickly as you've noticed, but I'll try my best as long as Youtube doesn't block or delete it.

    Colin Finch

    Tiffany Houchin log on to his website 🤠

  75. rfl dnz

    I love fhis heavy drum-machine


    Its drum triggers not a machine

  76. Zak Jansen

    The wench who sings backing vocals on 'the dying machine' should be strangled.

    James Simpson

    Numan, doubtless, feels exactly the same. But we all have regrets - although, thankfully, most of the causes of mine aren't recorded on CD and the Net for posterity to laugh at.

  77. Aaron Kennedy

    Always Loved this from Numan's Blue Period. Incomparable Bass Playing on this one. Thanks... NEW bonus TRACKS, to Me...! Awesome. One sounds like it was from the CD "Dance."

  78. Neville Tubb

    Cold Warning. Play it loud!!!

    Aaron Kennedy

    Agreed....! Wicked Snare drum on this one.

  79. Satbachan Dhanjal

    hell waits for tony blair

    Zak Jansen

    Banging a freak like Cherie is everyones idea of hell.

    Point Venus

    And George Bush

  80. Gabriel Lopes

    Remembers me David Bowie's Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album.

  81. Martin MacDonald


    mark hughes

    +Martin MacDonald Yeah I like Madness too.....

  82. gambleZ144

    Berserkerrrr!!!! what a monster sound

  83. Psiberzerker

    Thank you for posting this, one of my 3 favorite albums ever. (I'll arbitrarilly shuffle in The Complicated Futility of Ignorance, and =IIII='s Implode, but it's a rotating set.)

  84. corvusala

    Just grabbed the My Dying Machine 12 inch single at the record store without having heard this album. It's pretty good. Digging those B-sides too.

  85. Acer Canon

    # 1 in the UK album chart April 1984.....

    Ryan Walker

    What are you talking about?

    Lee Woodhead

    Acer Canon it was never number one. It hardly troubled the chart, even though l love it to this day. Totally unique in every way.

  86. Calvin L Weir

    never saw that at all either

  87. Barbie Chêtif

    the god film ;)

    The Thought Criminals

    +Barbie Chêtif Sky Saw by Brian Eno

    Rik Lee

    Certainly an influence.

  88. toby buchanan

    inxs, depeche, even billy idol..the production paradigm is all here...even yello meets axel faltemeyer. omg, pseudo echo and kagagoogoo

  89. silversynth

    There are so many sounds and beats in this album and The Fury that blow me away. I think its a shame Gary isn't as proud of these 2 albums as the more well known first couple of albums. I'm biased in thinking that creativity should always come before success and I think Berserker and The Fury have it in spades.

    I saw an interview were he talked about almost having to catch up with the innovations Depeche Mode made but I just don't see these albums as anything less than what Depeche Mode were doing at the time. I can understand it probably wasn't so fun for Gary at the time given the struggle for radio play but hell if radio stations at the time didn't want to play these albums, they missed out on some awesome music.

    Scott Birch

    He lost fans with these albums. I remember. It had to do with the rocket-assault-on-Pnom-Penh snares that every sound engineer made and metallic DX/PPG sounds that everybody else was using. They sound objectively great now but there was a sense of sameness at the time. Sound engineers had too much power and too many artists moved in the same studio-tech-driven direction.

    Scott Birch

    That said, I loved the extended version (not the single) of My Dying Machine and Cold Warning on first hearing.

    James Simpson

    Possibly true - but Numan was effectively the engineer on this and on The Fury. I distinctly remember buying The Fury in '85 and being surprised that pretty much the same PPG Wave drum sounds were on every track. Were there no other samples available? From my own limited experience of drum machines at the time, I knew that there were even then plenty of other sounds to use. I suspect that Numan got too narrow a focus on the tracks after spending too long on them. Berserker, to my ears, has a more varied and interesting range of tones and the drums, while sampled, I think were played live on a kit, at least on some tracks.


    blow me away. exactly how it is lol

  90. Blue

    I wanna come, I wanna come, I wanna come ...

  91. TheFlyingFloydian

    A great album!

  92. Ashley Dillingham

    Such an incredible album

  93. donald blakely

    awesome dude!
    classic classics!

  94. Blue

    It would be awesome if you could post 'The Fury' (extended) -- the one with *Puppets*.


    +Blue I was actually thinking about that. Sadly I don't know when I'll be able to do it. I might upload Strange Charm with bonus tracks beforehand.


    Numan's lyrics are minimalist and vague (I think deliberately,) and allow the listener to form their own ideas and images.

    His earlier work has heavy, and very dark, sci-fi imagery, and the latter works seem to dwell on demonic influence/possession..

    david hefner

    the original version


    You mean the Expanded version from Eagle Records. The Extended CD doesn't have bonus tracks, just longer mixes of the 9 original album tracks.

  95. Andy Batenburg

    deze is erg goed heb het gelukkig op lp


    +Andy Batenburg herzie dat ipt

  96. Haydn Baxter

    Great Album thx did anyone else see The Legend Numan on this tour at the old Hemel Pavilion 84

    Dave Mcintyre

    Seen it In Manchester 1st December 1984.

    Paul Smith

    Southampton and Hammersmith for me. Seems an age ago now......

  97. J. B.

    Thank you for uploading the entire album! I'd like to offer a little trivia to you: Gary Numan was most likely inspired by the album cover art to Wolfgang Riechmann's Wunderbar album (1978), for the one to Berserker, according to the company that re-released Wunderbar to CD in 2009. Riechmann - Wunderbar is not exactly similar to Numan's music, as it is instrumental music (using ARP 2600, Odyssey, Sequencer, and some guitar and drums) with a few scatted vocals on two tracks, no real lyrics or very quick "pop-music" pacing. I think the music does remind me of Numan's The Pleasure Principle, sometimes, kind of like Conversation or Cars, and even more like Kraftwerk's The Man-Machine. On the 1978 Wunderbar album, the musician is surrounded by an icy background while wearing a dark suit, black shirt, and a light blue tie, and he also has his face lightened and his hair dyed blue, similar to Numan's Berserker album cover.

    Lee Woodhead

    The Man-Machine I wasnt

    Alex Rinaldi

    Lee Woodhead i hear a little of the man machine in the into definitely similar to we are the robots

    Dishwasher Jones

    Love your profile pic! Long live Kraftwerk.

    Tiffany Houchin

    The Man-Machine Much appreciation for the info on the ever new man, Gary N(ew)UMAN has always been an inspiration for us musically. He was phenomenal at playing with the newest synthesizers and creatively sampling them over each other. He was a pioneer in 🥁drum machine sampling and was a godfather of industrial music 🎶 that inspired Trent REZNOR to create Pretty Hate Machine. The two became friends and now NIN has been an inspiration for Gary, now sharing guitarists and drummers. The people who don’t know Gary are REALLY MISSING OUT ON A TRUE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IN GENIUS. Thanks for sharing the info fellow Numanioid!

  98. Master Chain

    Great album!

  99. Philip Nourse

    Great album great tour...looove the bass on this is new love.thanx for sharing :0)

    Nigel Goodwin

    My fave track on Berserker!

  100. SavageBlitz

    You posted it before I did grrrr! XD absolutely awesome album. Thanks for the upload:)


    +Hunter Alexander Xionia We have more in common than you think, I also played to Vice City a lot and remember hearing "Cars" on one of the radio station and inside the stadium where you had to do some kind of stunts/race. I had some great time playing this game thanks to its awesome soundtrack, atmosphere and wide range of action you get from a GTA game. Pretty much like you, I feel the need to listen almost on a daily basis to any of his albums.

    The Downward Spiral is one of NIN's best, though my personal favourite is The Fragile, some people seem to say it's not the easiest to get into. Trent Reznor himself said he listened to Telekon everyday during the making of his first album; Pretty Hate Machine, so it's a bit funny that Numan is now influenced by NIN. Both of them count among the rare people who's discographies fully please me from start to finish. I wouldn't say I ever thought his lyrics were upbeat though, I agree they got darker but even in the early days, they seemed to have some paranoid feeling to it. I guess this might be because I tend to be anxious myself so I sort of relate to it differently. I have to say, I felt exactly like you when I first listened to Pure, "Walking with Shadows" has to be one of his best songs. And yes, that bell towards the end gave me goosebumps in a spectacular way, from then, I knew I have becoming a proper fan. As for his personal tragedy, the fact that he could share it that way made me admire him even more. I could also relate to it since one of my very close relative experienced something similar.

    Jagged has some great tracks, especially "Fold", it's the album as a whole piece I have a tiny problem with, but nothing dramatic. My theory is that many fans were disappointed because its release was delayed a lot. But then again, Splinter was meant to be released way earlier too. In fact, if I remember correctly, Dead Son Rising was supposed to fill the gap to prevent the fans from waiting for what would seem like forever. By the way, there is a remix album called Jagged Edge and it's still available on Youtube, if you're interested.

    Haha I'm going to sound like an old grumpy granny here, but I can't stand that nowadays "music" and those so called "artists", most of them don't even bother writing their own songs anymore. I think it's sad that the charts no longer represents what the majority of people like. Sometimes you get something that has some samples from one of Numan's song, but it rarely does it justice. On the other hand, I hope it's going to help some elements of a younger generation to discover his music.

    I forgot his cover of "1999" was only a bonus track on the Cleopatra/Eagle records reissues though, so I am not surprised you didn't get the chance to hear it. I'll think about including it in the video if I ever upload Machine and Soul, though it might be on Youtube somewhere. Numan mentioned at some point he didn't really enjoy doing covers, and aside from these two, the only other song he didn't write I can think of is "Trois Gymnopédies".

    It feels great to share opinions for sure, I must admit I wish I was as good as you to describe how music makes me feel. I don't really know anyone who shares my music interests but I try to make some of my friends listen to some of his recent albums. So far, I've got one who seems to enjoy it, but I guess not everyone can be as passionate as we are. :)


    +Gary Numans Silly Wig It's restricted to the US at the moment.

    Gary Numans Silly Wig

    @mrsdevilurumi Maybe if you could speak with an American accent you might fool the machine


    +Gary Numans Silly Wig Oh dear, no one wants to hear my terrible impression of an American accent, NO ONE.


    +Gary Numans Silly Wig Well that was a rather unexpected answer... I admit, I couldn't help laughing. That's quite an achievement.