N.O.R.E. - Pharrell Podcast Skit Lyrics

Yeah, N.O.R.E
That was one of the early ones, right?
That must have been a big song in Miami
Oh man, big everywhere
At that time, you know what I'm saying, shout out to Noreaga
Everyone was like what what what
How did that happen? Did he just come in there and was like "I have an idea, can you just can you just start rolling?"
What what what
This is great
As soon as he got in the booth, you know, he already had his verses
As soon as N.O.R.E. got in the booth, he just started saying "what" like that
And I was like "wow"
That's crazy
I hope that's not just an ad lib
So I'm just like "oh man, we just need to keep that going"
That was his idea to keep that going
He's a character
That record fucks the club up, boy
Thank you
Rob Walker called us from New York, we were in Verginia
You know, just working
He was like "listen, they are throwing chairs to the song in clubs"
I was like "what you talking about?"
He was like "they are throwing chairs"
And we were just like "wow"
It's got such an amazing energy
It's an amazing energy to it
Crazy, thank you
Thank you

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