Norah Jones - Miriam Lyrics

That's such a pretty name
I'm gonna say it when
I make you cry

You know you done me wrong
I'm gonna smile when
You say goodbye

Now I'm not the jealous type
Never been the killing kind
But you know I know what you did
So don't put up a fight

When you were having fun
In my big pretty house
Did you think twice?

Was it a game to you?
Was it a game to him?
Don't tell me lies

I know he said it's not your fault
But I don't believe that's true
I've punished him from ear to ear
Now I've saved the best for you

And I'm trying not to hurt you
'Cause you might not be that bad
But it takes a lot to make me go this mad

Oh Miriam
That's such a pretty name
And I'll keep saying it
Until you die

You know you done me wrong
I'm gonna smile when
You say goodbye

You know you done me wrong
I'm gonna smile when
I take your life
Mmm, mmm, mmm

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Norah Jones Miriam Comments
  1. Miriam Warren

    My name is Miriam and this song creeps me the hell out, though it's admittedly a good song 😅

  2. David Williamson

    I just screwed up, I sent this to my lovely wife "Miriam", I really should have listened first.

  3. Peter Macias

    Am I the only one who listens to this before going to bed?

  4. Rosaria Tavolacci

    Io mi chiamo Miriam

  5. Pegasus

    ich denke bei dem lied immer an miriam

  6. itz_just_miriam

    i just typed my name in the search bar and got this

  7. Chuck Amuck

    Note to self: DON’T go boating with Norah when she’s mad.

  8. Michael Exman

    i love this song
    it just fits together so wonderfully.

  9. Dixon Lam

    i didn't pay attention to the lyrics and i thought "oh a lesbo song, cool" Boy am I wrong about it.

  10. Miriam Pettinato

    I'm scared

  11. Mir iam

    Great the one song with my name and it’s this message😭😭

  12. Brandon Kieran

    Norah is breathtaking.

  13. Ella Jane

    Who landed here after hearing the real Miriam story?

  14. Jacq C

    I love this song, and the video is brilliant!!!!

  15. Sambo Escondido

    Good to hear this queen keeping the murder ballad alive

  16. Miriam


  17. Therein lies your first problem

    Note to self: Never fuck with Norah Jones' feelings.

  18. Michael Limner

    Norah Jones scares me.
    It's a good thing I'm bulletproof.

  19. luu nutella

    Pretty little liars

  20. Miriam Delcheva

    Добър вечер

  21. SpeakOnly - Học Nói Tiếng Anh

    Oh god. My name is Miriam.

  22. someone -

    My name is Miriam and i don’t know how I should feel ???

  23. Jana Bajzova

    My name is Miriam 😂

  24. Andrew Paul

    Anyone 2019???

    Elizabeth Barroso

    The Real Drew Me( scared but here) 😱😂

  25. randomps3stuff

    Jared loves this song

  26. Cyberwolf

    I love this creepy beautiful song.

  27. Shawn R-O

    Wow. What a song.


    Arre yar ye to mar hi dali.....killing rhyme in softest way😬

  29. Mer Be

    She's not me !

  30. Miriam cox

    Jesus, what I do to her 😂

  31. Life Goes on

    Wonderfully made , the tension is slowly built from the first frame and for some weird reason I find this video comforting and empowering , lol ! I love the song and adore Norah

  32. Mike Simpson

    Dear Lady. Norah Jones has a quality of cultured voice that very few vocalists can achieve in that her vocals still carry out of the recording booth. She sounds as good on stage as she does in a recording. Not many singers can claim this; think Frank Sinatra. This is why she is so well loved. She is an icon.

  33. Miriam Weaver

    my name is miriam

  34. bobsaget0429

    feeling cute. might go kill Miriam later. i don't know.

  35. Isabel Nwose

    The name of my sister is Miriam😁

  36. Caroline Munster

    Thiss is a movies worth in 4 minutes..


    And the best part is that it's sequel of "Happy Pills"... 😀😊

  37. frosted cola

    hot. Miriam is my name :)

  38. Miriam green

    Heelllppppp meee

  39. miriam

    i swear i didn’t do anything


    You said it's not your fault but Norah doesn't believe that's true... 😆😂😂😂

  40. Mike Simpson

    Nice boat.

  41. Kookies Suga

    My Name is Miriam😨😂

  42. Clorox Bleach Wipes

    this is what happens when you look up your name, you get on that side of the Internet.

  43. Sanjib Chakraborty

    Side affect of happy piĺls... lol ...

  44. Tsurī

    I swear I didn't do anything wrong even if I'm called Miriam 🙁😳

  45. Sunset In July

    No, it ain t a pretty name

  46. Justin Hall


  47. Fabian Sanchez

    You can decide between the lovely Miriam or the Cunt Miriam.

  48. Miriam Lizbeth Mtz

    Oh, Norah! :3

  49. Miriamlilbow walsh

    Well shit guys I guess I better hide. Great song tho

  50. Михаил Сергопольцев

    Какое чудесное имя!
    Я повторю это,
    Если вдруг заставлю тебя плакать.

    Ты была несправедлива ко мне,
    Поэтому я провожу тебя улыбкой,
    Если ты скажешь: «Прощай»

    Теперь я уже не ревную,
    И никогда не была убийственно ревнивой.
    Но ты знаешь, что я в курсе твоего поступка,
    Так что не пытайся спорить со мной

    Когда ты развлекалась
    В моем большом красивом доме
    Ты хорошо подумала, что ты делаешь?

    Может быть, ты просто с ним играла?
    Может быть, он просто играл с тобой?
    Скажи мне правду.

    По его словам, твоей вины здесь нет, я знаю
    Но не верю в это, это — ложь.
    Его я наказала за слабость,
    А все лучшее сохранила для тебя.

    Я пытаюсь не делать тебе больно,
    Потому что ты в общем хорошая
    Но мне очень трудно удержаться от гнева.

    О, Мириам,
    Какое чудесное имя!
    Я буду без конца повторять,
    Пока ты жива.

    Ты была несправедлива ко мне,
    Поэтому провожу тебя улыбкой,
    Если ты скажешь: «Прощай»

    Ты была несправедлива ко мне,
    Поэтому провожу тебя улыбкой,
    Когда лишу тебя жизни,
    Ммммммм, ммм, ммм.

  51. Miriam LightKira Momsen

    Am I in danger? Fuck, I loved the song :D

  52. senget13

    One-take; nice!

  53. Mira Suzie

    My name is Miriam😐😕.

  54. Stephie Silverman

    My name is Miriam

  55. Miriam Odegard Real Estate Group/Keller Williams Indy Metro NE

    Was randomly typing in my name in YouTube and found this song. Am now hiding under the table in mortal fear of Norah Jones. Norah, if you're reading this, it was the other Miriam. That other one, hon. NOT me.

  56. Miriam Maaravi

    This super creeps me out lol

  57. Aanisah Syauqina

    Before Lana del rey there was norah Jones

  58. Gacha Kaiya

    Dis is mah name :(

  59. miri am

    my name never felt so bad before.....

  60. Twinson

    Mikrofon hajigáló verseny-2018

  61. SP4RK's Playground

    Mikrofondobálós magyarok?

  62. renee lee

    This song reminds me of Dolly Parton "jolene"

  63. 사나

    I always play this song to my sister "Miriam" when she makes me angry, it helps me calm down while that I look at her like a psychopath :)

  64. sara stanley

    I forgot about this song and just found it again 😂

  65. Allan Santiago

    how many picturesque nature scenes hide some terrible dark secret? bet there are a lot more bodies out there in the deep of some lake...great haunting piece by norah jones

  66. Lee Morris

    Maybe you need to try the city for a little while, those swamps get the better of people, especially them ones near Miami.

  67. Miriam Raynolds

    I absolutely love this song, but it makes me feel so guilty, haha.- Miriam

  68. Smooth Operator

    2:50, she really got that calm quiet vengeful look down right there when she looked at the camera.

  69. folik milan

    pane bože.zlatý karel.hnusná angličtina,jazyk teroristu.fuj

  70. Miriam Mendes

    Now i'm scared lol
    But the song is really nice

  71. Miriam Tippzy

    Wow I can’t even spell I ment my name is Miriam

  72. Miriam Tippzy

    My name is Mirima

  73. Mairami_ am name is Miriam and... I'm afraid now😅😅😅

  74. Ma Mani

    A single long shot. When the arts hug each other(very rarely).

  75. mix of music and exercise

    wonderful and weird. I can hear Tom Waits in this

  76. Marcelo Lima

    Matou o marido em Happy Pills e depois a amante do marido. Kkkk sensaaaa essa era.

  77. Top Speed Brazil

    que voz é essa...??? te amo Norah Jones.

  78. Miriam 2020

    Hi, I'm a Miriam! Love my name. Love this song.

  79. Easy Aptitude

    Oh dear lord...

  80. Miriam Olague Robles

    Your so nice 👍 you made me a song

  81. Marsha Creary

    Duplicity, entanglements, overlaps, intersections,

  82. Dano Man

    another reason for good ol fidelity

  83. 8t8 Zee

    Perhaps miram doesn't realise karma has her own watch .

  84. Her Imminence The Supreme One God

    IVAN Gogh sings these in darks. Leaves still fall in autumn times.

  85. Miriam Baraka

    Miriam my name

  86. Andrea Merari

    One of my best friends committed suicide almost two years ago and was a fantastic woman. Lamentably she did not know it.

    her name is miriam

  87. Miriam Hernandez

    I only love this song because it has my name

  88. Therein lies your first problem

    That's a dead woman mesing with Norah. Love her for that.

  89. Roberto Aragona

    I'll never forget this name cause a Miriam broke my heart but despite everything... i still love her

  90. Mimi Mausi

    My name is Miriam

  91. Merryweather Honeyfoot

    Saved me

  92. Angela Marie

    Absolutely Love Your Voice & Your Lyrics❤️

  93. Venessa Basumatary

    Love you Norah!!

  94. Miriam Fease


  95. Miriam Emilia Michelle Ela

    I love this song 💜but my name is Miriam 😂😕

  96. Tommaso Silvestro

    I love how she thought of singing the word Miriam throughout the song in the same way and with the same tone you would call someone who is hiding from you like “Miiiiiriam... I’m coming for you.”

  97. Myry

    It wasn't me!

  98. Robert Cowley-Yamamoto

    Miriam is Dolly Parton's Jolene in another universe