Nu Flavor - Most Beautiful Girl Lyrics

Ooo girl I'd walk a hundred miles
To see your pretty face each time you smile
There is no distance for me, long as I can believe
I'll see you tonight
Simply no distance for me, girl you gotta believe
I need you tonight

I'll never forget, the first time I set
My eyes on you I thought I would die
You were my lovely day, took my breath away
Now I'm walking with my head to the sky

You are the most beautiful girl, I've ever seen in this world
You came in my life just in time
You are the most beautiful girl, I just gotta tell the world
She's all mine

I just can't find the words to say
This kind of feeling don't come every day
It feels like heaven to me, love has given me wings
Girl you light up my life
You feel like heaven to me, every day's like a dream
Having you by my side

I'll never forget, the first time I set
My eyes on you I thought I would cry
It was my lucky day, when you came my way
'N I'm still walking with my head to the Sky


Oh girl
The sun and the moon, the starrs in the skies
They don't shine as bright as the light in your eyes
And it brightens my day, when I realize
In just a few hours I'll be holding you tight


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Nu Flavor Most Beautiful Girl Comments
  1. Simone King

    If I ever get married I want to sing this to my newly married bridesmaids while being on one knee infront of our invited guesses. I want her to know she didn't just married her dream man but SOULMATE til death do us apart 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯..

  2. John Doe

    Also check out nu flavor- sweet sexy thing

  3. Jin C.

    2019 and still listening to this 💕

  4. Mon Mon

    so sweet

  5. Zero Tolerance

    woah, this is the song I sang to the girl I was courting back in the day.... now she's my wife. :)

  6. Mary Tiffany Laganson

    Brings back a lot of memories 😅

  7. Jannmr 31

    I never knew it was nu flavor not until i search his song the first time with the first line of the song..

  8. Gao Xiong

    i can fall asleep deep sleep with song. 😍😍😙😙

  9. Stephany Wong

    @kaye_cal brought me here :)

  10. Psyduck Issocute

    Remind me of someone i used to love but can't have her.Sigh....She is the most beautiful girl ever.Sigh..

  11. Ven Disele

    Tú eres mi dulce amor... De Corazón
    John & Joceli

  12. venomous45von

    Where's the original from the artist AB?

  13. Sarah Oh

    This used to be my sisters and I favvvve cd!!! Bomb throwback.. 😍

    Lynda Tran

    Back street boys

    Christopher Valdes

    Lynda Tran they are way more talented then BSB

  14. Toasavili

    never heard this one before, but it has to be the one of the most endearing songs Nu Flavor made. Beautiful lyrics with a sweet soothing harmony.. Thank you for sharing this 

    The Andre Cato

    Toasavili First song I heard by them

    The Andre Cato

    On repeat mode since day one.

  15. mejj 07

    I've finally found it!!!! <3

  16. Avery Willis

    awww my bf sent me the link to this song!

    Simone King

    Better hope he sing you this song on your wedding night instead LMFAO....

  17. CRISTINA Rico

    relax lang...<3

  18. Stark Banner man

    Awesome! You have to love nu flavor. Just all around great music

  19. Lue Vang

    i've finally found this songg! God damn it. lol

  20. Karelle Diabordo

    Sooooooo Highschool! :D Love it! :D

  21. Nischal Limbu

    You know that bad moment when your best friend (who's been a loser permanently) gets an incredible woman to fall in love with him in, like 3 weeks? Shit, that occurred. I understand I should think well done, having said that I want it to be me. He said he used the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to hide inside of a cave instantly...

  22. schoolboy_uce

    The first song me and my girl danced to. Timeless.

  23. SlendernansHyna

    The bae sent this to me, yeah boi. Git money.

  24. Jordanne Ford

    my bf sent me this song over text

  25. Jordanne Ford

    my bf sent me this song over text

  26. Lunaminati VIII

    High school memories lol

  27. Adrian Garcia

    This reminds me of my new beautiful friend Jay Love, thank you for bein such a great person. :)

  28. Christopher Valdes

    love this song I remember always singing this

  29. Jane

    <3 omg loveeee this song. Sweetness... :)

  30. baybeekina

    love love love

  31. coolcut11

    @Vincent3095 A cover is what you see on YouTube, common people singing a certain song and recording it, then upload them on YouTube. :)

  32. Vincent3095

    @coolcut11 Wait... what's the difference??

  33. coolcut11

    @Vincent3095 It's the original song. :)

  34. Vincent3095

    @coolcut11 Oh.... then what is it??

  35. coolcut11

    @Vincent3095 'Tis not a cover.

  36. Vincent3095

    Ha ha... i have searched for this song until i thought that it wasn't on the internet. Then... i but Nu Flavor in front of it and... *BING*... here it is. BTW, to all of you who posted "Most Beautiful Girl" and showed a pic. of your girl-friend... Women are like art... One person may think it is the most amazing or "Beautiful"... and in someone else's eye's, they look, well, less than pleasing. Thanks for the cover of this song!!