N.O.R.E. - The Problem (Lawwwddd) Lyrics

[Hook: Pharrell]
The moment when you see that nigga face again
Replay it in your mind then your breathing change
He’s reaching in his jacket, he gone make it rain
The bystanders screaming lawwwdd
The DJ screaming lawwwdd
The AK screaming lawwwdd
That’s the nigga mama hard
Her baby stretched out on the boulevard

[Verse 1: N.O.R.E.]
Niggas tryying to shit on me and make history
Supposedly I help chicks, help them with groceries
Supposedly I still break, gripping my rosary
Still shoot ya block up then make you notice me
(Lawwwdd) Bullets flyin in the air much
Fuckin gheard the guy hurt, I don’t even care much
(Lawwwdd) And I’m still smoking bogomill
Still have the street meeting, stop one broker deals
You my nigga nigga fuck how nigga Oprah feels
Papi, I pop guns, they don’t pop me
Known shooting niggas, but nah, they never shot me
Hang hang good bell gang, don’t make us pop three

[Hook: Pharrell]

[Verse 2: N.O.R.E.]
Yeah, I hear you talking what year, nigga whatever nigga
You did time, me too nigga, whatever nigga
Pussy plus dick could only equal to fuck
NORE + Pharrell could only equal to what what what what
From blood money to love money and thug money
Nino what up? Fucking the oldest G’s money
I’ve shot niggas in they motherfucking peep holes
Winter time, shot niggas in they ski clothes
(Lawwwdd) still I stay focused still
Catch cases, got cases is open still
(Lawwwdd) slime fall or slime out
Good bell gang hang hang, nigga ride out

[Hook: Pharrell]

[Verse 3: N.O.R.E.]
Neptune, cocker spaniel, underground, [?]
My dick, two can handle two chicks, tu Cumpleanos
Italian shit, The Soprano, I attack like a rebel
I attack, I attack, counteract, cardiac
Shootin at yo Pontiac, wherever were your army at
(Lawwwdd) Mascato with the peach mix
(Lawwwdd) I'm just rollin with some freak chicks
(Lawwwdd) here the drinks come spiked, prefixed

[Hook: Pharrell]

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