Noreaga - Blood Money, Pt. 3 Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
Yo, New York get the blood money
Drty cash, smoke hydro green
Sill mix it wit hash
To all the weed spots
Niggaz know I'm known to cop
All the good shit, smell me nigga
I'm on some hood shit

Back to the essence when I first rhymed
L.A., L.A.
When y'all niggaz first heard me
I was starving on the train just selling my caine
Fast forward to '99, it's still the same
But now I got a car keep my rims up to par
Only stay in hotels that be five-star
Queens, Akineyle, Mobb Deep, and Escobar
Lost Boyz, Run-D.M.C., 'Pone and me
No disrespect but Queens got this shit locked D
Yo New York get the Bloody Money, kid watch me
You know my tempo, I can do it fast or slow
Eat some bubble-gum weed and yell, GERONIMO
All my analog thugs and my digital thugs
All my people that be rowdy wit weed in the clubs
For my knives and four fifths, Bloods and Crips
For my people who smoke Phillies, and knows it splits
And to the niggaz on the block that rock my shit
To the crackhead, waking up the cops and shit
For all the liquor stores, that ain't no good
To all the stocked ones everywhere that be in the hood
For all my people on welfare, don't even care
For all them people gettin money, livin in Bel-Air

[Chorus x2]

Time zone, got blown ?madi gon?
My niggaz get high and still fall in the zone
Bitches, callin me up and hanging up
I ain't a playa, so why y'all hoes playin games?
I'm a hustla, and I even hustle the same
I got hoes fooled thinkin' I love em
when I don't love em
And once I get the ass yo you know I'ma thug 'em
Tell 'em lies, hit 'em in they head
Hit 'em wit bread
I'm a millionaire bitch
I could trick a ???????
Of you lookin foul and you
Fuckin wit me, N.O.R.E. thuggish nigga out here B
Bloody Money once again, yo this one Part Three
Classical song, certified, Desert Storm
For my niggaz always there when I perform
And scream - What What, when I scream - What What
Straight wildin, in Superthug and they all be stuck
Have y'all niggaz ready to fight, hoes ready to fuck

[Chorus x4]

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Noreaga Blood Money, Pt. 3 Comments
  1. Rob Davis

    Best version!!

  2. Lucky shotta Jamaica

    Here at #2020

  3. kellegeez

    This dat shit till this day nigga!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Shit this bring back so much memories, my favorite Time in hiphop

  5. Relle Xtra

    Nore's lyrics are the epitome of K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

  6. Strongarm Rebel


  7. Victor Cruz

    Fuck outta her give this shit right here it’s respect fucking head of his time NORE cabron Madicon 🤣🤣🤣🤣WHAT WHAT

  8. Parker Edison


  9. J Cella

    My Nigga N.O. 🏴⚜️🏴

  10. Ziyaad Zaman

    This needs to be on Apple Music

  11. Jay Dump

    this classic will never forgotten still here in 2020👍⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ NYC

  12. Paraskebin Konstantopoulos

    More violent👌💯🔥🔥

  13. Cheeco Ms13

    LA. blood in blood out

  14. Flight wright49

    2019 still banging this.

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    Reminds me of blazing on the turnpike from New Brunswick to NYC

    Willie Johnson

    Christopher Williams Bruns

  16. zonk219

    what happend to them ?

  17. Pedro Gonzalez


  18. Hoosen ibne Ali

    That beat is glockenspieled out

  19. Chris Quiles

    He’s complexion the same as the projects behind him 🙏🏼🔥✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾brown black power✊🏾💚❤️💙

  20. Chris Helfer

    Timeless hip hop!

  21. Gary Ching chong

    How badass is this drop. The picture had me tripping. Planes, everything else is moving just enough to make you think its you

  22. Paraskebin Konstantopoulos

    Aye let's get this bloody money..salute Pone..n Nore..real recognize real..GR. repping 🙌🤘👌🙌 #LefrakQueensbridgestandup

  23. Jay Miff

    Love this grew up to this... dam miss those days shit was real now its all watered down big up Nore

  24. K¡nR!CK 24


  25. DRMegaone

    “Ain’t a playah so why y’all hoes playin’ games, but I’m a hustla” That he is.👍🏽

  26. Brooks Fleming

    Gives me chills. And I'm from Carolina. 😂

  27. Jay

    L.A all day baby! We fucc wit NORE heavy!!

    Pedro Gonzalez

    Respect fam!

  28. Yilmer Hernandez

    Going outside? Yo people being people as they are, can't even speak there own languages, that's why there's always contrary stuff. And for what? People of course are the ones who stay with out answers. So here's a message" pay attention"!!!!!👍🤔👌✌️🙃🙁👎👃👂💪🤙

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    Immortal technique or vinnie paz or diabolic or r.a. the rugged man or army of the pharos and jedi mind tricks are harder than this bu//$hit.

    J C

    Vinnie Paz sucked dick for a decade. He used to be agt.

    J C

    He's little more than a toothless "tough guy".
    A Muslim gimmick who married an Italian Jersey Shore looking chick.
    I bet his fat ass eats slabs of pig meat.

  30. LoyaltyofGod

    Wtf is up with those planes in the background?🤔🤔🤔


    9/11 conspiracys

    Joshua Cheatham

    That's a message to somebody who like that song

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    This song should have hundreds millions of views

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    Did anybody notice the plane flying in the background

    SMB- Iso4fame


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    And yell Geronimooooooo!!!!! Yea Nore!! 💯

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    2019 in Texas...

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    I'm bangin this driving around Hartford. People on the streets are bopping they heads. They know that 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 #2019

    aermax 7321



    I was bumping this round Birmingham. niggas was like WTF. lol

    Paraskebin Konstantopoulos

    Rite thou👊👊👊💯🙌

  36. Ronald Coe

    I'm a millionaire b**** I will trick instead

  37. Robert Hernandez

    You take foodstamps?

    Adrenochrome/ C9H9NO3

    🤣😂My niga Nore, and NO SWINE we ain't eatn that✊🏽✊🏽

  38. LOVELY Channel

    A lot of u wasn’t coming outside when this dropped 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Tone Moonie

    But they heard it blasting out the Clue mixtapes on the Panasonic deck


    A lot of them was on punishment 😂

  39. Mark

    the COLDEST!!.............................still a banger!! 6/2019

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    2019! Stl bangn! #Klassik #WhenHip-HopWasHip-Hop #Mumble/Sucka-Free

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    This reminds me of my Projects

    You Tube

    Tell me the details bro this shit hits my soul for some reason

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    This is such an amazing song

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    Carlos Sorrentino I thought so

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    Its Can You Understand by Renaissance

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    This is a Classic 🔥🔥 Good Era in Music

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    K¡nR!CK 24

    that's the 9/11 plane bout to cause that #BLOODMONEY chaos .... IT WAS PLANNED DEMOLITION #MOSAAD

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    Two different ✈️ on coming the other way

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    2000. killah priest what part of the game. cypress hill skull and bones album. this and thunn and I wanna fuck u. The best in music. I wish I had a ducking time machine and reserve back to when music was passionate and genuine and message driven.

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    All the Good shit You smell me nigga on some hood shit!! Real Hip-Hop not the mumble shit

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    Only 12 comments woooooooooow

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    New York

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    What what

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