N.O.R.E. - Queens Lyrics

I used to cook it by the stove wearing a white robe
Green money that'll fold, crack sales had slowed
I was told hoes exposed stay on their toes
Drug dealer money froze, stashed right in his nose
Shot friends that was bros, crossed the street code
Opportunist, yeah we're cool but ain't the newest
Dropped out of school but knew I should've pursued this
Action affirmative, observative
You vs me, that's cool we call it murder biz
So tell 'em what it's supposed to be
You can't front on me gripping on rosary
Yeah... you see our actions is backed off
When we back off we let that mac off
Tell them niggas vamous and watch 'em back off

[Royal Flush:]
I'm always in the trap getting packs off
I got tonnes of the coke, you selling bath salts
Come through in a Porsche with a bad broad
'Cause every time I get dressed I rip tags off
The type of bitches that I fuck you need a passport
'Cause you the broke niggas saying it's your man fault
But that's what happens when you running for a hand off
You keep it real when you visit niggas up north
Me and N.O.R.E. getting high in a G4
Your wife say it's work, it's really just a day off
I'm a boss in these streets, you getting laid off
And the jewellery on my neck, you thought I play ball
Look you in your face nigga, who's soft?
Coke get delivered on a U-Haul
You got famous getting smacked on World Star
Nigga that's your girl car
Nigga that's your girl house
And I can make this bitch kick you the fuck out

On your mark, get ready, set, go
All city, Nate rep the metro
Kind of nigga that get drunk and stay lit
Straight killing I increase the death toll
Still getting texts from ex hoes
Like what up stranger and x o's
I only fuck with Whatsapp and Snapchat
Fake niggas get slapped up and clapped at
To the coroner, fresh bags of toe tags
Competition crack like it's snow craft
Then it's back to Queens to get more guns
We like Harlem Nights shooting a small gun
Bullets busting through the glass of the store front
And when it's time for bail the boss cough up
No matter if it's cash or cheque
We peel fast and we usually keep cash on deck

[Kool G Rap:]
Slum vandal, hand on a gun handle
And these streets so deep right to the slums manhole
Fiends run up, come get it I bump samples
Made the block so hot niggas done brung camels
Corners pop off [?] some candles
Play with your life you're losing in one gamble
Never forseen to be the leader of a drug market
Swimming in a green crib with the plush carpet
Life ain't peaches and cream, it's a tough harvest
You need a gun harness, you need a cut artist
You need a little some part of it and bus chartered
You need the cut gardens
You need to get your hands dirty, either touch garbage
You need a tough squadron, you need to buck targets
You need a team of killers, you gotta clean the scrilla
Stream by the villa, we get up, Queens the pillar my nigga

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N.O.R.E. Queens Comments
  1. 8mile freno


  2. chris may

    Well you grew up with straight needs I grew up with a thugs

  3. Big Ry

    I cut my hair but my beard grow yo where my beers go send em right here yo

  4. Jared Mayo

    Song helped me get through some hard times way back when real talk 💯

  5. Get Right

    My childhood music was the best !!!

  6. steve anderson

    Any1 know the name of this instrumental

  7. The traveler

    This seriously one of the best songs I've ever heard . Capone is overlooked and underrated. That dude always spit fire

  8. Simple Logic 101

    One of the hardest tracks ever produced.

    Adam Gordon

    Simple Logic 101: ALCHEMIST killed this beat 🔥🔥

  9. Greeno B

    *STiLL BuMPiN iN 2o0o... **_FoReVeR_* 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Lew Paradise

    Blood money is a anthem

  11. koolie kookoo

    Channel 2 In Debt to You.. Gotta be a hip hop head to like this comment..

  12. Easthighland Kash

    The Reunion and The War Report...both classics

    Worn out Testicles

    Amazing production on both

  13. aurelius rule

    🗣peace 🎤N.Y 🌊🗽 east coast 90 era music 🎼 forever🌍 🍎

  14. 4heartsisbetterthen1

    This will always remind me of you!!!! 2019

    chris may

    Me too thinking of my gone but not forgot

  15. Schuyler Colley

    Maaaan this whole album just warms my soul bringin back so many fond memories awww man I luv it

  16. Donk Ryders

    Straight Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!

  17. Marv_Macho718

    Queen$ forever you heard !!

    G Hix

    Queens get the $$..

  18. Jalen X Blair

    Alchemist is ridiculous with the beats. A true legend. Goddamn I miss this era 💯

  19. Carlthialia Pullen

    Yeah they picture moving

  20. Soop Walk

    Still here in 2019

    Greeno B

    *STiLL HeRe 2oOo... **_FoReVeR_*

    Michael Young


    Len Butler

    F A C T S

    Born Yesterday

    Soop Walk allahu akbar

  21. Sloane Allison

    CNN live long

  22. Sadnoah : .X.


  23. Prince Shakur

    Am I high or is their picture moving? 🤣🤣

    fuck you

    no bro shit moving 😂

    Brian William

    Oh wait I just noticed it


    Hahaha I was thinking the same thing 🤣

    Ronte Cold

    😩😂😂 damn it is moving


    It's either moving or I'm too high also

  24. Sneed Mobile Tech

    Alchemist, classic.

  25. Lew Paradise

    I cut my hair but my beard grow

  26. Voyager

    wtf 1 unlike wtf?????????!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS THE REAL HIP HOP!!!!!!

    grim reaper

    Voyager is from a lil pump fan

  27. joe kiva

    One of my favorite songs.

  28. Dion Davis


  29. Sachalie Lecorps

    Always banging CNN...Queens all day...This song still 🔥🔥🔥🔥