Norah Jones - My Heart Is Full Lyrics

My heart is open (open, open)
Eyes are wide (wide, wide)
My mind is free (free, free)
My hands are tied (tied, tied)
I can see (see, see)
People hurting (hurting, hurting)
People preaching (preaching, preaching)
People watching (watching, watching)

Some are listening (listening, listening)
Some are hearing (hearing, hearing)
Many talking (talking, talking)
Others working (working, working)

Are we broken? (broken, broken)
Are we broken? (broken, broken)
Are we broken? (broken, broken)
Are we broken? (broken, broken)

I am standing (standing, standing)
Use my arms (arms, arms)
Use my legs (legs, legs)
Use my hands (hands, hands)
Use my heart (heart, heart)
Use my voice (voice, voice)

I will rise (rise, rise)
I will rise (rise, rise)
I will rise (rise, rise)
I will rise (rise, rise)

I am tired
I am strong
I am human
I will listen
I can think
I will love
If we love
Then we'll love
We can love
Without hate

My heart is full
My eyes are open
I can see
I can see
I can see
I can see
I can see
I can see
I can see

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Norah Jones My Heart Is Full Comments
  1. Unbroken Flower


  2. Ziyed Hamrouni

    Nina Simone everywhere. Noone took it to that level.

  3. T E Wboswell

    paralyzed by the cliffside...flying towards your insides ... I feel your heart Beating into mine ... it's beyond your eyes ... these feathers cry ... eagles gliding in my mind ...

  4. Gaelle Foschia

    Le CŒUR est le Maître du CŒUR,pas le ventre...merci la médecine traditionnelle Chinoise.toujours se relier au CŒ Vibration du CŒUR.Merci JB et la CHINE pour cette merveilleuse Médecine.

  5. Gaelle Foschia

    Cette chanson est exceptionnelle

  6. Nathan Young

    Can already see a movie trailer with this song. Opening is a guy wearing a super thick winter jacket in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere and now he's gotta survive while, somehow and somewhere, the world is about to end or something.

  7. cositainquieta

    Te espero en Bs As !

  8. Joseph Stewart

    did my previous text go through anyway I just left the coffee Inn and I also noticed a cute young female getting breakfast before she goes to school cool which means that I also have to get is some breakfast as well when I get back did I mention is she was wearing glasses yep🤔

  9. Joseph Stewart

    I've been on Nora since 2009 when I went to LaSalle it has been 10 wonderful years and she's continued to make beautiful songs... AM I infatuated, in Love, or simply appreciative???😎😋😘...😍

  10. Joseph Stewart

    Nora has some beautiful song

  11. Joseph Stewart

    KOOLlllll COLORS... Like A RAINBOWwwee

  12. T Amos

    One of the most powerful songs that I’ve heard in many years from any artist. Thank you Nora.

  13. Слави Стоянов


  14. Rae S

    So happy ❤❤

  15. CeeVee Meows

    My love

  16. Judith Vargas

    Buen album

  17. Michal Mazurewicz

    Great track to open the album...!!!