Numan, Gary - Call Out The Dogs Lyrics

Here am I
Like a target in flesh
One more time
For you to call out the dogs
With a ticket to burn and burn and burn
You will learn
I'm still waiting for you you know

I'm a slogan, an old story,
A disease, never again
I don't like this, new anger,
These young boys, just make me laugh
This picture, I'm so nervous,
The DJ, says 'who are you?'
Look at me, I'm shaking,
I don't know if I can move

I don't need
This attention again
I've lost time
I could lose everything
You will learn
That you've nowhere to go so go

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Numan, Gary Call Out The Dogs Comments
  1. AirmanDuke03

    Twilight? You okay?

  2. Urban Wolf

    Blade Runner...

  3. Hank Hill

    Quality banger

  4. itsthatfox

    Crack - Life brought me here.

    SML 2K18

    itsthatfox same here



    Barro the Broadcaster


    mobius one

    literally everyone in here