Nu Flavor - 3 Little Words Lyrics

One look in your eyes
I knew we two would always be together
And there are, 3 little words that say it all
I love you

Never believed in love at first sight
But I believe what I'm feeling tonight
'Cause when I saw you across the room
I felt my heart going boom, boom, boom

I looked, I fell so hard
Girl I know you can tell that
I'm hooked, oh you, oh girl
You know I'm falling for you because

One look in your eyes
I knew we two would alwayz be together
And there are, 3 little words that say it all
I love you
Girl I realize
That I wanna be with you forever
So say those 3 little words I wanna hear
I love you

I was waitin' for a sign from you
Hoping you'd feel the same way, too
When you looked at me and smiled
My heart was goin' a thousand miles

I stopped, turned around, I tried
To keep my feet on the ground
As I stepped to you, we touched
I knew you were feelin' it too because


I know it's written all over my face
And girl you can believe it's true
'Cause time could never erase
These feelings I have for you


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Nu Flavor 3 Little Words Comments
  1. Alejandro Valluerca

    Dam when I saw you across the room I felt my heart go boom boom. Love is beautiful.

  2. Yung Frankco

    Bring this type of music bck ✊🏾🔥🔥

  3. Victor Lozano

    This was the song my wife and I danced to at our wedding🤵👰💑

  4. Bilbo Baggins

    Got my heart skipping a beat . Puppy love memories

  5. David Thao

    Jamming to my Hispanic brothers...

  6. Mezmerized4Life Jay

    Still my song in 2019 💯

  7. Guille Paredes


  8. Yaneth Sandoval


  9. patrick omony

    cool mus,keep yeah head!!!!!!

  10. Chelle Padriga

    I completely forgot about this song until someone played it. I used to listen to this all the time. Makes me think of when I met my fiancé <3

  11. Mezmerized4Life Jay

    Still listening in 2019 🔥

  12. kyle praseutsack

    Love this song still. Back in the day when puppy love was in full force.

  13. Jasmine Willett

    Omg.. I haven't heard this song in a long time. Classic! How I miss this type of music.

  14. Elizabeth Pikovsky

    Reminds me when I first saw you around the freezer department .. I will never forget when I heard you laughing with your buddy's is what caught my attention .. . I remember going twice around and I said OMG he's so adorable . So I found my way over there ..

  15. Dev Sha

    I lllllllooooovvvvve uuuuuuu!

  16. LadyAnne

    I LOVE YOU.💗💗💗💖💞💖💞💖....EVER AFTER .

  17. Aileen Frazier

    Haven't heard this song since I was a teenager. Brought a flood of memories back.

  18. Mezmerized4Life Jay

    Beautiful song #Classic

  19. kaitlynMB23

    Takes me right back

  20. Molina Family

    Still my favorite song in 2019❤️❤️🥰🥰

    Tony Saourn

    Same here

  21. Krystal Rodriguez

    Takes my ❤ back in time😍

  22. Maria Lopez

    They need more music like this now

  23. Rajesh Mosoti


  24. Lydia Narvaez


  25. Lydia Narvaez


  26. Kenny Lu

    So romantic.

  27. Shlumpty

    Hello, in 2019 :D

  28. LeftSightScarFace

    Best best classic song and lyrics 2019"

  29. Sir- Walker

    I heard this song in year 10 art class. That was in 2007 😲

  30. Crystal Irvin

    I need to play this at my wedding 😚👌👌

  31. Caroline Patito

    Great song. No songs like this these days. Touches my heart n soul n makes me feel love like the first time

  32. Hmoob Yaj

    Only Asians, Mexicans and Blacks bump the best songs

  33. Cod4 Wii

    hafa adai

  34. Kevinn Moya

    Joeg Paul

  35. Micaela Sanchez

    May 3, 2019 still remember all the words. It’s like it comes out so naturally. Yassss Nu Flavor! ❤️

    Cecilia Zboral

    Micaela Sanchez Same!! Lol

  36. Daron Williams


  37. Cynthia Carrillo


  38. Molly Chhoy

    2019 ❤️

  39. Phillip Upton

    I remember this group they were good
    I can imagine them doing a duet with soluna

  40. tauvak

    2019 🙋

  41. Ransford Ackah-Sanzah

    2019 ❤️🥰😍 March 11...
    Still a classic

  42. morbidnator

    Omg i love this song. New generation 3 little words for you Fuck You Guys... 😂😂😂 Fell in love with this song when David from 90210 play this song as DJ. RIP Luke Perry you will always be remember and miss.

  43. Becky Sov

    I want a man to say a word to promise me to in front of my faces than I would believe and show up for your loves when every time to listen the music say promise is mean doesn't no proof to a woman.

  44. Teada Lonnng


  45. TxMamaBear85

    Even though my ex said this was "our" song and sang this song to me several occasion and at his military ball in front of everyone,I still really love this song and will never be tired of it.We were together 7 yrs off and on since Jr high then we broke up.Im now with my new love of my life,we been together about 15yrs since highschool.We are highschool sweethearts and now have a little girl,and still going strong.

  46. *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten

    Definitely don't make good music these days glad to be a 80s baby

    Mark Mondia

    Same here I was born on 1981. Love this song, brings back good memories

  47. Victoria Va-tic


  48. Melissa Chartrand


  49. Chinda On

    I’m still listening to it and it’s 2019

  50. Brenda Gallegos

    ~Always and forever my king 9/27/15~ you will always be my one and only 143 forever i love you mi king!❤❤

    Brenda Gallegos

    @locote eazy I just seen ur comment and I will never delete it becuz that will always be our song and am sorry How things ended.... U will always be in my heart and for ever my true love.. perdona me por el daño que te ise.. Y perdona me por no ser la q buscabas...9/27/2015 forever


    Asian people love this song haha

  52. Jan T.

    Wow 1999 to 2018 and counting =)


    Hey nice song ! And one of my bestie's favourite.

  54. Anessa Gaitan

    My dad likes this

  55. Shelly Kucskar

    I love this song. Who is still listening to this song in 2018?

  56. Jasoby George

    There are three little words
    I love you

  57. Amanda Esparza

    When you are looking for an old song and you come across all these old ass good songs that you used to listen to before you had kids 😂

  58. David

    I guess I'm the only one who's listening to this in 2018..

  59. Luis Serrano

    Found this cd at the thrift store and I was curious to know what it sounded like lol here I am

  60. guess who

    Asian avenue days lmao

  61. littleluv33

    I was listening to this song first time i said I love you to my then bf now husband. Love you hunnie 17 years strong ❤❤❤

  62. Michael Pham

    Long Beach represent 2018. What's good.

  63. Abel Parras

    The wuv of my life made this our song back in 99 miss her r.i.p

  64. Estevan Lopez

    Boom! Boom!

  65. TonyFitKicks

    I wrote the second verse to a pen pal I meet in the Casino in the arcade still remember her name Rebekah.

  66. Ashley Hopkins

    Love you weda(ashley)

    Ashley Hopkins

    I love you too Jay!!

  67. Ashley Hopkins

    Takes me back to wen i first heard this about the time hustle town first popped up

  68. skank209

    2018! Still jammin 👍🏼

  69. porbunk pig

    2018 anybody?

  70. Angel Vigil

    My Julian Roybal I love you always and forever baby 💞😘

  71. Roberta Duarte

    So many memories! This song takes me back.

  72. towmaster86 Martinez

    Fuck love

  73. Cecilia Valdez-Cantu

    I love you ojitos👀🙈💙

  74. Marisha Augustus

    2018 and still my favorite love song...I miss music like this

  75. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Man this takes me back when Love wasn’t such a game but a feeling you fought for and when you let it unfold it was mainly good feelings shared between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend .

  76. Kevin her

    This was a song that was mainly in the Mexican and Asian community 😂

    ShaQuita Matthews

    I'm not either and I always loved this song.

    LeAndra Dozier

    In Wichita, blacks were bumping this too. Along with the other two groups mentioned.

    Phillip Upton

    Right love knows no boundaries
    I remember watching this on the box back in the day👍

    Roy Johnson

    You must be from the planet dummmy

  77. Stepherz CUHZ

    middle school memories lol still slappn

  78. kayezie Domingo

    I subscribed

  79. Tony Tran

    It's 2018 and I'm still jamming to this...

  80. Dopa Doza TrulyTuTru

    thiz iz tha Jam!

  81. ronia0225

    They don't make music like this anymore.......very sad ☹️ such a beautiful song 😎

  82. Momo Lim

    Listening all by my lonesome on this Valentine’s Day 2018. If you see this, you are amazing and i wish you an amazing year 😊😘

  83. nakivumbi julie

    it keeps me going ........

  84. MARK G

    ther always the one saying words cant beat love heart turn case pro step on ahead going broke chick

  85. Mr. Flores

    When you used to have the song on your top 10 sex music lol!!

  86. firmegijoe

    Music when down the toilet when groups went a way. SMH!

  87. Sean Walcot

    I've been loving this song ages but didn't know the name of the artist😝😝😝😝I just keep on falling in love every now and then. it feels like it's for yesterday

  88. Sean Walcot

    I've been loving this song ages but didn't know the name of the artist😝😝😝😝I just keep on falling in love every now and then. it feels like it's for yesterday

  89. Bryanna J

    Whoever hates this song is stupid