N.O.R.E. - Diablo B Lyrics

Angry man speaking Spanish
Diablo B
Diablo B
Get low with the swords
Samurai shit
My shit
Punch him in his face if he botch it
While he clock ostrich
Ship him to the tropics
Diablo B
This ain't twitter don't follow me
I have you clowns face down like a robbery
Bust in a Rilla' once split that wid weed
Smoke pounds, ounces every hourly
Diablo B
Might as well call me Nacho Libre Guapo
Friend name Guapo
And he keep top-o
Eat mad pussy so it's rich call em taco
Used to fuck wid her get me hard like a rocko
Diablo B
So you can catch me at the winery
I'm a boss nigga
Ain't near a nigga signing me
Otra vino
Benz with the seat recliner
Tank top draws and socks that's all designer
Diablo B

A punch to the face
But you cannot do it
Because it is in the bible not to wrestle your neighbour

Uhh yow
Destruction is with the true religion
G Star button up
You pillow talking to hoes
See you niggas, cuddle up
You get drunk just to talk shit
I get drunk but it's ball shit
Flow like a faucet
Diablo B
Rolex, kush, [?] and amnesia
You smoked with an afro, left with a ceasar
He came wid his wife but he left with a skeezer
Smoked with a white girl, he call her the new Viva
Diablo B
I see now everybody's sniffing coke a lot
They hit wax everybody wanna choke a lot
I've been smoking buds since the shit came in chocolat
Since bamboo and Philly blunts too
Diablo B
I [?] down with the street shit
I'm an ol' G, it ain't a secret
In Chicago get my pizza with the deep dish
When you see this
Yell this
Diablo B

So you've never?
Me? No, c'mon
Don't be crazy
Listen I know the wrestlers get all the fancy ladies
And the clothes, and the fancy creams and lotions
But my life is good!
Really good!
I get to wake up every morning, at 5AM, and make some soup!
It's the best
I love it!
I get to lay in a bed, all by myself, all of my life!
That's fantastic!
Now Go
Go away!
Read some books! (echoes)

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N.O.R.E. Diablo B Comments
  1. Tyrell Milton

    Diablo B 😈

  2. ItsInTheDetails

    Dude on the intro must of smoked some Indica

  3. Arthur Paulo

    smells like a winner😉