Nu Flavor - Sweet Sexy Thing Lyrics

Grooving with you baby
Sexy Thing
Sexy Thing
Ooh oh ooh oh
Sweet sexy thing

Sweet sexy thing
Bring that body to me
Baby I'm in the mood
To make sweet love to you
Waited so long
Now I've got you alone
You sweet little
Sweet little sexy thing

[VERSE 1:]
Hey there
Baby baby baby (Sexy Senorita)
Sexy little sexy thing you are
Do that to me one more time
Feels so good (mi savas thom bem)
Now that we're alone
All I wanna do
Is get it on (lets get it on)
Girl I won't ever fight
I want you to be my lover tonight
And every night
'cause when I make love with you
Girl everything you do is so right
Baby baby baby baby listen to me

I want some lovin' baby
Kissin' n huggin' baby
Lovin' n rubbin' babe on and on and on and on
It feels so good baby
You're drivin' me crazy
I wanna do it baby
All night long you...
(Thoha la noche)


[VERSE 2:]
Can't be accused
Of lovin' you
For your body
And not for your mind
But tonight your body's calling
And you got that little look in your eye
So baby unplug the telephone
Lets just pretend that there is no one home
I'll put some slow jams on
And we can make love all night long lady




[Chorus: Repeat until fade]

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Nu Flavor Sweet Sexy Thing Comments
  1. Jan Macadangdang

    90's music d best

  2. Daniel Guajardo

    The lead singer Rego Luna he has song with Mr. Siccness and Estilo aka Mr. Sancho it's call Gangster love feat Fingazz

  3. KingAg89 Lax

    Great song, roger troutman

  4. Let it burn forever

    My song for my it

  5. ChArLiE BeAtZ

    I remember many Junior High days listening to this on repeat. Also, the Spanish version...I'm almost 37, now. This was one of the best songs and still is...

  6. Tina Fatutoa

    Dammm this song still 🔥🔥🔥 So many memories

  7. amado rodriguez

    I remember seeing them for the first time around 1995 . Oliveira street

  8. sittie pacasum

    Took me months to find this song FINALLY 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍

  9. Robert Pitchardo

    I saw these boys along with Roger and Zapp way back in the early part of '97 down here at what we used to call the San Diego Sports Arena. Great show! Just a few weeks later, I hear Roger gets shot by his brother.

  10. Jack AIO

    Listening in 2018!!! This deserves more views.

  11. Marco Arturo Herrera Briseño

    Esta cancion me recuerda al programa al ritmo de la noche con Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo

  12. Tedjean Camahalan

    What's the name of that pretty girl

  13. Chef Vaughn

    made me live again...lols

  14. Dave Hernandez

    Latin Color Me Badd?

  15. Kool Burn

    remember this from middle school. memories

  16. Aracely Guerrero

    I was surprised that the leads singers high voice looked like that. LoL I was expecting like a tall skinny guy or something.

  17. dshizzle17

    lol this is bad, came here for roger but no dice.

  18. J Destination R

    I remember this jam takes me back in time ...

  19. RazGrizGabz

    they sound gay but i like it

  20. Rogelio Cuellar

    Roger Troutman the master.

  21. Jocelyn Ceniceros

    They're making a comeback, be on the lookout for them ❤️

    Jocelyn Ceniceros

    Aracely Guerrero follow them on Facebook for more info on shows and where they'll be 🤗

    T-B AKA True-Brownii

    ...Great stuff! I would love to know of their latest releases?

    Denver Wood

    Still waiting Jocelyn...

    Richard Cavazos Jr

    Jocelyn Ceniceros YES WE ARE!!!

    ive found the fountain of youth


  22. MrCheko2040

    chicano backstreetboys lol

  23. C Kennedy

    I met them in Sacramento

  24. Jocelyn Ceniceros

    Rick Cavazos, is that your real name? Why are you saying you were in the group? I'm Jacob's niece, and I know for a fact you were not in the group, unless you could have been apart of their background team? But you didn't perform with them. They only had 1 other person in the group but he didn't proceed. If you were apart of Nu Flavor in any way can you tell me who that other member was??

  25. darrell castillo

    mexican men with feminine voices. oddly good.

  26. Marry Ann Tangga

    because sweet fucking thing

  27. Rj Cinco

    Haha they look so mexixan

    Thinking Cap

    Robertjr Cinco you got a prob with mexicans

  28. Gamer Chika

    So fucking cheap Nd ghetto that at the beginning of the video he wipes off his sweat...where's the make up crew?

    Rick Cavazos

    +Myra Mami yeah, lol.....I was in the group!! No bullshit

    Gamer Chika

    @Rick Cavazos what group? nu flavor? 

    Amérique Indien indigène

    +Myra Mami
    Damn! Why did you put him on the spot (caught him lying!). Dead funny - in a sad way...

    Rick Cavazos

    @Mario Datzit not lying little boy, cute though

    Gamer Chika

    +Mario Datzit Sorry for the 3 yr late response.

  29. Alesana Lilo

    ahhh the memories,love the 90's

  30. joe carter

    Nice song!

  31. juhanmarkus aerep

    THIS SONG IS FOR EVER sweet and sexy  THiNG ____

  32. Ren Ren

    This song was released in late 90s.

    Jon Iadisernia

    Wat u mean lol this was like 1994


    Jon Iadisernia 1997

  33. Also Known As

    Never heard this song before.

    This shit is taking me BACK.  Makes me extremely nostalgic--the style, the way the video is shot, the fashion...ugh, I miss the 90's.

    Jessica Rego

    me to music today sucks

    B Rumph

    Also Known As
    That’s Zapp buddy. Definitely makes this feel different than the original version.

  34. Brooklyn finest

    Nice song first time hearing it

  35. Rick Cavazos

    This was the second single off of our self titled debut album... Good memories.... I like that cameo with my cuz former Selena y Los Dino's guitarist Chris Perez

    Rick Cavazos

    @Star Light well I actually do background vocals from time to time. Eddie, Jimmy, and Raul have done other separate ventures. There's been talk of a reunion, we're looking at summer 2018

    Eazy Sogy

    Rick Cavazos I hope u guys do

    Charri Boom

    Rick Cavazos I love you guys music

    Richard Cavazos Jr


    Ruby perez

    Please come back. I loved your voices.

  36. Edgar El chido

    Question Onda con estos gueyes, are they still around? Acabo de descubrir sus rolas y la neta no soy cholo, pero si ronantico y me llegan.


    I love this song !!

  38. VII

    1:44 the man! i was probably just a lil bit younger then that lil vato when this joint came 0:17 Roger Troutman (RIP) west coast originator 

  39. AMarie Sampson-Burgess

    I love this, thought I spotted

  40. lbcflave

    youngsters these days! 2:20 that's Roger Troutman homie. All the biggest G'z in the industry idolized & looked up to him. 2pac, snoop dogg, Dj Quik, Dr Dre, Too Short all looked up to Roger! T-Pain is a scrub compared to Rogers legacy. R.i.P Roger!

  41. lbcflave

    holla at ya boy

  42. Antonio Garcia

    Does anyone have the contact with nu flavor, Jacob Ceniceros (baritone), Anthony Dacosta (tenor), Rico Luna (alto), and Frank Pangelinan, Jr. (tenor/lead). If you do, message on the board. Thanks

  43. Raving Anaconda

    My Favorite! i keep on listening to this song...

  44. TheZygomaticus1


  45. sherwinbrivera

    The only song that can make my DICK hard..

    Evile Puna

    my new go to fuck music.

  46. Osmbk Prod.

    fuckin smooth,RIP Mr Troutman!!!

  47. Joe Cali

    ohh la la... yeah sing that shit roger troutman... rip baby , cali til the end

  48. Nelbert Tamashiro

    ooh la la sexy thing

  49. ExecutiveRecordsInc

    You Can Also find Rigo Luna here ,Facebook/LosEjecutivoz and ElEjecutivo there LosEjecutivoz . com

  50. ExecutiveRecordsInc

    You Find them now on Facebook/NuFlavor or Twitter/Nuflavor ! Find them ,Friend Them ,and lets bring the 90's back to Life ! Nuflavor 2020

  51. Nelbert Tamashiro

    oooh la la sexy thing!!!!!

  52. koby0014

    damn sexy facial hair.. :))

  53. chicanokiko

    RIP Roger Troutman.

  54. chicanokiko

    @xxalmond1joyxx I know what you mean, the 90's had some good music. I was born in '76 so the 90's were great for me.

  55. khan


  56. mane alzaga

    i already love this song since i was a kid.i have such a good taste in music :)))

  57. blake montenegro

    i cant believe were stuck with this stupid justin bieber music when there are so many cool music like this!

  58. khan

    @bigrich0926 haha. yea. she looks like 2pac

  59. cnltrs

    mood enhancing!!!!! sooooothing!!! lead singer sounds like a female, love it!!

  60. cnltrs

    mood enhancing!!!!! sooooothing!!!

  61. David Reyes

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Here we go hehe XD

  62. SiaosiTeHopa

    listen to the original song, then listen to this one (Roger Truman) its so much better with Roger.

  63. Jrez214

    @Mishie715 yupper!!!

  64. Pretty Ricky

    at 2:39 OMG was that 2PAC dressed up like a woman? creepy

  65. Ermelo Lasola

    want to download this song?? !!!

  66. 5th Element Entertainment

    @chakazulu87 it was a joke. wow

  67. MsYvetteCorbett

    They need to seriously come back out. I remember this song!

  68. Sophie Darling

    this song soo love iht lol they dont make music lyk this nemore

  69. 5th Element Entertainment

    2:20 90's version of T-Pain..

  70. Aiza Areola

    sweet sexy thing! awww!^^

  71. Romeo Lopez Jr.

    can't get this sound out of my mind....i've been humming this song w/o me knowing it......great song from the great '90's!!!!!

  72. Anthony Nop

    i love this!!!

  73. amorhombre

    @BIG303G oh wow! That is Selena's husband! I know Chris any where lol. Thanks for pointing that out I would have never noticed that.

  74. jabez623

    I love this song.It reminds you how music used to be.Plus artist back then knew how to dress.

  75. DJKhal21

    They don't make songs like this anymore unfortunately :(

  76. Lord Papi Darkwing

    this aint bad yano gotta admit, when was this released

  77. wantsababy2006

    this is the song i want my ex-boyfriend to get played for me if me and him get back together.


    5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Almond Joy

    Daaaamn, Nu Flavor was my new obsession when they came out, they have that lovely 90s vibe that I love so much, (sniffles) I miss the 90s music.

  80. Noi Phanyom

    Love this song so much never get tired of it.. wish i was young again....

  81. Mitch Haitian Boy .HAITIAN BOY


  82. Torrin Matagi

    This the original soul song back in the days...