N.O.R.E. - I'ma Get You Lyrics

97th dash 37th Ave. The corner of Queens, New York. Born 368
Leftrak City. That's where I'm from. HEY! HEY! Oh oh!
Boola feel the beat. It's incredible. On the boards!
Aye yo big face yams. What up what up
Bring it back, bring it back to N.O.R.E. huh huh

Shit, ski mask, black on
Baseball bat strong
Slap a nigga, Warren Sapp style
Get my sack on
Offense, defense
Voice box secrets
Till a nigga diarrhea, shit dollars and pee cents
I've been always, on my grind
Nickname; Poppi, Jose, Slime
You've been hatin' from the sidelines
Very low
You've been hatin' when you hear me on the stereo
See me in a video
Same as in person
See me in the hood
No crew, one person
And I ain't gonna starve on this motherfuckin' planet
Till the whole world is talkin' about the kid like I'm Janet

[Chorus: Kanye & GLC] [x2]
[K] I'm everything you wish you was
[G] You and me
[K] It's just us
[G] I've been drinkin'
[K] I'm tore up
[G] So please don't make my pistols bust
[G] I got homies that's with you
[G] So trust me I'm gonna get you
[K & G] Get you [x6]

Without a record out
Shit go down don't it?
What ever go up, it gotta go down don't it?
Martha Stewart guilty
While I was in that same court house
Same Feds try to do me
Feel my Shinobi sword
And you should know me Lord
Never back down, I back down
Niggas, you should know me Lord
Cowards fall on me
I can see them fallin' now
Raising your angles, write rhymes, pourin' out
Uplift with a curse and a gift
Rap for life
Read scripts
Load my clips
And Noreys still doin' my thing
Knock niggas out that's bigger than Yao Ming


I was innocent
Campin' in a tentament post
My coat cinnamon
Cooked it like beef that roast
I told shorty, get your talkin' on
You can't sell crack with your Walkman on
An ex-work hustla
I use to extort in an Escort, land to discover ah
Quick to move another place
Lawyer beat another case
Got Bruce off so he break yous all
Militainment and I'm Coups with the roofs off
We load from the dick
So off they radar
I just bought an AR
AK to spray y'all
Eat food, man I never stops
Whether you down with Militainment or not
I be forever


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