N.O.R.E. - Amber Rose Speaks Lyrics

Hey, it's your girl Amber Rose
A.K.A, "Mutha"
And in hip-hop, you know we got a few uncle's out there
We got uncle Snoop, smoke king
We got uncle Luke, the [?] king
And we got uncle drunk
Drunk uncle N.O.R.E
Drunk king
And he's like [?], 'cause everybody loves N.O.R.E

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N.O.R.E. Amber Rose Speaks Comments
  1. AC DaGawd

    Nick Cannon was trynna get some pussy wit that 14K lmaooo

  2. tiwanjones

    Mane this Ho aint shit

  3. Mark Sorrell

    Amber Rose is so cool

  4. Momo SaDonne

    Nore got to focus !

  5. luis velez

    What a great episode!!! I slept on this one!! New Love and respect for Amber Rose!! I love her now!!❤😁

  6. John


  7. John

    Whos that shordy with black hair beside nore wife sheesh

  8. Beni Velez

    Amber had me til she started talking about her thing wit Kanye & that she just couldn't understand why the paparazzi were following her when she'd be by herself...wack

  9. Paul Torres

    I feel like she's contradictory

  10. Dexter Florey

    Yall need to start selling shirts that say " you need to relax"

  11. TheBoyJO Udigg

    IDC what yall talmbnout this interview was VERY dope! S/o to the beautiful Amber Rose!!!

  12. LBC Mey

    i dont know why but this video makes me hate her wtf 😬

  13. Prentis Allen

    She smoke cigs turned off

  14. Godfather Records

    Amber Rose is just like her friend Tanya Merritte

  15. ESFitnessSavage

    "blessed with beauty"... Wtf thinks this bitch is "beautiful"??? Wtf is wrong with you??

  16. ESFitnessSavage

    Id need 30 bars of Xanax and 30 80mg oxys after doing a show like this.

  17. Arnelle Galon

    33? Who paid you? was it all one's? Did you carry it in your purse?

  18. Arnelle Galon

    Thee Ms. Amber Rose, woah! Excluding the hypnotic formula's accompanying, it would be a close to perfect video, and with that I appreciate you for whom you are.

  19. Low-Life TV

    i say this on every drink champs video...THIS NIGGA NORE DRUNK AFF 🤣🤣🤣😭 i feel like he was tryina skoot his shot on the cool 🤣

  20. Shawn Prince

    Nore wife like mannn…. Get yo ass on bitch! lol

  21. Tamianess M

    I love her even more now I learned more about her always have liked her gotta get her book now

  22. Eduardo Ocon

    man all i see is more dudes popping up in the room ready to gang bang or some shit.

  23. Prince Agama

    Best drink champs ... this the level you guys need to keep .. that’s the Drink champs ... amber is too much.. 🔥

  24. Capone 610

    Theirs girls in Philly way better looking then her FOH

  25. Joseph Rosario

    Amber rose makes me feel like I did my ex dirty

  26. Damonica Jones

    She keeps her composure and makes it very interesting.

  27. Bobby Hollygood


  28. Bobby Hollygood


  29. jermane mckay

    This chick doesn’t belong on the show Nore and EFN she is not hip hop

  30. Supreme 704

    You are a slut

  31. Supreme 704

    You are not that fly sista

  32. Sour Bill

    Salute to Amber!! Get dat bag bitch!!! Da rest of u mfrs stop hating TF!!

  33. Death Rager

    dont wanna rent a car so canibus can come to the show, but you do for amber rose? nore lost all credibility, his behavior during interviews is trash aswell. dude watchin too many vlad interviews interruptin the guest too many times

  34. ÃŁ BaĐÊř

    Why did u start smoking again😂😂😂???


    One of the best fuckn interviews I’ve heard in a long time.😂🔥

  36. sylent mane

    1:25:06 RELAX give it up for that RELAX 😂😂😂

  37. Yung Tee

    It's funny how any other drink champs nores wife ain't there like that but because Amber rose there she gotta sit right in the room mean muggin

  38. Ron Weasley

    What exactly her “talent”?

  39. Goku Black

    Yooo I died when n.o.r.e said "you wanna make some noise for yourself"

  40. Goku Black

    Nore got shook when Amber said psychedelics😂

  41. Jeffrey Juliano

    Made it all the way to 2:27:00 but had to dip out. Bitch is mad annoying everything is man vs woman with this one.

  42. Chriz Sea.

    @44:02 that shot fucked her up so much she started speaking with a Latina accent... U'kno lyek... 😄

  43. Terrance Jones

    She probably missed out on her husband cuz she don't fuck with regular dude

  44. Sick-iLL-J Beats

    Worst interview ever from nore. you should be ashamed. chasing clout

  45. Sick-iLL-J Beats


  46. Coach Randall

    I thought drink champs was about hip hop legends ?

  47. RedRainDrops93

    48:05...........”But the wife is a slut too”. Maybe it’s me but I felt that was a shot at Nore’s wife. Even her homegirl looked over at her

  48. Travel Lover

    How is her skin so shiny

  49. Travel Lover

    She really is an airhead

  50. Travel Lover

    I really hate the way she says things like she loves to listen to her own voice but saying nothing

  51. Daniel Garza

    which 1 is Nore's wife

  52. Nitty Andrade

    I would eat her butt faithfully

  53. Bigg Howw

    Is this show now about hoes who banged hip hop legends? Btw, didn't watch. Just wanted to post this comment and dislike.

  54. ÃŁ BaĐÊř

    Why do u smoke my love😢😢😢???

  55. Chris Larsen

    Yall stop hating on amber mane...yall hoes are weak hating on her realness

  56. Zen Tiger

    Much better than I thought it would be!

  57. Eva Vega

    Nore BURPED lets make some noise 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤣😂🤣

  58. Steve Vasquez

    For legends only! Yea right. I get legends hip hop even comedy but call it what it is! Still love the show. Just hope they don’t KEEP SELLING OUT because the podcast is great

  59. jauron daniels

    Yo Nore wifey got her 👁z On you🤣

  60. Keith Eldred

    Yo N.O.R.E ... when you get so smashed that you cant ask coherent questions... or string together sentences that make sense.. you be looking like a fool dude.. for real. Get your drink on... but you get fucked up and babble and keep pointing at the ceiling... for real bro? You be lookin stupid.

  61. st3chilly maccabee

    Why is this interview so long?

  62. Guyana Online Shopping

    yo NORE what the fuck yall doing since when Amber is worthy of drink champs FOH

  63. Kay C.

    Nore wants to be so much more than he is!!!!

  64. Thanos Mwitu

    i watch this interview evertime I get drunk.... Its really nicely charged up

  65. Karima Ellis

    Girl Philly got some of the most talented people actors and singers and rappers so you just couldn't catch a break I understand she wanted more gotta watch how you say things and for the record me and my sister's and cousins are bad asf I'm from Philly and I PUT ON FOR MY CITY PERIOD

  66. John Butler

    Love me some drinks champs and now since watching the show I think Nore is a funny ass cool dude but why the fuck is Amber Rose on this show???????????????????

  67. StreetKingzTVHD

    This nigga nore is drunk LMPAO 😂😂😂

  68. Tasha Harris

    I love amber rose.

  69. 1162hunter

    Amber rose is a hip hop legend? I never knew

  70. Figi G

    Amber-“ we haven’t made a profit from slut walk yet”
    Amber- “Slut walk is a non profit” 😩😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  71. Donald Pittman

    I really don't know what is worse , girls who try to act black or dudes who try to act black , I just cant figure it out

  72. Josh Henderson

    Let’s make some noise for Slime mixing Sweden with Switzerland!!!😄👏🏾🎉🍾

  73. NXVI

    Is it just me? Or is her hands glowin 🤦😲

  74. Kim King

    Watch all of this interviews but this is one of my favorite Amber is so cool and down-to-earth

  75. Dope Elephant

    This was a dope ass podcast 100%

  76. Christopher Cash

    Nore smoke tails 204:00

  77. Steven Richardson

    If u read dis...i dont have a ig..but i have a fb.

    I would get atchu....go c me...n hit me...i would ride witchu...off top

  78. Casey Doe

    She is Hottt!!!

  79. William de Murney

    Amber rose is securing the 💰, earning $2 million a year off Instagram alone 📯👏👏👏.

  80. DiaryofAsh

    Damn they won’t let her talk!!!

  81. Mamadou Ndoye

    I get why she is on here, its that nore knows the ratings would be high AnD he feels Amber Rose deserves to tell her story based on her popularity with this generation

  82. jarocla66

    drink Champs Nore featuring Nori interviewing Nore Amber Rose just hanging out to see Nori

    therese fassie


  83. Micah Broussard

    She full of shiiiiiit

    She felt like the town was too small for her

    And then say she didn't expect the fame from dating kanye

  84. Sam Verlander-Davies

    Funny how Nore's wife is on this very Drink Champs rather than any others although Amber Rose is a FUCKING threat to any partner loooool

  85. liveguy

    Why the hell is this chick on Drink Champs and DITC hasn't been on DC yet? DC was supposed to be for LEGENDS ONLY. I guess that shit out the window. lol

  86. brixhouse

    So she is on the show.....why? How is she a legend? What has she done for the culture?

  87. Yogi Wright

    how she make ciggs sexy? lol she fire frfr

  88. Marvin Hudson

    Did they ever go to the slutwalk?

  89. FREAQU

    amber is goals she can get any boy for just one night. I'd be fucking every mother's son.

  90. Derrick Logan

    She sounds dumb AF to say there were not alot of pretty girls in Philly. FOH She's not even all that pretty. Take away the big ass and titties and she is extra normal. I see why people dont like her. Without Kanye you would have been nothing more than a nut rag. No you are not a celeb FOH you only fuck niggaz with money. 21 treated you like the true savage he is when you cheated on the man with his friend.

  91. xXUnfairKombatXx

    really wanted to get into this show but the interviewers are slow asf. They really can't comprehend anything and keep asking obvious dumbass questions. Such a shame because the setting and the interviews are cool.

  92. Gigi B

    The chicks in the back..lol. Just dont understand how allll thses men are obsess ed by Amber. Lol

  93. Gigi B

    Why yall hate.. She is pretty. Due to genes.. Why she a hoe? Because men adore her and she is desire able.. It is not her fault people want HER... We all click because she is Amber Rose..

  94. 315wizard

    😂😂Wifey ain't clap even once😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  95. 315wizard

    I feel like he was fat😷😷😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. 315wizard

    Wich one is his wife??

  97. 315wizard

    Dating homeboy😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  98. Shermaine Brown


  99. Ricky Fiengo

    OK I will support her but not when she's under the influence she can't handle it she gets arrogant her ego slips away from her and out of control in a weird way I promise you you were so much more exotic and classy when you practice those words which now I can see why you were quiet