Nu Flavor - Promise Lyrics

Through the storm and the rain
Through the joy and through the pain
I promise to love you, 'til the end of time
And I want you to promise, that you'll always be mine

Promise to love you, stay by your side
Place no one above you, you will always be mine
I'll never hurt you, I'll never lie
Promise to protect you, always stay by your side

Baby baby, can't you see
That from the first time I saw you, I'm in love
And now I've got to let you know how I feel
And now it's time to let you know that you are

More than I ever dreamed for
Someone that I can adore
You have me feeling feelings I've never felt before
So won't you give me a sign
To know that soon you'll be mine
I'll give you my heart, my soul, my love


Baby baby talk to me
Girl you gotta let me know how you feel
'Cause all of this love I have inside is for real
And now the time has come to let you know that

I make this promise to you
My heart will always be true
And I will give all my love and devotion to you
When all is sad and done
Two hearts are better than one
Deep in my heart I'm
Hoping that you're feeling it too


I promise I'll be there for you
I swear my love will always be true
I will stay right by your side
Forever till the end of time


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Nu Flavor Promise Comments
  1. Maribel Socarras

    Quiero saber qué pasó con ellos

  2. Maribel Socarras

    Las canciones de nuflavor son muy bonitas quiero que me manden su primer disco en español que yo lo tenia y lo perdí muy lindo❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Maribel Socarras

    A mí siempre me a gustado nuflavor no se porque no se nada de ellos y no se pillen casi💚💙❤💗😭

  4. Le Flaco

    bring back memories seen them concert miss music like this

  5. Christopher Valdes

    I love how you hear each of them solo this song is so good much love to Nu Flavor!!

  6. Candy Soto

    where is the video? i can see not this one.