Noreaga - Da Tunnel (Skit) Lyrics

[A.J. Skeeter:] A.J. Skeeter here, reporting live for N.O.R.E. International Entertainment. We are presently standing outside the club, where Thugged Out Entertainment is trying to get in. Let's get in closer to get the details of this groundbreaking story
I already told you, I don't have any other names on this list
[Thugs:] We don't pay for parties
[Bouncer:] Ayo dogs, the only way you'll get in this club is if you step to the left. One line to the left
[Thugs:] Nah son
[Bouncer:] There's no way you're getting in the club with all this ruckus baby. I know y'all Thugged Out Entertainment, but there's no way it's happening. Chill baby, chill. It ain't like that but you can't get in right now
[Thugs:] We from the hood son. I don't care I got 30 niggas with me

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