Numan, Gary - Noise Noise Lyrics

What's it to you
If I feel now
Just a face in the wall
Crawling out of the ground
Now look at me
You cry
Like a leaf in the fall
I fly in the sky, don't you?

What's it to you
This noise noise
Like a plaque on the wall
One of these days
I'll just leave
(What's it to you?)
As boys drown
You feel like young gods
You know
All young gods must fade
(What's it to you?)

What's it to you
Going down boys
Like a screw in the wall
My lovers never leave in love
Play war like marines
Just noise noise
Just roar roar
One of these days

(What's it to you?)

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Numan, Gary Noise Noise Comments
  1. The Last Guitar Hero

    Can't believe this was tucked away on a B side

  2. TenMill_ Productions

    Devo , reminds me of Devo. Pretty cool really. Cheers 🍻

  3. Frank M

    Numan at his best. An early 80's classic and should have been included on I, Assassin instead of the awful 1930's Rust!


    1 of these days lol


    1930s rust is good too

  4. bob bobless

    Thereza Bazar (Guys and Dolls, Dollar) backing vocals if i remember.

    steve radford

    You forgot to mention DVD's...."helpful hints".

  5. Sam Walker

    How was this not released as a single?

    Will Hadcroft

    I think it was the B-Side to the top ten hit "Music For Chameleons". I read that a person in the music business advised Gary to make it a double A side, so as Chameleons peaked and then dropped out of the chart, the radio would then promote Noise Noise and it would go back up. But Gary decided against it. Tsk!

  6. Nero Elysium

    ohhhh numan smoothed out with a little candle lit eviance


    A Numan gem. Love it.

  8. Gary Ratcliffe

    Easily one of my favourite Numan tracks


    @Gary Ratcliffe me too :)