Nujabes - World's End Rhapsody Lyrics

Betcha if you can check it out baby
You will know why
That I love you

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Nujabes World's End Rhapsody Comments
  1. itsafish nibba

    This the shizz

  2. Josuke Higashikata

    Can't rid this song out of my mind cuz Narancia Mista and fugo

  3. 00G

    Picture this,
    Yourself and your lover facing 10,000 degree meteors raining from the sky, it’s worlds end
    As the meteor you notice heading straight for you and your partner y’all both close your eyes and embrace...but
    Out of nowhere this song silently speaks up, hits your eardrums and y’all both face the meteor with arms waving and gracing the sky...this is it🙌🙌😂

  4. John Walker Lee

    It's been almost 10 years.....RIP Jun Seba

  5. FuNk MaChiNe

    3:43-3:55 - The moment some Angels decided to come down and play some outer instrumental bridge ^^

  6. Jason Borne

    Thanks to narancia and the boys I found an amazing song thank you JoJo ^_^

  7. Aoba Chan

    Imagining this with 3 Italians dancing to a severed head

  8. Ducko of Wisdom

    Me and the boys when we play eyes of heaven as Nirancha, Fugo, or Mista

  9. sauciestMCplayer *

    the virgin 'Komm, Susser Tod'
    THE CHAD 'World's End Rhapsody'

  10. Christian

    No está en Spotify :c ya no está :c

  11. Hubert Farnsworth

    I want to fuck to this song
    And have the whole earth come crashing down
    But I won’t cry
    Because tonight
    Imma love you

  12. Top_Hat_Mann

    [ Insert JoJo reference here ]

  13. Tristan Dulay

    Can anyone explain what's the art in bg all about?

  14. Alejandro Pando

    Yes I love you!

  15. Shrek

    To all yall jojo part skippers and anime onlys: Jotaro dies in part 6, Gyro dies in part 7.

    some frog

    n i i i i i i i c e

  16. Daniel Garcia

    Que buena musica ,saludos desde Mexico.......

  17. Ramon Caballero

    Love nujabes rip

  18. incognitobfd

    Why isn't this in spotify anymore

  19. Schwxn

    Oh how I wish that this was on Spotify....

  20. Keith Thomas

    The song is free from beguile and ambiguity

  21. Aditya Roy

    If this song was my life then it would be alright.
    Said everyone: Reflection eternal

  22. Wafaa Takhssaoui

    The only Rhapsody you'll catch me listening to.

  23. PrettyDamnDandy

    They just HAD to pull this from Spotify like 4 months after adding it smh. Thankfully this is still up

  24. It’s Digiorno

    This song is Made in Heaven.

  25. Thorckan Kun

    Just a comment to communicate with the best community of youtube !

  26. Thomas Owens

    This song reminds me of Earthbound for some reason

  27. Kevin D. E

    3:55 I ALWAYS TURN IT UP!! gets so hyped

  28. Teardine

    Everybody's talking about how the end of the world sounds nice, but if the world were to truly end, you'd never be able to listen to this song again :(

  29. flo

    კარალიოკების საყვარელი ტრეკი

  30. xaba Vázquez

    I love this song, make me feel so good and dream.

  31. Creeping Spook

    yo listening to this while reading the end of jjba stone ocean is a trip

  32. TheLovelyRottenCheese

    This video was uploaded on my birthday, I turned 5 years old in that year.

  33. Zekkie Zekka

    Betcha chances that I’ll be there in a fly,
    cause I love you.

  34. Harrison Powell

    Love you nujabes

  35. Ike Santiago

    reminds me a lot of daft punk
    just not as electronic

  36. Pizza Box




    Pizza Box



    @Pizza Box O SHIT

    Pizza Box

    Bones your mom get gamertized

  37. Paperface McTheThird

    Honestly, this just sounds like nonsense and I love it

  38. griffyn

    people are here because of the world ends with you, and the one video with mista fugo and narancia dancing

  39. patrick nelson

    Damn najubes you soothe the soul r.i.p we know they grooving to your music in heaven

  40. The Villain

    betcha if you check it out (check it out baby)
    You're gonna find that I love you

  41. Butt plug Mafia

    im gonna pound my girl to this song

  42. Piccolo54

    holy cow one million views!

    David GN40


    Asshat Smith

    @David GN40 agreed

  43. Wolf Cuntorsuorisrex

    This song is amazing and I'm glad I have the JoJo community to thanks for me finding it.

    May Nujabes rest in peace...... Or come back and reincarnate.

  44. maxine caulefled

    narancia . fugo ???

  45. Monica Cortes Torres


  46. In memory of the poetry of Cesar Vallejo 《92 - 38》

    Jun Seba has impactado fuertemente, El no ha muerto, sólo hay que darle play. Lo malo es que hay 99 dislikes, gente con problemas, con graves problemas para demarcar lo bueno de lo malo.

  47. Nicola

    This beat makes me sad n happy at the same time... Crazy... Rest in peace brother.

  48. Juan Mendoza

    You are welcome.

  49. Dance-U Dance

    Someone Future Funk this


    The worst part of the song is when it ends :(

  51. FirstCut

    Ahhh perfect song to end my life :)

  52. Damien Delisca

    yep narancia dance

  53. かまたた


  54. Kira comforting his homie.

    When you dancing with your gangmates but one leaves the gang in fear of murdering you:

  55. Dubstep Ultra

    Remener the satellite with the sounds of earth, right? When the world is ending, launch a satellite with this out into space.

  56. Dubstep Ultra

    This shouldve been in the anime when they animated it.

  57. Profe Gepo

    Why did it take me so long to get to this? Nujabes just doesn't get enough attention XD

  58. CMCynic

    *Next Week*

    _Looks like _*_this guy's_*_ going straight to the 9th circle of hell!_

    *cuts on boombox*

    *starts dancing*

    *tetraphopic marksman joins in the dance*

    *boy with swiss cheese suit joins in the dance*

    *man with deflation ability stares at the sunlight*

  59. squishh

    This song reminds me of walking to the beach on a rainy day... like the cool and pleasant feeling of rain and the happy feeling of going to the beach but at the same time the sadness of the gray skies

  60. freddyory

    Y no pararé de escucharla que chimba!!! 03:42 re - nota!!!

  61. Solaire_GG

  62. Voivoda Dracula

    Play this at the world's funeral

  63. Music_Playlists_for_my_Friends

    Rest in peace, your music live in the hearts of many forever

  64. Delicious Pancakes

    Looks like you're going straight to the ninth circle of hell!

  65. どんたこす


  66. Ernie T.

    THANK YOU very much SEBA JUN, you have no idea how much you have helped me, i appreciate everything you did, even tho i never knew you. there was a connection with your music. the tears, the happines, the feelings you brought out i cant thank you enough, AND I LOVE YOU!!!❤❤❤ Rest in Beats nujabes!!!!!

  67. Vicente Faúndez

    I requested to my closest circle of friends to play this song on my funeral.

  68. Nicka Pleeze

    my first tatoo is going to be of nujabes idk where to get it tho. his music has changed my life drastically. it makes me not hollow and nihilistic.

  69. RepublicOf 1

    Can someone explain the appeal of this song to me please? I really love Nujabes and he gets eternal credit for his work on Champloo. However, this song is needlessly repetitive with a really creepy underscore in my opinion. Change my mind if you can. I just want to know. I'd rather go to Luv 3 anytime.

    David GN40

    @Rebounds i didn't know there was an original, thank you!

    Reefat Bakht

    This music will make you zone out, especially when you're sleepy, have shit on your mind, or sad about something. It's repetitive purposely to inspire confidence. Listen to it with your eyes closed and see if it transports you. The changes and additions of piano and drums throughout makes it constantly changing and engaging. If you don't feel it that's fine, the soul sample and groove must not be for you.

  70. Rose-shrouded Confessor

    Don't be deceived by the title of the song; for some people, this could be the beginning of one of the best 5:44 seconds of musical rhapsody their world will know.

  71. Austin G

    The rhythm is so fun. Favorite Nujabes song!

  72. Victor A

    Always feel like this song ends too early

  73. abortedphoenix


  74. marcus morga

    Like goose bumps on full rush

  75. Issaiah Starr

    Narancia 😘

    No homo

  76. Terrt Ackley

    Betcha if you check it out Quadrophonics

  77. Nathaniel Lewis

    Alright niw

  78. Mayks Spark

    Vento aureo confirmed.

  79. Rayya Pen

    Im come from VENTO AUREO dance baby

  80. mr.H4ndzum

    somehow i seem to return here every so often to get reminded how bliss feels

  81. Reefat Bakht

    Everytime I listen to this, it becomes my favourite song again. So nostalgic, emotional, calming. The perfect vibe for my soul.

  82. ITS FSG

    XXXtentacion who was a major inspiration and one of my favorite artist was just murdered today I’m playing this song to try and help get over the loss and I’m crying so hard right now

  83. Anietyt Retra

    daft punk feelz

  84. Antonio

    Absolutely amazing and I just want to wish love peace and happiness to everyone in the world no matter who you are. Going through a difficult time now with broken leg so I can't surf, run, hike, snowboard or just do what I love which is being on the move. This song helps me deal with reality.

  85. Abdullahi Ibn Gregory

    Horizon, Next View, and This. In that order

  86. MeteoBlitz

    nujabes was a genius

  87. Nico Nick



    the original from 1974 by the Quadahponics is by far superior than this mismash

  89. tube you

    よく聴いてたなー まだCDプレイヤーで聴いてたころだ。懐かしい。。。。

  90. Bazen Mekonen

    this song is so beautiful i actually cried

  91. NeKro Murasaki

    i need a 10 hour version

  92. chromestar338

    I dont know why but this song makes me think about a random girl twirling and spinning around a club with colourful lights everywhere in the early 2000's


    1-800- DIORVINCI-DAN spot on brother