Nu Flavor - From This Day Lyrics

From this day, I swear, my love will be good to you
Into your eyes, I vow, that I will take care of you
From now on, for life, I promise to see you through
Side by side, hand in hand, you know I am here for you

As I gaze upon my mind, thinkin' 'bout the times we had
When we were only just friends
Nothin' else has touched my life, the way your lovin' has
That's why I never have strayed from the thought

When I told you, I loved you
Those three words, would always be there from the start
And I promise, 'til the end of time
That all your love, forever will stay in my heart


You know I used to play around, never thought of settling down
But that was then, this is now
Baby now I realize, that love was always around
But I just couldn't see it somehow

When you told me, you loved me
I knew those words, were comin' straight from the heart
Now I promise, 'til the end of time
Nothin' in this world, willl ever keep us apart


Baby see, I'm in love with you
And the love in me's, got me wantin' you
Stay with me baby, all your life


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Nu Flavor From This Day Comments
  1. OpenBookMediaT.V.

    Good job Rico
    Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  2. Bầu Trời Xanh Official

    Who still listen to Nu flavor 2019..please reply..


    Meee lol

    Bầu Trời Xanh Official

    Welcome to our team

  3. Kaahwa Emma

    Nu flavour come back into music

  4. Egg Heads

    If you love this song I'm guessing you're 34-38 years old. Great times

  5. Fernanda Nobrega


  6. Bl Landin

    Best music to Cruz too and chill ...blaze up ...peace

  7. deejay5292

    Never gets old

  8. Chris Messenger

    I guess I'm old school.. but I never get tired of these guys.

  9. Mayra Garcia

    Love it!!!

    〖 nicole gamez 〗

    @mayra garcia mee tooo

  10. AlbanianABI

    its a shame that good Music is fading away and being replaced with garbage! this song has 1.122 views, Justin bieber 600,000,000 haha fucked up