N.O.R.E. - Still Getting It Lyrics

"Off the rip" video shoot
Niggas drank a whole bottle of Tiger balm
Then went to Sushi Momo
Ass shots of patron, that shit is called "death"
Swear to God, I died for like 30 seconds
Rest in peace my nigga Chinx (hold you down)

Haha, you see we still getting money, who?
You see we still getting money, uh oh?
You see we still getting money, huh?

Money on my mind, all I want is bread
Niggas wearing wires, can't trust the FEDS
I got it if you buy it, that's a 100 bands
If I catch your ass lying, kill a 100 men
My dealer gotta [?] said it's 2-toned
I want a white and yellow, grey poupon
The ceiling some where missing cause the roof gone
I be shitting on these niggas' where the [?]
I respect my O.G.'s, I respect my peers
I respect my younger niggas', I'm remembering them years
I was feisty just like them, Icy just like them
Chip on my shoulder, had a boulder just like them
But now, it's Tom Brady style, inflated it
Started pushing Europeans, hood really hated it
I took the hate serious, I ain't never play with it
No security, bigger Guns around the way with it

Haha, you see we still getting money, who?
You see we still getting money, uh oh?
You see we still getting money, huh?

[Fat Joe:]
Uh, the press game turned real killers into cowards
You ain't even worth the trade; Dwight Howard
To say we getting money, that's an understatement
If you ain't talking millionaires then you under payed them
El-Gordo with tons in the [?]
Motherfuck the DEA; no Po-Po's
If she don't want no money, she just wanna fuck
Head bobbing and weaving like it's double dutch
A nigga high as fuck trying to die to live
And yeah, we're talking extortion's, what you got to give?
Go head and reach, you'll get the posterize
Never called for the travel, you're just local guys

Haha, you see we still getting money, who?
You see we still getting money, uh oh?
You see we still getting money, huh?

Yeah, ayo
You hating on the boy, you better fall in line
You blowing all your bread, I'm stacking all of mine (facts)
Uh, I can still make it rain cash, like changing different schools
We ain't in the same class
I went from a night box to city bank
A smart nigga, my mind sharp, it's 50 shanks
Whoa, you fall back, they swear you fell off
Until you pull up in that 16, they know you're well off
So I slide through with the top down, hand on my cocked-pound
Bitches like "you still getting guap now?"
Yes, and, I'ma always be the freshest
Just in case you niggas missed the message

Haha, you see we still getting money, who?
You see we still getting money, uh oh?
You see we still getting money, huh?

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N.O.R.E. Still Getting It Comments
  1. Thegeneral1980

    Glad NORE is still around an I love Drink Champs their hilarious

  2. Robert Quinones

    NORE ALWAYS BEEN MY FAV RAPPER!!! drunkerrrrrrrr. lol...

  3. JaVochi Joe

    bro videos n skits wit old footage n interviews and sold it like a dvd digital movie shit

  4. William Perez

    monstrous.. i need a verse from kiss though

  5. Worms Ali

    that shit is called death

  6. Tim-Tim M

    This is bad. I love the east coast vibe..I've been missing this.

  7. Ike Dola

    this is a dope album hands down slime gets nothing but respect from me

  8. Scientific19


  9. Leslie Harlan


  10. DeShaun Muhammad

    This go hard

  11. Geo

    I'm supporting this.Gonna buy it. Quality hip-hop and doesn't feel dated.

    Rashid SMGPro

    +George Hurtado its mix-tape, its free

  12. timmy tap


  13. B-City Da King NYC

    NY rap is back,u ,Capone,Kiss and Joey Crack!!

  14. wade wilson

    Nore, you don't bore me, you just make me snore B. You not Cory thus you don't bust like Gunnz. Trust, you been done since '99 Dunn. & Capone need to been stopped. You was always the weak link pop. I'm sorry but the truth hurts, like Fat Joe fat ass, tryn to get in where he fit in...but the booth hurts. Get it? Double entendre, double down cause I'm a giant like Andre.

    Obie Mauro

    +wade wilson LOOOOOOL this GARBAGE...get it ? Single entendre

    wade wilson

    +Obie Mauro : Obie, I'm sorry, did I offend you? you hate my raps? Or did you just pretend to? Or are you just mad cause you's a virgin & can't do what men do. Shit, let me help you & tend to...see'n you get laid duke. & since you...look like an Orc, you fuckin dork, let's start a petition: www.getobielaid.org. ........Hahaha, you's a loser virgin, just to abort you, I'd go back in time & become a surgeon. Better yet, I'll just smash ya mom dukes, wit a bag over her grill of course, she makes me puke cause the bitch face look like a race horse!!!!

    Obie Mauro

    @wade wilson Booooooooo that shit still garbage ! Word to muva B, fuck outta here. Stick to your day job. Walmart hiring, I don't hate your raps, I just think those raps are garbage, pure trash. 'Look like an Orc' really hahahahahaha, so race horses have different faces compared to horses that don't race, HAHAHAHAHA you killin me man. But do start that petition you get 50% to support your rap career.  

    Robert Quinones

    wade wilson bum niggaz like you been dead since 99!! NYC for life not that Wack ass dirty south shit!!

    Dylan Anderson

    That's a stretch, like your bitch with her hand on my dik, you got bars like a jailcell, maybe hard but after a while they make u sik, even if your record was free you still couldn't make a shop lift, drop kick, drop the mic, its hot, don't touch it, tested and you flunked it, you on the mic I munch it, if u mad blow me like a trumpet, have u used a pen before cos u can't rhyme at all , pretty sure u got no balls, your dust on the floor I'm off the wall, soon as I come thru the door I'm breaking em all, if you think your raw you'll be taking a fall,

  15. J J

    breath some life in the game. refreshing!real shit*

  16. Gary Robinson

    This what the game been missing

  17. Satan Devil

    Real rap

  18. Brandon Patterson

    Get that money homie!!

  19. Mudda Kunt

    Straight fire !!

  20. Rashid SMGPro

    Too dope