Numan, Gary - It Must Have Been Years Lyrics

A radio plays 'White Christmas'
It's been doing that for years
If someone leaves the station
Oh please don't talk to strangers
Can't you see they're not like us

The vacant flesh of U.D.'s
Stand leaning by the walls
You can feel them thinking over
Ways of merging with the thoughts
You never dare to dream

It must have been years
It must have been years

They want to relive all my memories
Give me 'the service' daily
Maybe it was mother
I can't seem to remember
Much at all these days

Picture open doorways
No pick-ups by the taxi boys
Just a bed near the window
And an old lamp by my pillow
And the things I have to do

It must have been years
It must have been years

The driver wants to touch me
He mentions all the old cop bullshit
I try to back away
But he's so strong I just can't move
Maybe I don't want to anyway

The time to leave is always 'soon'
I wonder if I'm lying
A vague feeling of panic
As a man leaves saying "thank you"
I blame it all on you

It must have been years
It must have been years

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Numan, Gary It Must Have Been Years Comments

    For me this was one of the best tracks on Replicas. It was so different from the majority of the rest of the album, I still love Replicas as an album. I think this is the first time I've heard a live version of It must have been years

  2. Pennine Lad

    Walking home from the gig in Holmfirth, last week, I passed a few other local fans, and all I could say was the only way it might have been better was if he had included this..... My all time favourite. Turn it (& the original) up to 11.....!

    Thank you so very much for posting!

  3. AbsoluteNut1

    This may well be better than Cars.


    I agree.

  4. Notta Victim

    Hot Dang! Our little Android goes grunge!

    lala lulu

    Notta Victim This songs 42 yrs old, evidently Kurt Cobain loved it.

  5. Su Numan

    Brill. Looking good. X

  6. control

    more more

  7. cyberianrave

    studio version is better to be honest

  8. musicmankenn

    Not bad, but I still like the studio guitar jam better off the album......

  9. MobiusBandwidth

    the old tunes really still hold up well.

  10. msfigy


  11. SexPistolsExperience

    No, none of them are from the 'early days', Rob Holiday the guitarist brought in to cover Tim Muddiman who was away due to iminant arrival of a baby. Chris McCormack replaced Rob now plays with Malylin Manson. Richard Beasly replaced Cedric Sharpley (Rip) on drums & has been with Gary since 91 after the 'Emotion tour' (i think it was) when hard times meant Gary couldnt afford a drummer for that tour. Dave Brooks on keys - been there a long time, so not sure who this bassist is.

  12. The Metalnaut

    I have had a difficult time finding any information on the people who play with Gary. Are some of them the guys from Tubeway Army?


    No. Nobody from Tubeway army plays in Garys band. Paul Gardiner sadly diex in the 80's and Jass Lydyard was/is Garys uncle who played on Replicas but after Replicas Gary put a new band together. All of whom appeared on the old grey whistle test and top of the pops to play Are 'friends' electric back in 1979

  13. SexPistolsExperience

    Great vid' - good to see Rob back on guitar duties for a few dates on this tour. Thanx for posting