Norful, Smokie - Psalm 64 Lyrics

Hear my voice oh God
In my prayer
Preserve my life
From fear of the enemy

Hide me from the secret counsel
Of the wicked
From the insurrection
Of the workers of iniquity

[Chorus x2]

Hear my cry oh God
Oh god, oh God, oh God
And please attend unto my prayers
Hear our prayer Oh Lord

We can't make it without you
We need you now


Now unto him who is able
To keep me from falling

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Norful, Smokie Psalm 64 Comments
  1. Barbara Kimble-Parham

    Beautiful prayer from Psalms.  Wonderful music by Mr. Norful. Thank so much to LeapOFaithVI for posting this.  The photos of the soldiers reminds me of how brave our service people are and of the debt that we owe to them.  Thank you, Lord, for watching over them.

  2. Marilee Alm

    Daily Prayer for December 20

    Freedom From Fear

    Father, You have not given me the spirit of fear. I submit to You and resist the temptation to fear terrorists, biochemical warfare, wars and rumors of war. I resist anxiety, and it is far from me. I refuse to impair my immune system through disobedience and resist the temptation to fear, which is a sin. When I am tempted to be afraid and troubled, I will delight myself in You, and receive from Your bountiful supply a spirit of power (the Holy Spirit) and love (Father-God’s nature) and a sound mind (the Word of God). This is the victory that overcomes the world, even my faith, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    2 Timothy 1:7; Philippians 4:6-7

    The daily prayer may also be viewed at

  3. Audrey Rozier

    Give God ALL the GloryPRAISE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRAISE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Deanna Edwards

    Unto Him, who is able to keep me from falling... Amen.

  5. Deanna Edwards

    God has brought me out of many dark places, making me a better person to myself and others.

  6. Debbie Smile


  7. Regina Boliere

    Thank you Lord

  8. JDrummond29

    This song/psalm just ministers to me

  9. grlglendabad

    Thank tiki so much for posting this. We're praying for my sister right now for healing and I needed this more than you could imagine. Good bless you

  10. Ebony Merrick

    I love this prayer! God please help your people in these day!

  11. Chelle D.

    I love you dearest Lord! I needed this song today!

  12. Nashawn Williams

    Every time i hear this song it brings tears to my eyes. just so simple and sweet and that's all God wants from us is to come to him humble and say what u feel, dosnt always have to be long and drawn out.

  13. THEserVant007

    "Ha lle lu jah..."

  14. MsSaunders7

    Thankyou for Posting this.

  15. MsSaunders7


  16. Theresa Jordan

    I LOVE IT!

  17. misslolita241

    Beautiful! I love my God!

  18. otis ellis

    Yes Lord

  19. Nyree Harris

    I love this............He has a special anointing. A true worshiper.

  20. Stephanie Joseph

    This is one of my favorite songs. hmmm its the anthem of my life

  21. 1yesayah

    Yes, He is......

  22. Brittnie Mason

    My God my God this song

  23. Jake Rockafella

    Praise God, Praise God, Praise God

  24. Loren

    my FAVORITE scripture:)

  25. Salty Farm Dawg

    Thank You for this... It's heart felt... I just stepped out on faith and I needed this!

  26. Juan Carlos Aleph

    Thanks for encouraging people with that music, God keeps blessing you.

  27. glittergirl328

    Thank you Jesus for keeping me keeping his hands on me in Jesus name Amen.

  28. Darlyshia Menzie

    He taps into the very presence of God with this one!! Love it so much (:

  29. Angelique Gonzalez

    This song sends chills up my spine everytime I listen to it. Thank you for posting this!

  30. BeeRavie


  31. Andy Strom

    Hallelujah protect me from the enemy. Lord use this ministry to draw people to you. Have mercy on us and save us from the workers of iniquity

  32. Andy Strom

    Bless the Lord oh my soul

  33. Christie Barlow

    @KnowMyWorth YES HE IS!!

  34. anthonisha jerome

    this song has my heart

  35. O Adams

    awesome awesome awesome praise God. Halleluyah for Smokie and may God continue bless and protect him and use him for His glory.

  36. O Adams

    awesome awesome awesom praise God

  37. DIPraises

    - I Love This Sonq Much.. It Has so Much Power && Anointinq. -

  38. Early Brigham

    Amen, Amen!

  39. NeshelleMyBelle

    Preserve my LIFE O LORD...

  40. Jasmine Michelle

    I love this song SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Thanks for posting!

  41. ladyliz42

    This song is so full of power and God's anointing!

  42. Cher

    i love this song..... Thank you God for continually hearing & answering my prayers!!!

  43. bunchy doopers

    bless God

  44. 73ladyday

    I dedicate this to those who have individuals hating on them, wanting to see you suffer, want you to join them in their misery, who are they to judge and condemn? remember who has the Power! Psalms 64, Amen. be Blessed!

  45. pricelesschick151

    This is my song!!! My pastor started praying after he made an appeal and I fell in love with it!

  46. Shoniap1

    My sister is in Iraq and I prayer this prayer for her all the time. Hear my prayer oh God!

  47. L_M_Brown

    I had been looking for this for such a long time! Oh how I've missed this song! Such a blessing that you've added it. God bless.

  48. yhoff76

    Aww man...I want this song played at my funeral! This song speaks to something eternal within me, I can't explain it but this is my plea to a God that never has forsaken me..throughout my struggles. I am humbled to hear someone else sing my very prayer. "Hear our prayer oh Lord". --ynh