Norah Jones - Begin Again Lyrics

Every thought that I ignore
Another question's at my door
Yes, when will we begin
To believe in this again?
Can we believe?
Can we believe?

I walk down the street
With shadows at my feet
And words in my head
So much left unsaid
Do you know how we got here?
Do you know how we got here?

I drank to clear my throat
Enough to eat the words you wrote
I've said these words before
Felt this way, closed that door
Are you a stranger?
Are you a stranger?

Never seemed to bother me
Now I find it hard to breathe
Everything that you wrote
Sticks inside and chokes my throat
Do I think way too much?
Are we running out of luck?

Can a nation built on blood
Find its way out of the mud?
Will the people at the top
Lose their way enough to stop?
Can we begin again?
Can we begin again?
Can we begin again?
Can we begin again?

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Norah Jones Begin Again Comments
  1. K XYZ


  2. Simon Tide

    Sounds like Aimer.

  3. warpspeed

    "And words in my head
    So much left unsaid
    Do you know how we got here?
    Do you know how we got here?
    Are you a stranger?"

  4. Michael Limner

    Loops and swirls
    Confused interpretation
    Round and round
    Crying out to the void
    Why must one suffer
    Wretched loneliness
    Falling and grasping
    Spinning twisting
    Gentle fingers touch
    A drowning soul

  5. Gaelle Foschia



    I love it this song! to be honest all your songs.. See you in Peru Dec. 2019.

  7. Andrés Vorja

    Mamacita 4e!

  8. Thierry Burlot

    powerfull song § one of my favorite ! kiss & love

  9. Tina M Fam

    come away with me is still my fav album ever

    Jim Wilhelm

    Tina M Fam she truly does play some amazing music

  10. Sara Si-Moussa

    Her bestt album and best song imo !

  11. Valerie Brown Cheers

    ANything Nora sings is grand!

  12. Miguel Melo

    O verdadeiro artista é assim!
    O piano é de morrer, como é costume!

  13. Marcos Antonio De Barros

    Oh Norah! Hit it hard again ! We love you.

  14. Pivipivi Vu

    Bluesy! Nice!

  15. Malga Marie-France

    je pense à mon petit fils Hugo et je me dis que peut-être lui aussi il aura de la chance de jouer à la batterie un air de Nora Jones... J'adore...

  16. BlueMountain 2

    We're with the POETRY loving bandⓒ시詩사랑

  17. Karol Ribeiro

    I love you Norah Jones

  18. Nathalie Bourreau


  19. Calum Brook Nicolson

    This song should go on Now That's What I Call Music! 103.

  20. warpspeed

    Cassandra, Barber and Jones make the thinking man's jazz of today.

  21. Tomasz M

    Great song. Only such more !!!

  22. Julio Gun

    There are many better records to listen to.

  23. Henrik Preisler

    text is really bad: ( piano as alwways flarless, but really Nora, c'om

  24. jamez BIH

    I download this from torrent, damn quality on YT is so bad.

  25. Serg Popov

    So cool. From Russia with love to Norah

  26. Baltazarbolano

    She's beautiful like a perfect blend.

  27. jlo803


  28. carty43

    Norah can stay in this jazzy groove forever as far as I'm concerned.

  29. mckayman

    I will always have a crush on her

  30. Seong Gyu Lee


  31. Bastet Stag

    This song should definitely be in the background of some movie! It's beautiful💓🇰🇪

  32. Angel Dineta Margaretta

    Thanks to Princess Diaries

  33. Andres Manosalvas

    I am waiting for the video of this. Norah is better than anybody, she sings like and angel and God blessed her with real talent. She is the real queen of the music and those illuminati puppets like Beyonce, or Adele never will sing like her

  34. luigi b

    sempre fantastica

  35. Nah Gutierrez

    Beautiful voice 👏👏👏👏👏

  36. Sonny Crockett


  37. Abdullah AL Noman

    'Norah Jones' Forever!

  38. Nathan Hayworth

    Marry me

  39. Fly on the wall

    Abdullaha Ibrahim much?

  40. Laryssa Cristine

    She's amazing!

  41. Arthur Fontis

    Isn’t it sampled on 25 to life by Eminem ?

  42. Drehgab

    Love the piano

  43. Chryssa Koumoundourou

    Piano reminds me of Robert Glasper... Great track, distinct artist Nora, amazing voice

  44. Esteban Cervantes Jiménez

    A most beautiful song from Norah.

  45. Sudhanshu Prakash

    Yes im a stranger and I like this song 👍

  46. Kristopher Wagner

    I love a good fresh beginning

    Kristopher Wagner

    And yes we could

  47. Asia Jankowiak

    Great song 🎶🔥💓💓🔥🎶

  48. Fatima Chumakova

    Jazz and indie combined. It couldn’t be any more perfect.

  49. JuonTheSpot

    Add bongo = Bboy

  50. Michael Dornelas


  51. Kim Matavia

    She is so underrated. Her talent is oozing.

  52. Robert McCormick

    Love it

  53. Frida Rodríguez

    I love this! Thanks

  54. Alex Silva

    I love you Norah !

  55. Ana Perez Gonzalez


  56. Gerardo Gamboa

    Norah never disapoints

  57. Kiwijay letap

    Wow. You have always been soulful but this is moody, deep and powerful. Another strong woman speaking up. Love this!

  58. princeoftidds

    "Can a nation built on blood find its way out of the mud?"

  59. Maria Reyes


  60. pankaj verma

    Nicely done!

  61. Maria Calix Escobar

    Perfect and beautiful. ♥️

  62. vanessa ethel

    Amazing, as always 💓

  63. gaggicarica


  64. Raid Jo

    Bravo Norah ❤️

  65. Víctor

    Everyday begin Again with you is a plesure 🎶💕💏

  66. 스피겔

    Her voice has always special vibe

  67. Helle Fosner

    Thank you

  68. kevinlortie54

    Good music runs through your veins and brain, Norah. Genetic transfer of wonderful melodies and musical concepts. Please keep up the good (and hard) work. Please come to San Fran one of these days.

  69. Adam kyomori

    Warm, cool and lovely Voice !
    Thank U 4 this Gift Norah <3

  70. Jenifer Mason


  71. Sanjib Chakraborty

    MAN AT WORK ...

  72. fabrizia marzani


  73. Amos Iron Wolf

    Ooh, a little different. Moody, sassy, a little more mature and edgy. I'm going to have to spend a little time with the updated Nora.

  74. michaelreaper666

    NICE THANKS .. :)

  75. Francois Poirier

    Simplement magnifique merci Norah Jones

  76. Caio Capela

    Norah, Brazil loves you so much! Come here, honey!

  77. Péter Borsi

    Very well done. And don't forget about the drums please! Excellent they are.

  78. Penha Luiza Cabral

    Forever,, Norah Jones,,, ótima cantora, voz brilhante, talentos não lhe faltam. Parabéns.

    Eduarda B.

    Sim, é uma baita cantora. Ela precisa vir ao Brasil de novo!

    Penha Luiza Cabral

    @Eduarda B.,,, precisa mesmo, com toda a certeza.

  79. Carol Nicole Fernandez Belmar

    👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Simplemente norah jones

  80. Nyiko Mankga

    Piano and the voice oh oh my God .you rock woman

  81. Fabio Ruiz

    We need you in Mexico!

    Flor Karina López S

    Vino en diciembre a Playa del Carmen

  82. Natalia Nombret

    Ningún problema es grande con ella de fondo!

  83. stella V.M.


  84. Dj Gerry - SPECIAL Videos

    Love your voice and music, Norah. Thank you.

  85. Gravity 002

    nice song!

  86. 荒野の用心棒




  87. Martin lutero

    Hermosa música gracias norah Jones por su música poder escuchar en argentina

  88. Carolina R.

    Congratulations Norah 💜💚🇧🇷

  89. SeriousFox

    This album is so great!!

  90. Rafa Augustu

    Que maravilha

  91. Tay Aaron

    YES! new song!

  92. MrFed1994

    Does anyone know who is playing on drums? Brian blade?

  93. Joe Flink

    MMh. So sweet. Many thanks!

  94. J W

    Great opening riff...spacious ambience...intriguing chords. I dig it!