Nu Flavor - Heaven Lyrics

First time I saw you girl,
You turn me upside down
I can't stop thinking bout you
My head is spinning round
I got to find away to get with you somehow
Girl I'm so crazy for you
You know I want you now
And everyminute of every single day
I'm dreaming of how it could be
And everynight before I go to sleep
I'm praying that soon you'll be here with me

Heaven, heaven oh heaven can't you help

Heaven oh heaven can't you help me
I'm down on my knees please help me

Cant fall alseep tonight
I don't know what to do
I hold my pillow but I wanna be holding you
And when close my eyes I always see your face
I know my happiness is only kiss away
And every hour here in the dark
Every beat of my lonely heart
Tells me that I need to be with you
Heaven oh heaven what can I do

Heaven, heaven oh heaven can't you help me
I'm giving my love for eternity
Heaven oh heaven can't you help me
I'm down on my knees please help me


Girl I'd give anything if you were here with me
Give anything you want and anything you need
I never thought that I could feel the way I do
But now I wanna spend the rest of my life with you
And every day that we are apart
I'm shedding this love here in my heart
And everynight before I go to sleep
I'm praying that soon you'll be here with me

Heaven, heaven oh heaven cant you help me
I looked in her eyes now shes all I see
Heaven oh heaven cant you help me
I'm down on my knees please, heaven

Heaven....[repeat until fade]

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Nu Flavor Heaven Comments
  1. Jade Foreign

    There needs to be an unsung Hollywood about Nu Flavor though I swear like I wonder where they are now....

  2. Jade Foreign

    I was a little girl when this song came out.. I remember hoping this will be my wedding song 😂😩

  3. cha xiong

    Im 34 now. I still love this song. So much love reminiscing back in my teens ages through high school...woah i still got that feeling butterflies in me on it. #2019 baby! Im still here loving it. Time changes but my love still stay the same.

  4. Judy Ann Castillo

    I love this song It was my song to my husband when we first met the first time.

  5. Cheekie

    No life or relationship experience, yet I still felt the emotion during middle school.

  6. scracer24c

    I met a girl from New Castle Delaware many years ago at Va Beach on Vacation, This was our song. We were crazy for each other and were just too young and so far away. I met my wife a few years later when she transferred to my school. 3 Beautiful Children and almost 15 years later we are still going strong. I just got a random message today as the one from Delaware found me on social media. She’s divorced and single, Such a shame because she is still gorgeous and such a great girl.... Good Times!

  7. Shirley Saylor

    Such a beautiful song.

  8. Adam Gonzalez

    My mom dated Anthony !! Haha !!

  9. Larenzo Cizzle

    This was the only love song on the American me soundtrack 😂

  10. Larenzo Cizzle

    And they said cholos don’t have feelings 😂

    Julia Hill


  11. Mónika


  12. Orenziox

    Tri Peaks

  13. Shoop Da Whoop

    Nice song! Their voices don't match their looks. Sound like pretty boys, look like fried chicken..

  14. JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    I pictured white guys singing this song only now watching the video for the first time in 2019 🤣

  15. josh rodriguez

    Memories.when we were young and innocent.and in love

  16. Cod4 Wii

    I used to sing this and can also turn the lyrics into rap lol

  17. Stephanie Tepp

    Are they still alive?

  18. Alfredo Torres

    Made 3 babies to this song

  19. Jessica Rodriguez

    I've been searching for this song forever it just popped up on my Pandora and I had to search for it. This song came out when I was like 11 years old so glad I finally found it

  20. Fiera La Niña Fiera

    Still listening in 2018


    Boyz II Men + Tacos + Bad credit = Nu Flavor

  22. Ronald Johnson


  23. Kos Xyooj

    Classic love song
    When love still exist lol

  24. Veasna Thach

    This song bring me back in 90

  25. Lysandra Manuel

    2018 going into 2019! This is a song that I'll always love.

  26. billy

    omg we in 2018 going in 2019 ..i use to love this song and i mean love...

  27. Rafael Gallardo

    The big guy is from Guam. He looks Mexican, but is a native of Guam.

  28. Angela Copeland

    I was a teenager when this came out. I was in love with my best friend at the time. I used to play this song EVERY night and bawl my eyes out. Oh the good ol" days when your world was falling apart because your crush didn't feel the same. Now the world is actually falling apart.

  29. Loren lohrke

    Makes me think of Brandon lee

  30. Nathaniel San Gabriel

    when you try to increase the resolution but 240p is the highest....

  31. Relyn Shook

    Everytime I listen to this song I feel better

  32. Ce Ce

    Damn I feel old.. the nostalgia

  33. SHY GIRL

    Damn this song I won't never forget 💎💖💯 in still jamming this in 2018

  34. kailynx

    Beautiful song. I still remember how I'd often wait for the radio to play this song and recorded it on some cassette tapes. I had quite a collection of favorite songs recorded on audio cassettes, all from the radio. Then someone stole them together with my walkman. Those good old days.

  35. Mike Martinez

    Texas Shout out to my Cali Boy homie Jacob C.

  36. Jennifer Wong

    This song reminds me of my first boyfriend he was a great guy and this song takes me back to a happy and carefree time.

  37. August Winter

    This is a middle school nightmare

  38. Chrissy Girl

    I love this song

  39. Lowell Salitamos

    Klay thompson spotted


    They're not all Mexicans. The lead singer is Frank Pangelinan from Guam. He's Chamorro. Just cuz we're brown, doesn't make us all Mexicans. LOL.

  41. Second Account

    This was my mom's and dad married song lol

  42. Angelina Angels

    If you got to live through this music then you were lucky! These were the days and nothing will ever compare. Miss it but glad music like this can take me back even if for a few minutes ❤

  43. Jose Ray Morales

    This one too should hit #1 back in the 90s ... Y'all can make more music it 2017

  44. 민윤기보라해

    I love this song, my husband dedicated it to me when it first came out

  45. Abataly Valadez

    I believe nu flavor is making a collab with mc magic

  46. Elizabeth Morillo

    I really like this song and these are the only guys who could sing it the way they do.

  47. Saintsrockitall

    My kids were in High School when I first heard this song.  I just love it.

  48. Chimere Singleton


  49. William Montoya


  50. KingAg89 Lax

    Rigo lunas voice

  51. Alexis Liles

    When my dad passed this was my song for him

  52. newareafilms

    I'm Mexican and was shocked af in high school that they where. Why isn't music like this no more. Now it's all bs auto tune

  53. Judyann Castillo

    I decected this song the first year we started see each other and we stayed together for 14 yrs then he left me but I never forget my song to him,❤

  54. oscardls81

    never knew these peeps made the group


    damn heard this song for the first time last year and i love it

  56. RuMaN 425

    damn, looks like some gangstas singing

  57. Lizbeth Solano

    Esta canción me hace sentir vieja Lol it takes me back way... back #90s

  58. Analy Castaneda

    Pangie 😍

  59. Shelly Kucskar

    I was in high school when I heard this song. I think around my junior year. I graduated high school in 98

  60. Johnny vang

    copy this not the Mexican wright this song wtf


    class of 2001 😊🤓

  62. Jenelle Dela Cruz

    I love These Guys Nu flavor Heaven Decation To My Teacher The Original Mrs Gill

  63. ALANAH Flores

    that's my uncle. frank pagelne aka pangi love you

  64. Raydingo

    is he holding a fish

  65. NineDiamond | Music Producer

    Nu Flavor will be back 2017.

    Marcela Barnica



    What's there IG


    They all had their legs amputated due to Diabetes.

    Abram Acosta

    About that

  66. Pity Rain

    man this group was the shiet!!!

  67. Roxy Ximenez

    this menas so much my high sweetheart had this song for me he pass awy it's been 4 years I miss terrible 💕💙💟❤💙💖💞😟😟

  68. Roxy Ximenez

    this menas so much my high sweetheart had this song for me he pass awy it's been 4 years I miss terrible 💕💙💟❤💙💖💞😟😟

  69. Denise Pugh

    luv this song

  70. ShaunStrange

    Ahhh. The 90's. I sure miss them.

  71. Jessie Aguilar

    Reminds me of my forbidden ❤️

  72. Amanda Sarah

    mermaid/bird seems to be drowning

  73. Daisy Mendez

    Takes me way bk i love it

  74. Jason Velarde

    dumb ass comment cartel lmao

  75. Barbara Nelson

    thnak u for come on k lassic 407

  76. Chrissy Girl

    I love this song...

  77. Nostalgic Zone

    Man the lead singer has such a beautiful voice!

    Simone King

    Nostalgic Zone They all did......


    he sounds like bruno mars.

  78. Ini Telo


  79. Rico Jimenez

    Hispanics sang this shit la raza

    Dopey Vong

    Rico Jimenez you know the lead singer is Guam aka asian right bro? But it's all love

  80. RGF RGF

    i laughed so hard at 1:10 and 2:14

  81. Gerald Arguello

    dam way back!!!!!!!!!!

  82. IKNOK

    heaven for u if u mess with my hina ese

  83. Victoria Quinonez

    Luv this song

  84. SU Jaslin SE

    Love this song!

  85. Thomas Shelby

    3 More days for the 10 year Aniversary

  86. Poizen í

    Wowwwwww, throw back fr fr omg, the feelz

  87. jesse guzman

    takes me way back!! 210!! jeks

  88. cindy thao

    Still my favorite song growing up

  89. RGF RGF

    the voices dont match these guys i cant help but laugh

  90. B Yas

    Picture a bunch of thugs with blue rags and guns in their waste rolling in their imports thummping this song loud and proud. LOL 90s ;)

  91. Lon Tanner

    Damn this takes me back! Wow, I was in elementary school when this song was released. I couldn't believe it when I found out the fat dude was the one with the top voice of the 4. He's a great singer. They all are.

    Yo Rue

    Lon Tanner lol I was 7. I don’t know how over the years this song would pop up in my head every now and then. Classic


    I'm Asian and still love this group like awesome guy😂👍....

  93. Zent

    I miss the 90s...

    Mimi Austin-Soukkeo

    Zent oh i soo agree with you when music was awesome now all we hear is about bitches and hoes.


    hahahaha....yup bitches and hoes only nowadays...

    Danny C

    @Mimi Austin-Soukkeo exactly. People think they are hard nowadays. Even love songs, they gotta act all hard. It's stupid.


    Me too! If we were still in the 90’s my husband will still be alive

  94. Author Laura Decamara

    my favorite

  95. Melissa Gonzalez

    I absolutely love this song. I remember when they first came out I was a little girl maybe 15 to 20 years ago. I went to a mall to watch them sing and one of them grabbed my hand and sang this song to me 😀 I'll never forget it.

    Dom sugar

    u never forgot that moment 😉

    Marcela Barnica



    That's some R. Kelly shit. Lol

  96. Jennifer Hafer

    I was a kid when this song came out. It brings back a lot of memories, good and bad. I still love this song. I relate to it more now though.