Notorious B.I.G. - Somebody's Gotta Die Lyrics

I'm sitting in the crib dreaming about Lear jets and coupes
The way Salt shoops and how they sell records like Snoop
I'm interrupted by a doorbell
3:52, who the hell
Is this?
I gets up quick
Cocks my shit
Stop the dogs from barking
Then proceed to walking
It's a face that I seen before
My nigga Sing, we used to sling on the 16th floor
Check it
I look deeper
I see blood up on his sneakers
And his fist gripped a chrome four-fifth
So I dip
Nigga, is you creeping or speaking?
He tells me C-Rock just got hit up at the Beacon
I opens up the door, pitiful
Is he in critical?
Retaliation for this one won't be minimal
'Cause I'm a criminal
Way before the rap shit
Bust the gat shit
Puff won't even know what happened,
If it's done smoothly
Silencers on the Uzi
Stash in the hooptie
My alibi, any cutie
With a booty that done fuck Big Pop
Head spinning, reminiscing 'bout my man C-Rock

Somebody gotta die
If I go, you got to go
Somebody got to die
Let the gunshots blow
Somebody got to die
Nobody got to know
That I killed yo' ass in the mist, bitch
Somebody got to die
If I go, you got to go
Somebody gotta die
Let the gunshots blow
Somebody got to die
Nobody got to know
That I killed yo' ass in the mist, bitch

Filling clips he explained our situation
Precisely, so we know exactly what we facing
Some kid named Jason
In a Honda station wagon
Was bragging
About how much loot and crack he stacking
Rock had a grip so they formed up a clique
Small crew
'Round the time I was locked up with you
True indeed
But yo nigga let me proceed
Don't fill them clips too high
Give them bullets room to breathe
Damn where was I?
Went outta town, blew the fuck up
D-Roc went home
And Jay got stuck the fuck up
Hit him twice
caught him right for the Persian white
Pistol whipped his kids
And taped up his wife
(niggas is trife)
He figured Rock, set em up, no question
Wet em up no less
Than 50 shots in his direction
How many shots?
Man nigga, I seen mad holes
What kinda gats?
Hecklers, Kochs, and Calicos
But fuck that
I know where all them niggas rest at
In the building hustling
And they don't be strapped
Supreme in black
Is downstairs, the engine running
Find a bag to put the guns in
And c'mon if you're coming

Somebody gotta die
If I go, you got to go
Somebody got to die
Let the gunshots blow
Somebody got to die
Nobody got to know
That I killed yo' ass in the mist, bitch
Somebody got to die
If I go, you got to go
Somebody gotta die
Let the gunshots blow
Somebody got to die
Nobody got to know
That I killed yo' ass in the mist, bitch

Exchanged hugs and pounds before the throw down
How it's gon' go down
Lay these niggas low-down
Slow down
Fuck all that planning shit
Run up in they cribs
And make them cats abandon ship
See niggas like you do ten-year bids
Miss the nigga they want
And murder innocent kids
Not I
One nigga's in my eye
That's Jason
Ain't no slugs gonna be wasted
Revenge I'm tasting at the tip of my lips
I can't wait to fill my clip in his hips
Pass the chocolate
Sing ain't lie
There's Jason with his back to me
Talking to his faculty
I start to get a funny feeling
Put the mask on in case his niggas start squealing
Scream his name out
("Ay yo, playboy!")
Squeezed six nothing shorter
Nigga turned around holding his daughter

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Notorious B.I.G. Somebody's Gotta Die Comments
  1. Amine Amine

    Biggie the best

  2. voodoo Zombie

    Man we kept Life After Death in the cd player the whole Graduation week at Myrtle Beach..that's all you heard on the strip! I miss those days of was bumpn B.I.G, Pac, Bone, DMX, Master P, Outkast, Big ever hip hop era..FACTS that was the hottest music between 96-00...shame we lost B.I.G and they had alot more to do....greed and hatred took those legendary men from us. I'm glad we havent had anymore East vs West crap since. No matter where you from..we all the same and theres enough here for everybody.

  3. Jimmy

    Shotgun shit !!

  4. Joseph Ringling

    The G.O.A T.

  5. Wayne Tech

    I study the album so did biggie set up 2pac? The snoop reference add up swell

  6. Latisha Simmons

    B.I.G. the master of subliminal raps 👑

  7. G-unit

    Very underrated, the art of of it incredible.

  8. Robert Jones


    Mr. Nunuisance

    Nope pac was not better.

    Mr. Nunuisance

    @Robert Jones and so is yours.

    Mr. Nunuisance

    @Robert Jones Pretty I already said that already.

    John Spinelli

    No way is 2 pac a better rapper, more influential? Yes, but not a better rapper. Honestly BIG was so good most of life after death are freestyles no pen and pad

    Robert Jones

    @John Spinelli Nah He didn't have the Work Ethic that 2pac Had My Opinion Pac was better it doesn't matter if his Album was mostly Freestyling PAC Wrote All Eyes On Me in Two Weeks Right after He Got Home from Prison He Did Like Four Songs The first Day out Fresh Out of Prison To Me Pac was The MJ OF HIP HOP IN THAT ERA BIGGIE I got Much Respect for but he wasn't on 2pac Level PAC was Way ahead of His Time

  9. Shevon Marks

    Bigg be like close your eyes i take you there

  10. Cylus

    This album is fire but it feels creepy like P.Diddy scripted his death after seeing how suge knight benifited from 2pac death. I wasn't there and i can't speak on it, but watching the footage and gene deal account's shit don't add up.

  11. christopher ekeh

    i cant compare an actor to a real rapper. BIGGIE is just too big to compared him with Tupac

  12. Tony Rey

    Yo. He said "exchange hugs n pounds before the throw down" that's so vivid.

  13. Udobor Kelly

    The greatest of all time. Biggie smalls

  14. Marie carmel Beauvoir

    I'm so sad that big n PAC are gone..they were like Jesus to me..

  15. Hacking on Roblox

    All the thumbs down are Tupac fans

  16. New World Jay peep the remix, you wont be dissapointed

  17. The Zoldik


  18. King Sports

    This song was to killer Ben bitchass rip who rob biggie n faith at a restaurant n he rob one of biggie boys so fort Greene n Brownsville was beefin

  19. martin jellie

    god this is good

  20. Neaop.

    Look at this story-telling bro , I can imagine all of the lyrics in my mind , this just amazing

  21. kdoc_music 39

  22. Mark lightfoot

    i am the nigga that they want that murder innocent kids the best part



  24. the one who woke up

    When I first heard this track with the plot twist ending I was like oh shit that's fucked up cuz situation like that actually happens.

  25. steve makuchete

    2020 they dont tell rap stories like this no more! the ending just gives you the creeps Jason was shot holding his daughter and the way Biggie just goes quiet gives you that feeling of suspense

  26. King JA

    Biggie was a monster 💯🐐🔥

  27. Cray Cray

    Can't hate that shit was 1000. Even on the west no doubt.

  28. cant stop

    Today's song inspirational song

  29. Make Man ツ

    Amazing song guys! 🔥❤ 2020.01.13

  30. Gregorio Pena

    Stop mentioning Tupac on this niggas music wtf???.. y'all sound stupid, STOP go watch pac FUCK... He was a wanksta, a follower and he got GOT for being around real niggas... Biggie was a real nigga pac was more of a farakhan type nigga who wasn't ready for heat, y'all dumb yo

    Samuel Laidlow

    Real talk. He was one jealous mudafuka.

  31. Lolo Carson

    Why the good ones have to go?

  32. backdoorq

    2020 still flowing

  33. Superman Lover

    Yeah this Is a Golden expirience

  34. Gukuthegreat

    Good Song!!!!!!!!

  35. fredricful emilsen

    Du en vulkan er det ny eller gammel stein etter vilket øye man ser fra eller?

  36. Anthony Segree

    Still listening in 2020🔥

  37. Bahtuhan Kilic

    Redtube xvideos corn special how I show hand measure is life

  38. Jusce Lee Júnio

    I'm dreaming about jets and coups Trying to sell albums with snoop

  39. donkey face jordan

    I'm here 2020

  40. James Daniel

    2020 baby

  41. BluntBlowin187 YT

    2020 strong

  42. jeremy king

    23yrs later album still dope as hell frfr 35 now big i was 12 when you dropped this man rest easy long the king of hip hop 💯💯💯💯🤙🏿🤙🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  43. empty windex bottle

    “I can’t wait to fill my clip In his hip” that is fucking dope

  44. marcus Newman

    Who listening to this while smoking 2019?

    Bekir Sadık Altunkaya

    marcus Newman quit smoking but’ll never quit listening to this

    marcus Newman

    Bekir Sadık Altunkaya got ptsd

    Bekir Sadık Altunkaya

    @marcus Newman i quitted it man i cant disrespect any veteran and dictate over their choices

  45. Joseph Carrier

    Love this song

  46. Joseph Carrier

    The realist shit that was ever wrote RIP, biggy

    John Spinelli

    True, funny thing is he never even wrote it, straight of the head!!

  47. Xaniyah Morris


  48. Tiffine Torrez

    Peep this Barnum B freestyle

  49. Κίτσος Πρόεδρος Μεσοχωρίου

    Biggie smalls above all em

  50. Leonardo. Luz.

    bring this baby back boss adobe...(>>>):)(:);;

  51. Purple Goldie

    This track and Only Fear Of Death by 2Pac has such a similar vibe.

  52. Tiffine Torrez

    If I knew who got big I'm sorry but somebody gotta die because I reminice bout big like he did Crock

  53. Derek Smith

    Sing aint lie, Theres Jason with his back to me, talking to his faculty.

  54. MR SAW MR3B

    he is fat bcoz he eat alot of enemies in beef shit

  55. Matt Chisholm

    This is my shit...

  56. Robert Jaschik

    By far the best

  57. Achraf Ismaili-Alaoui

    2020 and still so deep

  58. Famous Bowen

    Biggie lyrically was unspeakable

  59. ERICK 11220

    First drill rapper ever 😈🔥

  60. Alex Loby

    This song is so cool i listen every day 2019 !!!!!!

  61. Jason Baxter

    "IF I GO U GUN A GO!"

  62. andrew justin

    Sheek loch bit this when he made 354

  63. Jennifer Duque

    Greatest rapper ever, u believe him!

  64. Brent Sonny

    No one can tell a story like B.I.G.

  65. • GetDrxpped-uH0E •

    ........And then there were two people called Diddy and Suge who took Pac and Biggie for granted..... 🤦🏽‍♂️🙏🏼

  66. Brandon Derouen

    who still bumping in 2019

  67. Manik Travelling

    This beat is crazy .. making me crazy 😐

  68. lovell brooks

    Stupendous production and lyricism

  69. TheRoc112

    Lyricologist to the max

  70. Jason Baxter


  71. Jason Baxter


  72. Demetrius Johnson

    The greatest hip hop album ever composed

  73. athanaisdc

    Also I love the album cover -- Biggie dressed goth giving that look -- yummmm.

  74. athanaisdc

    His mind.. no matter how educated you are Biggie knows more <3

  75. Dont Talk To Me

    My brain is tricking me because i could smell the album cover while this is playing.

  76. Jason Baxter


  77. Jason Baxter


  78. Ghost Bey

    Low key 🤷🏾‍♂️

  79. Kent Mattox

    R.I.P 2019 stills go hard??

  80. DaMarcoMuzik

    Is that Puffy acting out the scene in the background?! Lol he did the whole scene of the verse in the background if u listen

    TheReal Ant

    Diddys a clown😂😂😂😂

  81. DaMarcoMuzik

    This whole album is creepy cuz the theme of it became reality

  82. Gordy Henderson

    His story lines were MOVIES...Greatest story teller in rap history.

  83. CrookitLetta

    When music paints a picture in your head, that's the 4th dimension. Biggie spits in 4D. #GOAT

  84. Nj Sebele

    "Filling clips, he explained our situation.
    Precisely, so we know exactly what we facin'.
    Some kid named Jason,
    in a Honda Station-
    was braggin'
    about how much loot & crack
    he stackin'"...this is flow from 3 sentences. The line breaks are in tandem with his flo 🔥

  85. Rza5675

    Best storyteller hands down.

  86. Yellow King

    fuck a grammy, he needed a oscar for this

  87. Mr Vvs

    Painted this picture like Picasso... He told that story so good I felt like i was there...💯

  88. Nathan Jarboe

    You think this actually happened?

    -That piece at the very end fucked up the whole song.

  89. Jason Baxter


  90. Jason Baxter


  91. alwaccka

    Take that!Take that!Take that!

  92. Francis M.H. White

    Retaliation for this one won't be minimal 'Cause I'm a criminal way before the rap sh*t bust the gat sh*t Puff won't even know what happened, If it's done smoothly Silencers on the Uzi, stash in the hooptie, My alibi, any cutie with a booty that don't f*cked Big Pop Head spinnin', reminiscin bout my man C-Rock🙏

  93. Joe Neri

    He tip toed in the studio

  94. Imrich 768

    Christopher forever in our hearts legends never die ! bumpin this in 2019 and will forever rest in peace