Numan, Gary - Cry, The Clock Said Lyrics

Why cry now
It's over
Feelings change

How are you
Now am I
Cry, the clock said

I know little of romance
And these little tract houses
I know seven less of you
And if you should ever think of me
Maybe as a game you lost

Well someone I know lost the whole damn world
No more this talk of they're out to get me
Just slide out of Sydney and I can never go back

How could I be surprised
How could I even believe
Cry, the clock said

I'll forget who you are
I'll forget one of these days
Cry, the clock said

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Numan, Gary Cry, The Clock Said Comments
  1. Exceller8

    Back before Gary turned in Nine Inch Numan!!

  2. rochefive

    well someone i know lost the whole damn world...

  3. Lucky Charm

    Wow, compared to the dog shit he makes now this is unreal. It's got everything that his current music is lacking: humanity, musicality, emotion.

  4. paul salt

    pure genius , why o why dont you tour this album gary , its your best !!!

  5. Manu Forster

    I'm always reminded of this wonderful piece of music when I'm working at the computer for too long. See/ listen--> Windows 10 BACKGROUND sound file:::

  6. Philippe Cirse

    Il existe de nombreux niveaux et dimensions de conscience. Notre expérience de la vie humaine n'est qu'un très court voyage en termes de temps cosmique et après la mort (qui n’est pas une "fin" Juste un état de transformation) notre énergie mentale ou notre âme reviendra au "nuage mental essentiel" (personnifié par l’égo) désigné dans la religion chrétienne dans une expression exagérée - "le Saint-Esprit" (tout ce que les croyants ne peuvent expliquer ou comprendre, et qu’ils nomment pompeusement "dieu ou saint" :-)

  7. kieran xoxo

    this album is my #1 of all time, not just gary's albums but all albums. something about it is just so magical and i always find myself coming back to it. this song specifically, my lastfm says i've listened to it 23 times since last year, an eight minute song 23 times! idk but it's just so good

  8. kikkirow

    Something about this song I really enjoy

  9. NXJ

    If Bowie had released this, the whole world would have been kneeling in awe at his utter, utter genius. I guess those of us who know will have to content ourselves with being part of the best, most ignorantly enforced secret. This is just gut-wrenchingly brilliant.

    Maria Baverstock

    NXJ totally agree. For Gary to enjoy being right back up there would be brilliant, he's worked so hard. Just love him.

  10. Andy Farrally

    Used to see a girl who lived in birmingham and we used to play this on the sat night her parents went out..wonder if she remembers ?

  11. Tom Pomeroy

    Dance is such a cruelly underrated album. It's probably my favourite Numan album and the one I listen to most. I love the mix of the pop songs/Numan sound and the longer atmospheric experimental pieces like this song. Dance is like Bowie's Low/Heroes for the 1980s.


    A hugely underated album. I bought this on 1981 ( I was 14) when it first came out. There are some truly excellent tracks on this album. Cry the clock said is one such track. It's full of emotion and loneliness. It sounds as though Gary poured all his dispair and lonliness into this song. I loved it then and love it now. A true classic!

  13. Discoenex newway

    if can see

  14. chris marshall

    can hear Japan here and there.

  15. Jim Smith

    Kinda sounds a bit like the soundtrack to apocalypse now

  16. Julie coop

    So relaxing I love this always have.

  17. Discoenex newway

    we can save the world .

  18. donald milne

    My favourite numan album, very underated, Stories, exhibition great tracks.

  19. Stephan B.

    Eternal Genius

  20. Ghost Within

    Love this track. When the album came out I wanted so much to love it, but couldn't. He had changed direction somehow. What an Idiot I was. Going back to it on vinyl recently, it has some outstanding tracks, none better than Cry The Clock Said. I was at Wembley on the 2nd show and remember Nash the Slash playing this. Awesome.
    Wanted to pay homage with my cover version. Everything (except Drums} played on the Electric Violin. Used this video a lot to get as close as I could but adding my own style...
    Hope this is OK to post here.

  21. For Recreational Use Only

    Have heard the sliding, resonant string noises on meat puppets stuff. what is that?

  22. wayne titus

    i was a big fan of gary numan years ago , and its funny , i didn't like this track that much way back then , i must of been deaf , i listen to it now , and , can t imagine how i missed the wonderfull creativity of this song

  23. NGC224

    romance of the awkward

  24. Pete Skinner


  25. severandom severandon

    Just got the remixed purple vinyl of this masterpiece. Listening to cry the clock said. How the fuck does a man in his early twenties write this!!!!!

  26. G-plan9 Future

    I'll forget one of these days...

  27. dog food

    Just saw Gary Numan in Boston. Great artist. I really like his chill music though. Right now he is in a very edgy aggressive phase.

    thomas balink

    SAVAGE is great !

  28. Julian Jung

    I will always thumb this song up, wherever it may appear.

  29. Gary Curtis

    DARK, this is Numan at his best, the Dance Album was so far ahead of its time i still do not think it is here!this track is so pure and powerfull, Bring on the re-release purple vinyl early 2018 and could it feature in the tour in March 2018???

  30. Wayne WW Brown

    you can hear Nash the slash play on this song.
    after putting out this album Gary Numan career went sideways
    Only the diehard fads even like all of the song on this Album

  31. hmslf

    never cared about gary numan, now he moved me, that's how a story begins.

  32. Chris Hack

    I did not get Dance as a 15yr old, it was for adults really. Beautiful.

  33. 3mancipator

    Pure Class

  34. erko

    I laugh now at the fact that a lot of critics said numan was a bowie copycat r.i.p. bowie [huge huge fan ] numan is a genius in his own right as well  [ where are the geniuses of today ] x factor,the voice ??? sadly its all about $ turnover now!

    Dee Dee TV

    I love both. Of course, Numan was inspired by Bowie ,Kraftwerk, and Ultravox. But like Micheal Jackson did with his many influences, Gary made it all his own.

    Andy Moore

    It might help if the shows you mentioned made people perform their own original material, rather than hits from the canon - but there is a strong tradition in pop music for the performers to not be the song writers.

    There is a world of difference in those who pursue the full artistic vision, and those who just sing. Gary Numan has proven time and again he is unafraid to venture into new territory. In that light I can imagine a Bowie comparison, but Gary Numan a copycat??? Never!

  35. Acer Canon

    I cried after Old Gary lost his magic after the Telekon album

  36. Mal Trouve

    Very similar to brian eno track 1.2


    Sounds like something from 'Another Green World'.

  37. Ian Wonnacott

    Absolutely love this track, up there with the best ;-)

  38. jaxxstraw

    This is the album where everything starts going wrong, not least Gary's strange decision to sing as if horrendously drunk.

  39. Scott Keohone

    Class song one of my old favourites another is a subway I called you great to listen to on the earphones

  40. Lee Woodhead

    The Dance Album is like a fine wine. Massive Numan fan and when it first came out I was confused and felt let down. But the truth is I wasn't mature enough to get it. And now it's in my top five Numan albums of all time. God bless xx

    Acer Canon

    have you taken your medicine or should i say taken the wrong medicine !


    Don't feel bad took me 35 years I'm just discovering it though after school when I was a kid I watched 'mtv' and was mesmerized. I'm afraid I won't even get it now to be honest

    Tim Ryder

    That's exactly how I feel, mate. At the time I thought Gary was veering off in a direction I was no longer interested in, but later on I came back to it and it spoke to me so clearly.

    David Capps

    My feelings exactly. I blew it off when it was released, now I dig it. I was too cool to give it a chance.

    Julian Guffogg

    Nah, I loved it when it was released in the 80's too!

  41. Discoenex newway

    time traveler

  42. Discoenex newway

    real love .

  43. Discoenex newway

    we can see

  44. Discoenex newway

    save the world

  45. David Lee

    Again one the best songs he has ever written and I agree that the 'Numan' detractors and doubters should listen to this... For me, I can just never grow tired of it and yes it does remind me of painful memories of loss and hurt (but I'd rather have have those memories of loss and hurt then have nothing)

  46. Kevin Adams

    I agree with all your comments,how I listened to him through the night with my headphones, just class

  47. P8290970

    Ageless classic, Such a chilled out tune. I wish Gary would tour Dance like he has the 3 'classics'.

  48. Philip Nourse

    pure numan the keyboard fading in at 1 min 20 and again near the end...minimalist experimental it now more than ever...:0)

    Philip Nourse

    +lala lulu agreed lulu...met him and the band after a gig in bournemouth a couple of years ago.lovely chap.
    going through stuff at the moment.this music really helps!:0)

    lala lulu

    +Philip Nourse He always helps me through the hard times as well, stay strong pal and good luck. 👍👍👍

    Philip Nourse

    +lala lulu thankyou :0) best wishes to you...Nuuuuman!


    Philip Nourse isn’t it Nash The Slash’s violin as opposed to Keyboards fading in at that point?

    susan eley

    That is a very good cd but youtube doesn't have all the songs on it which is very bad

  49. Dave Patrick

    used to put my aged hi-fi on 7" when LP was on and have this on repeat through the night, back in the day.

    Ian Arnold

    Dave Patrick . Me to mate ,

  50. Woody Woods

    First time I heard this it made me cry. There was a sadness in the track that I related to at that moment in time. A wonderful piece of music. It still gets me now!

    Woody Woods

    Yep. I was going thru a very hard time the first time I heard this, that added to the emotion of the track. A wonderful piece of emotional minimalism. Genius!

    lala lulu

    +ian mccauley I agree, I remember when I first used to listen to it when it came out, my headphones on in the back room of my parents house when I lived there this song in particular and Slow car to China were always enhanced with the headphones.

    Dave Patrick

    +lala lulu agree, things were very simple when we were 14

    Woody Woods

    I still have difficulty listening to this track. it gives me a lump in the throat. I was 18 at the time and just starting to learn how harsh the world could be. I have to this day yet to hear a song that permeates a feeling of sadness and loss like this one.

  51. Stephen Cockayne

    This is absolute class. The man is the most underrated singer songwriter in english rock music history

    lala lulu

    Agreed 👍👍👍

    Philip Nourse

    bang on steve!

    Gavin Starling

    Stephen Cockayne Couldn't agree more

    Andrea Catenazzi

    As you are right.Even in my school days he was unique late 70s. He is still unique... world class!!!

    wayne titus

    agreed !!!!! , but , time is the real judge , ive found , in music .... if ,it ,or anyone passes the test of time , which numan has , by , still being enjoyed by millions now , then , all those critics , (and he had A LOT , way back then , ) can go and eat there own words because the world has judged him differently , he won , they lost , THE END !!!!!

  52. Paddy Byrne

    Great song

  53. Rick Pambrun

    There isn't a single moment in this track that doesn't make me stop to take in the immediate sense of loss, and patient purpose, that lies behind this song.

    lala lulu

    I find myself agreeing with all the comments on here.

  54. Ronald Theriot

    His masterpiece.


    +Jeffrey Lyons cool!

    ian mccauley

    +Ronald Theriot im with you 100 percent great album in my eyes this is numan

    Ronald Theriot

    @ian mccauley
    I would call it the definitive Gary Numan album.

    lala lulu

    +Ronald Theriot It's my favourite as well, it was a real change of direction but I loved it and I know I always will. I wish he would preform it live like he has done with his earlier Albums. I'd love to see him do them all live again even Machine and Soul, but this one is top of my list.

    Paul Davis

    Always loved this album and personally can't understand anybody that likes Numan thinking otherwise..Yes this track is one of the best... Wish he'd do it live.. Actually a one off 'Dance' album tour would be awesome!