Numan, Gary - Pure Lyrics

I want to feel you hesitate
I want to feel you pull away
I want to feel you realise
That I am not love come to play

I want to feel your pink clean skin
I want to feel your purity
I want to feel you touch my pain
I want to drown in your misery

Hey bitch, this is what you are
Purified, Sanctified, Sacrificed
Hey bitch, this is what you are
Purified, Sanctified, Sacrificed
This is what you are.

I want to feel your innocence
I want to hear you beg for 'Him'
I want to be your animal
I want to be your only sin

I want to tear your dreams away
And show you hopes last sanctuary
I want to dip your wings in blood
And watch an angel bleed for me

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Numan, Gary Pure Comments
  1. Ardius

    Forever a personal favourite. Never mind the similarities to other bands, his voice alone ultimately makes it unique!

  2. boyd rouse


  3. Bavaria Patrol

    Great Stuff

  4. vitruvianideal

    love the anger and rage!

  5. Poxyclypse

    Your timing is off.
    Still, an outstanding song.

  6. Gianluca Bovi

    I don’t know who is the bitch of the text. But once i’ve been in love with a woman who made me drown in an ocean of pure shit.

  7. Daniel Gonzalez

    Anyone know why this CD costs so much on amazon? What am I missing?


    early 2000s gold

  8. Kevan Platts

    why do krauts have the right to even mention Numans name!!!

  9. Corrie Le Bon


  10. Seki

    I love Numan but can't rsist laughning when he says Sanctified as it reminds me of the track Sanctified of Nine Inch Nails.

    Corrie Le Bon

    Haha, exactly my thoughts.


    I think you mean the Seinfeld theme


    How strange then, that Trent say's that Numan is a massive influence.....

    Jackhammer Johnny

    I think maybe this song is an "answer" to Sanctified. I actually just came to YouTube so I could compare these two songs.

  11. Charlie Swing

    Did anyone hear The Sammus Theory's version of this song? 


    @Charlie Swing Yep. I've seen them perform it live, as a matter of fact.

  12. Claire Shaw

    Thanks for sharing - I love this track

  13. joe heatherstick

    mein Gott, wie geil. bei dem Brett bei 0:56 dreh ich durch. warum habe ich diese scheibe so spät erst entdeckt?

  14. TinaM2012

    Wow!  One of my most favorites of Gary's!  

  15. spartacusvikinga

    At the beginning, that was my 1965 Mk1 Cortina trying to start up on a cold morning.
    A great track.

  16. Remco Schedel—the SKULL

    Yes, now that you mention it.

    I suppose he must be visiting a tanning salon every once in a while.

  17. hptriogal

    Eureka! I've found the song! PERFECT!

  18. Jerichonumber2

    Has anyone else noticed how much darker Gary has gotten Since the 80's?

    Bear Chesso

    Thanks to Nine inch Nails and more importantly Depeche mode


    Bear Chesso what? for being Numan fans in the first place?


    haven't we all?

    bruno stroszek

    did you never listen to the lyrics of down in the park?

  19. mindfuljourney1

    Love it!

  20. Info Finance

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  23. stingme88x

    this sounds like it belongs in the crow movie, its so different from his early work

  24. MidResolution

    Haha, but still... grrrrrrr! ;)

    I think Numan has a great voice - it really fits his dark introspective lyric.

  25. W W

    Yeah maybe....but I still don't like it x)

  26. MidResolution

    Philistine! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! :p

    Without Gary Numan's voice there would be no contemporary industrial electro/rock. He was one of the originators in the early 80s.

  27. W W

    The only thing i don't like it's the singer voice :(

  28. shelshi1991

    Manson said he was influenced by Numan and that they do keep in touch with each other. *didn't read the conversation just wanted to type that*

  29. Sheri Cerniglia

    Umm...Skinny Puppy has been around since 1982, Gary Numan has been recording since *checking vinyl album* 1978, at least. Numan has changed with the times, done a brilliant song with NIN, and he likes the newer industrial sound. Crapping on him for that?! Sheesh. He sounds FANTASTIC.

  30. desolatesoul87

    At the end of the day, Numan's progressed as an artist. And I love the different aspects of him you get through both his Tubeway Army era stuff and the later music. He's a great musician and I think this later, darker side of him is totally underrated!

  31. sofnsable

    Good, but not as numan-like as his older albums

  32. paul wigginton

    this guy is quintessentially english, quirky, talented, and a real gentleman

  33. loritony1

    fuck off

  34. PistolSoldat

    im a dude. and id do him.

  35. DJ hardmous

    @lordboojum Thank you!

  36. Mychael Helmz

    @loafpork Even The Best Youtube Vid Sounds Like Complete Sh!t That's Why I Don't Even Use Those YouTube Downloader Tools Like The One On RealPlayer! That's The Best One By Far... If Your Looking For This Track Go To It's The BEST!!!

  37. Gary Ratcliffe

    @loafpork Hmm i'll have to look into it because it was most certainly never edited by me in terms of the quality as i've already said so perhaps it could be due to the software I use and pushing the audio into it. Although I must admit I can't really hear any loss of quality although my hearing has never been perfect XP

  38. 2ndsight #R_U_Woke

    @Hammersmith80 HMMMmm can't say i feel sorrow for your unEmpathetic demeanor.
    clueless and completely, Wrong in your, Simpleton way of thinking. ...GO, act out being, a republican. ;D

  39. Gary Ratcliffe

    @loafpork These "Uploads" are tracks off the actual CD's themselves, therefore by stating that these "Uploads" sound like shit is saying that Gary Numan's songs or rather the quality of them sound like "Shit" which for a numanoid which I am assuming you are one is rather profound. Again the sound quality of this track has not been altered, changed or edited in any way or form. Thank you.

  40. Francesco De Gregorio

    Grande artista,ottima musica fatta per meditare...................

  41. Northfence Corner

    @lordboojum I completely agree. The live album from his Pleasure Principle tour was a little expensive, but it was the best $37.99 I ever spent. xP

  42. MrStephen182

    Yes he can this song is great. Maybe it is to dark for you.

  43. DominionDayME

    @seirbeach Pretty cool statement! Us fans should make several GN shirts [to honor and celebrate him] and that should be the statement on all of them: SUPPORT GARY NUMAN! WE NEED [in bold letters] HIM!!!

  44. Martin Williams

    Trent Reznor was influence by Gary Numan and vice versa. It works both ways. Everyone is influenced by something. This is just brilliant. It's Numan with a twist. And it's fucking phenomenal


    Absolutely, I can definitely hear NIN's song Sanctified while listening to this song.

  45. Kirk Schattilly

    This song is OK. Numan can't really do hard music. It just doesn't sound right.

  46. seirbeach

    Gary has gotten better and better and better. . . . .support him!! We need him!!

  47. Dorian Dawes

    @jackal242 That's a matter of preference. Personally, NIN's a fairly mediocre, entry-level band. They have a few decent songs, but with each release, they continue to become a parody of themselves. Gary Numan, however, has lasted several generations, growing and evolving.

  48. jackal242

    @StevenLoos Yes, but Trent did it better, and Gary openly stated he was trying to sound like Pretty Hate Machine on this album. But to go so far as to nearly copy the lyrics is kinda sad.

  49. dwarfsid

    @StevenLoos Since the 70s :)

    And Trent is a huge fan; Gary's guested live w/him.

  50. Dorian Dawes

    @jackal242 They took their sound from him. He's been making music since the 80's.

  51. jackal242

    He really did try to make this sound as much like Nine Inch Nails as possible. Even the lyrics sound like Sanctified.

  52. Bleu Hope

    @MaliceMizery1 Indeed!

  53. Guy Watkins

    The older stuff is MUCH doesn't sound like a NIN ripoff. I love Gary Numan but this stuff is disappointing.

  54. weegerri1sm

    HEY... BITCH!!! Nice track! :P

  55. donwan4u

    heehee, yeah, you got it

  56. Gif

    I LOVE THIS! Great music man!

  57. Stefano Canepa


  58. donwan4u

    I have to admit, until you tube i have not listened to Numan since the early 80s, now i cant get enough of him, superb stuff, he ceases to amaze!!