Numan, Gary - The End Of Things Lyrics

Is that a voice calling me softly?
Nothing in here is quite how it seems
Is that a whisper's touch or my fear?
Am I awake or lost in old dreams?

Everything's so cold
The air is so still
There should be nothing here to see
Is this a warning
Like in the Black Book?
There can be no one else but me

I see a darker shade of darkness
I hear a shadow hide in the lie
I feel a suffocating tension
Within a terrible desire

Everything's so cold
The air is so still
There should be nothing here to fear
But I hear breathing
A child's laughter
Can any part of this be real?

Everything I work for
Everything I long for
Is always just too far
Everything I hope for
Never comes to be
Everything I bleed for
Burned a scar on me
Everything I fight for
Leaves a bitter taste
Everything I cry for
Laughs into my face
Everything I scream for
Barely knows my name
Everything I'd die for
Will die just the same
In here
With me

Is this the truth of your forgiveness?
Are you the stranger stood at my door?
Are you the end of things come calling?
Are you the answer I've wished for?

Everything's so cold
The air is so still
And there is nothing here but me
If I belong here
And this is my seat
Then there is no place I'd rather be

Everything I worked for
Everything I longed for
Was always just too far
Everything I hoped for
Never came to be
Everything I bled for
Burned a scar on me
Everything I fought for
Left a bitter taste
Everything I cried for
Laughed into my face
Everything I screamed for
Barely knew my name
Everything I died for
Died just the same
In here
With me

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Numan, Gary The End Of Things Comments
  1. Jamie Crook

    Love this song... its almost like you wrote what was in my brain

  2. Ally Black

    Fan forever!!!

  3. SigNatDx333

    are U kidding M.E> brother . . . ???
    P>S> all my LOVE to you . . . '- ]

  4. Robert Smith


  5. Christy Clyde

    Everything he lists can't be arts, because he got to do and release all of that and it's still not enough for him?

  6. Christy Clyde

    Have you died, Gary? How was your reanimation? The physical process, when someone has to bring you back to life, or you're dead kind of dead. And the spiritual process when it's decided you have to be back on earth. Can you imagine that experience, when it wasn't suicide? Or only when it was? I wasn't a suicide.

  7. opaz79

    wish he would make more ambiguous electronic industrial instead of trent reznor satanist lyrics

    Liam Cahill

    I think this style was mainly for these post apocalypse albums, the album next year will be probably a bit like the old stuff. Also he is re-recording Sacrifice, Exile and Pure albums :D

  8. Brenda Toering

    Just sooooo good!!

  9. Gridlock Gamer

    How can a man be this damned talented? Madness. Your music must be immortalized!

  10. R. L. Seiber

    More intense alienation, Numan's forte and so eloquently expressed like no other can. He is getting so poingant with age, I can feel the disillusionment too. We are dinosaurs of a futurist age, no one told us how short our time would be.... we wait for the nuclear rain, yes.

  11. Starina Plutonia

    Spine chilling and absolutely brilliant song. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  12. indu 2


  13. Leo Coyle

    61 and still going
    I'm shocked!!!

  14. william pein

    The end is near

  15. Matthew Jessup

    what, is there, not to love, Take off your Red Belts and see how Numan has evolved, perfect

  16. frank GFish ferrante

    I love you man... thank u Gary for being here with us in your way as we go through this paradigm shift ...

  17. DJ YOBA

    Brand new pop sucks... and Gary Numan rules!

  18. sunil solanki

    Your headphones /stereo /speakers cannot possibly go to a volume loud enough to do justice to this masterpiece.

  19. Bean

    One of my favourites! Bring on October! \m/ \m/

  20. Vivian

    That man is absolutely fantastic


    Awesome song and kind of where I'm at right now

  22. ghost ghost

    Gary's wig has more talent than Gary himself. FACT!

    Brian Parrott

    The man is an absolute legend. Created some of the best music ever produced. FACT

  23. Aeon

    Definitely one of my favorite tracks from his latest album, Savage.

  24. David Faas

    I would Characterize #numan as #Conservative #goth And he does a good Job of it. Dave Minnesota

  25. Jay Cartwright

    My goodness. You released Jagged on 21 MAR... my birthday. You got 10 years on me. Sorry... was touring the outer darkness my brother. New game... nothing ends. Tours over so to speak. Michael said so.

  26. Isaac Varsano

    DAMN ITS GREAT!!! Gary is the king of the electronic music...

  27. Richard McJordan

    Breathtaking... the talent is overpowering.


    The more I listen to this tune the more I see the genius

  29. eric roozendaal

    I saw him in concert in the early 80s and he's still got it

  30. Najdorfa6

    So nice to seem him bounce back from his early nineties years...where he became bereft of inspiration. He credits Depeche Mode's SOFAD album as the turning point at the time.

  31. Patricio Cerpa

    Gary Numan hace mejores canciones que NIN desde hace mucho tiempo.

  32. Tony Gordon

    Doesnt matter how many times i hear this..always gives me the goosebumps..been a fan for a long time and this is a prime example to the younger generation of what can be done through hard graft,struggle and never giving up.NUUUUUMMAAANN!

  33. Railgap Esoterica

    "Splinter" and "Savage" are more NIN than anything Trent has done in 20 years. Love 'em both.

  34. Gianluca Bovi

    Hey, Gary, did you ever think about something smells like kinda positive stuff??? Are you totally unable to think posive? Neither once in your lifetime?

  35. Lady260191

    I love your music. You are giving everything from the inside and the feeling is always so pure. Nothing extra. Just talent. Don't ever quit. <3

  36. N R

    Words cant express my love for this song.

  37. Ron Myers

    Such a great album. Like The Hurting II that TFF never did.

  38. Andrea Moore

    I really like this song in particular. Great. thanks.

  39. cryptgrrl

    wilga kachina


    His voice still gives me chills tho.~

  41. Cliff Webb

    Alright, where's YOUR grey hair fucker.... makin me feel old here...

  42. dennis wilson

    Nailed it! Such an awesome sound!

  43. Daniela Maria Hodapp

    So very old school and also so fine in definition of sound...

  44. Rose.Corvin

    HOW does this not have more views?! This man is amazing and has been for a looooooong time. I'm almost happy he's this hidden gem, but dammit, he also deserves the recognition!

  45. DigitalBagel

    God damn it Numan is beast! Some of the best music I've heard in years! We need more artists like this with fury, power, originality!

  46. Daniel Young

    The album version of this song is even drums until the chorus. Gives the song a more haunting quality...drums clearly added here for marketability.

  47. Shadow029029

    A true masterpiece

  48. Michelle Groncki

    I will be back to hear more of Gary.... 👍🏻

  49. Олег Ко

    Bye-bye, DM. Checkmate.

  50. pete cahill

    just AWESOME NUMAN is a genius

  51. Xemeets94

    If Gary has a hazel eye, he’ll look good as Bowie.

  52. Jeanette Fux

    My new idol😎😎

  53. Geist

    He is forever surprising me with his unbelievable talent and originality producing such fantastic songs with such a unique vocal tone. There are no young artists today that can come close to this guy have loved him from the beginning and always will.

  54. Scott Murray

    Wow, your new stuff is so good.

  55. Firebrand221

    I have loved this man and his music since I was a very young child.

  56. klutz_macabre

    Powerful <3

  57. Xbox Vlogz

    yes Gary xx

  58. yolanda fraser

    Magnifient, thank you Gary for being original and fantastic xx

  59. Aʀᴅʜᴀɴᴀʀisʜvᴇɢᴀɴ

    Hey child! Listen to this masterpiece!

  60. Christian David

    My fav track from the cd 🤘🤘🤘🤘👊👊👊

  61. Marc Padilla

    Love this shit.

  62. Just Pissoff

    Your work is so great Gary. Love your creativeness.

  63. j Xinxed

    My life in a song.

  64. Sara Morgan

    He is uk best singer all time love his new stuff a all his music

  65. Cat Whisperer

    Question: what if this is the story of your (my) life? All this pent up hurt and frustration and no one to really take it out on?
    Answer: Turn this up very loud and worship at the alter of Numan. Numan understands...He will free you...He will show you the way...

  66. NodiWolf

    How does he keep getting better? I'm awestruck.

  67. clearviewmind

    great chorus

  68. Not an Illuminati spy

    Another good track, another video of Gary Numan saying stuff at a camera. This is house of cards except it's emo instead of pedo.

  69. Hallowene 420

    Ug this is literally the motto of my life. I use references from this song on a daily basis. Darker Shade of Darkness is also my guild name is most games my group plays! I only recently rediscovered Gary and my life is better for it. HUGE inspiration and a age group I can identify with! Ty Gary and family!

  70. Jonathan Vogel

    "I see a darker shade of Darkness" .... sums up depression perfectly

  71. Ekaterina Mesheryakova

    фантастическая композиция!!

  72. Xbox Vlogz

    I love you gary x

  73. Black Cat

    Need's another Million views!

  74. Nudge_Nudge 60

    I’ve been listening to his music since I was three

  75. Andrew C

    Why isn't this the version on the album?

  76. Elizabeth Millan

    i went to your concert i said i will name my hair less cat Numiy or numie idk that means i dont know

  77. Shawn Sandusky

    This is different than my album version?? the drum track is way off

    Shawn Sandusky this is my albums version.

  78. inflames2112

    this look is awesome for Gary . by far my favorite

  79. Hallowene 420

    This song affects me like no other ever recorded. Js.

  80. Indoril Nerevar

    I'd complain about his new edginess but some of the song he makes are still really good. Plus, he looks like he's having fun experimenting with this kinda stuff.

  81. bailey7175

    Powerful song:)

  82. mdubbbz

    Why does every old person spell you’re as your?


    What's with the same get up in every new video.

  84. Mimi Davis

    I am grateful for you, Gary Numan.

  85. Bluttraumer

    He is still killing it.

  86. André Brunel

    Superbe 😉 merveilleux 😆

  87. Shayne Young

    NIN and Duran Duran just had a baby called : Gary Numan :) I love this !!

  88. Victoria Gibson

    umm 😐 he is a gpa

    Aaliyah Rammstein

    Bow down to your gpa!😎🔱😈

  89. Dylan Anarchy99

    Numan is a living legend, loved his music from the very beginning he’s just got better and better

  90. Tuuku

    So i just gotta say, im 21 and never heard of Gary Numan until my late teens but i only new him from Cars back in the 80's... but then YouTube saw that i watched Cars music video and was like "here is another song" it was My Name is Ruin .... my first thought, HOLY SHIT, he's done an amazing job keeping up with the times! This modern Gary Numan is now a favorite of my playlists


    I wish I had known about his current music awhile ago! He is so bad ass!

    Maria Baverstock

    Well done, catch up on years of good music by the greatest!

    Richard Givens

    The times are keeping up with him.

    Keith aka KEEF Bornzin Drums in THE VILES

    AWESOME that the Youth of today ARE paying attention! DON'T miss Him (our G💀THFATHER) LIVE NOW! The last 2 times have been life-altering! And, ANY one telling you he sounds like NIN?! IT'S REVERSED! NEW•WAVE101! ATTA KIDS! 🖤💀🤖👽🎶😉🤘

    Lord Skeptic

    Cars is from 1979

  91. Jakaś Tam Dziabaducha

    he's amazing

  92. paul diver

    still at his best

  93. Jess_27_92

    I love it i'm a big fan!! :)

  94. Alistair Thomson

    Hi Gary the Vids and pics are greate but I think you stress things too much - I know nothing

  95. Irina Von-Liebnecht

    Это грандиозно!!!Так держать! /This is amazing!!! from Russia with love!!)))

  96. Mary wood

    This song has been on repeat for two days now

  97. No need to, skeet!

    *me* OMG HE'S ON TOUR

  98. -Belue-

    I Love you Gary, but seriously...SEIZURE WARNING! I tried watching this, but I can'T. It's too harsh for those with Seizures or Sensory Processing Disorder...I just want people to be safe! 😍😎🤗🎃✌️🖖🤘🙏🏽