Norah Jones - Wintertime Lyrics

I'm alone, but I feel alright
In the summertime and the fall
In the spring when the house is dark
Doesn't bother me at all

I know, I know it's in the light
The shadows start to move
There's a hurt, in the wintertime
Makes it hard for you

There's a dream, a dream I had
That makes me sad on the road
That the sun keeps running from
Everyone I love

I know, I know, I know I'm leaning
I'm leaning on you
It's hard, I know, I know there isn't
Much that you can do

I know, I know, I know I'll make it
I'll make it through
In the wintertime there's a candlelight
I only get from you

I know, I know, it's only light
It's only light to you
But there's a thing called the wintertime
I can't make it through

I know, I know, I know I'm leaning
I'm leaning on you
It's hard, I know, I know there isn't
Much that you can do

I know, I know, I know I'll make it
I'll make it through
In the wintertime there's a candlelight
I only get from you

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Norah Jones Wintertime Comments
  1. koraima narvaes

    Amo todas las canciones de Norah. Saludos desde Venezuela ♥♪♪

  2. Frédéric Ringuet

    Que dire ecouter ,ecouter ,et encore ecouter ,ne csser d'entendre cette voix merci

  3. Carol Nicole Fernandez Belmar


  4. Orsolya Nagy


  5. Michael Limner

    Is this how long I am to be tortured? Maybe I do want the chloroform.

  6. TheRealRocknRollaTwo

    it reminds me suspicious minds by Elvis

  7. Blind Willie

    Just perfect...

  8. L. Nantes

    Wonderful! I can't see an hour of your show in Brazil 💙

  9. erikcarr36

    Yoooo why has no one heard of you.. how did I? I was literally having a sleepless night trying to ask Siri question to see if she was capable of talking for herself low and behold she throws out a list of statements I could request. On that request of play music. Was play Norah Jones. And I was like who tf is Norah Jones. So here I am first song I listened to. Ahh best of luck though!

  10. Igor Rafael Teixeira da Silva

    Cara, eu não canso de ouvir as canções dela..... A vibe que elas transmitem é sem igual, te colocam em outro nível, te faz viajar...............

  11. Dennis Sweeney

    She has the voice of a Angel!!!

  12. banana-shaped earth

    her voice is so soothing

  13. AnakPS Gamers

    I love this sound piano norah 😍

  14. Marcelo B

    Going back to the fountain, I love your dark side


    She has a lovely tone! If she was singing as a fresh contestant on X factor there would not be a reaction because she doesn’t throw it all at you with long notes or a big build up. She’s enough and doesn’t do Circus tricks. That’s the kind of singer I would have been,if I hadn’t of tried so hard to be what was popular at the time. Good
    vibes to you all!

  16. Luciano Clementi

    Wow 0:34


    This is my favorite song💗
    From my favorite singer 💓
    I played it 7 times a day 😂❤

  18. Yohan Hoogendoorn

    Winter is coming

  19. Mike Simpson

    You're making me cry too early in the morning. I need Her Divine light to find my way through this final season of my life.

  20. Store Chieri

    I love her

  21. Dan M

    Just finished listening to her new album and this song warmed my heart so much ❤️ What a gem. Love you, Norah. Can’t wait to see you in concert again.

  22. Yellow joseph abu Sunshine

    I’m leaning on you!!!!!!! It’s hard I know. There isn’t much we can do but we need to stay strong for our forever baby I need you.

  23. Bitter Snare

    That the sun keeps running from everyone i love....that's the abstract of my life.

  24. Arslan Sagin

    Heard that opening keyboard and I'm like "Yeah...😊"

  25. alyssa

    my absolute favorite song

  26. gunnar þ björnsson

    don't be set take a good en thro rest.

  27. Carlos Alberto Dell

    Norah ,como los buenos vinos ,mejora con el paso del tiempo...Hermoso !!

  28. Kity ESA

    Ms. Jones is the best.

  29. Brian Chaboyer

    Heart has to go some Else often

  30. Brian Chaboyer

    Hey Big Brown Eyes

  31. Tom Yamadesi

    Norah thou art the most beautiful Creation in the Universal realm of ultimate reality.

    This I'll defend.

  32. Brian Chaboyer

    While I was being Captured by an Angel voice, I forgot it was -50 & Winter

  33. Brian Chaboyer

    Minus -50 today. Mb,

  34. Julie Hébert

    Used to listen to Norah Jones songs with my Dad... I remember roadtrips and slow Sundays in my childhood home every time I listen to her beautiful songs.

  35. letícia _

    Perfeita essa música! apaixonada por ela! BR!

  36. drmamyah belading

    Sweet..... blessed.... much love..... thanks heavenly Almighty ... for a voice like Norah Jones...

  37. Seongki Yoon

    you are my ideal type :)

  38. Patty Rimas

    check out my cover of Don;t know why ( Thank you! :)

  39. Tanmoy Das

    Love her serenity in every song! Her voice is so serene!

  40. Rajat Sethi

    My all time favorite artist. A true singer

  41. groovy doobies4

    Feels like she's singing to me❤

  42. Vikky Libra

  43. Benim Öyküm

    Norah Jones same Karsu dönmez... But Karsu very very beatiful...

  44. Pedro José Monteiro da Silva

    Finalmente. Volta ao Brasil Norah.

  45. 최경오


  46. Kyle Lester

  47. Katia Martins de Abreu Martins

    Bonita Música 🎵🌸🎵🌸🎵🌸🎵🌸🎵🌸🎵🌸🎵🌸🎵
    Deliciosa Voz 🍃🌷🍃

  48. Keto The Martian

    here for EXO's Chanyeol ^^

  49. Bug de l'An 2020

    That voice !!!!

  50. Milky Way

    New album pleaseeee💘💘💘

  51. Mark Young

    not blowing me away, but at least it's better than her last track. What's up with the choice of reverb tho? Maybe it's just me, but it's a bit too much, and too jagged.

  52. Hemelaers georges


  53. Armando Sepia

    Awesome! I really love it!

  54. Aditya Wardhana

    LOVE THIS SONG! Norah's classic like this never dissapoint me

  55. Sachit Nagpal

    Another brilliant one from Norah Jones. Love how her music has remained awesome where most other artists' music often gets worse with time

  56. Ferbs

    I guess Norah Jones could sing the alphabet to me and it would still sound perfect... Love her voice

  57. Uriel Ting

    Lovin the vibe. So 2002 Norah. Looking forward for a new album.

  58. Nes Roya

    Always love those tunes.
    Hope my fave solo singer one day can find her way with these tunes. She loves singing, piano, writing, and composing. There are still a lot of ways~ 💙🐼 Love from Panda here. Jeong Eun Ji 🖤

  59. Wênita Gama

    I've listen this song all time, all timeee. 💃

  60. Detlef Schlenke

    I like Norah Jones since decades and all her songs including Wintertime - but instead of cold and lonely winter at home I would prefer tropic sunshine to hear the music.

  61. Andy Ferreira

    Música maravilhosa, cantora perfeita.
    Brasil 2018

  62. Zee Yuji

    I miss you so much 😭😭😭😭

  63. smoralaura


  64. Jean-Luc Olivier

    bravo le temps n'a pas d'influence sur vos compositions....


    Norah's voice is sexy, smooth and sweet it's like audio chocolate it just draws you in too the songs she sings.

  66. Bryan Sanil

    I just love your music it's so calming I can listen to you all day thank you

  67. FoolishGirl GoldSeries


  68. Irina Napercovschii

    i love this vibe... Norah Johnes is the best!!!

  69. Fernando Solano

    Puto temazo y más con el acompañamiento de Jeff Tweedy. Bravo.

  70. Jessica Baldemor

    I love you, Norah.

  71. Melodious M

    Өвлийн үдэш сонсоод сууж бх гоё бна шүү !

  72. Bayaraaj Jagaab

    jazz queen

  73. Eleonora Capalbo

    stupenda :-) :-) :-)

  74. Katiane Bertazo Wandelkookem

    Wonderful, I never tire of hearing your songs. I love you #norahjones, come back to Brazil, please

  75. Kelly Gardner

    Beautiful. Simple and real

  76. soph parker

    now does anyone know what type of music this is? norah really is da belle of da ball

  77. Maria Lorena


  78. Rebeca Reis


    Estou sozinha, mas me sinto bem
    No verão e no outono
    Na primavera, quando a casa é escura
    Não me incomoda mesmo

    Eu sei, eu sei que está na luz
    As sombras começam a se mover
    Há uma dor, no inverno
    Torna isso mais difícil para você

    Há um sonho, um sonho que eu tive
    Que me deixa triste na estrada
    Do qual o sol continua fugindo
    De todos que eu amo

    Eu sei, eu sei que estou contando
    Contando com você
    É difícil, eu sei, eu sei que não há
    Muito o que você possa fazer

    Eu sei, eu sei, eu sei que conseguirei
    Eu passarei por isso
    No inverno, há uma luz de vela
    Que só vem de você

    Eu sei, eu sei que é só luz
    É só luz para você
    Mas há uma coisa chamada inverno
    Não consigo superá-lo

    Eu sei, eu sei que estou contando
    Contando com você
    É difícil, eu sei, eu sei que não há
    Muito o que você possa fazer

    Eu sei, eu sei, eu sei que conseguirei
    Eu passarei por isso
    No inverno, há uma luz de vela
    Que só vem de você.

  79. Jôanny Arts

    Beautiful Norah Jones... Please come to Costa Rica... winter time is not to cold..and the sunset is longer and full of colors... :-)

  80. Filippo Stoppa

    Wish to jam with u one day Horah

  81. Filippo Stoppa

    Very nice

  82. Graciella Figueiredo

    Que isso @NorahJones aqui ainda e verão, que nós matar do coração com essa linda canção? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  83. Federica Lascari

    Che bella😍😍😍mi trasmette tranquillità 💙❤💚❤❤

  84. Tanya Labellyna

    Long distance relationships truly sucks, it feels like yesterday when it was summertime when we were hugging each other listening to come away with me by Norah jones in the hotel room and now you're back in your country and here I am listening to wintertime and missing you...all alone. Sucks without you ❤

  85. vickeybird

    Loved it!

  86. Cem Erturk

    Thank you :)

  87. Javi A

    Always Norah*

  88. Ana Clara

    Waooo so sweet

  89. Antonella Sturatti

    Bellissimissima x me ❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💘💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💕🎄🌙✌😍😉🏖🐕🌞👑

  90. ananyacha puttanothai

    Beautiful as always 🧡🍂❄️