Norah Jones - A Song With No Name Lyrics

Do I love you too much?
Do I hold you too tight?
Have you had enough?
You shake me off in the night

If I had a gun
If I had a knife
If I had your love
If I was your wife

If I go on my own
And I see you in my dreams
And I hope to again
I have silently schemed

If I had a gun
If I had a knife
If I was the one
If I was your wife

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Norah Jones A Song With No Name Comments
  1. T E Wboswell

    what body had I to hold shivering here below ... how much I love you ... you should know ... Teardrops holding grains of sand ... heartbeats measured like oceans in my hand ...

  2. Marcela Eugenia Portillo

    Hermoso tema como siempre!!!!!!!

  3. Michael Limner

    If I was the one.

  4. tvbox lagomar

    Buen tema nora

  5. Amelia Labuszewski

    Why does this remind me of Nirvana?

  6. Rodney Gaskins

    If you have love you certainly can not hold on too tight, that's a myth, and I don't think you would need a gun or a knife if you have love you don't need much of anything. A wife that would hold on too tight sign me up ;) This song is so mellow yet sad and full of hope at the same time. Don't stop the music!

  7. Klarieliz Fernandez

    Can’t get enough of your music! Please come to Florida ❤️

  8. Yves Delaygue

    Professionnelle !!! J'avais aimé l'album -"adoré" d'avant, je confirme pour celui-ci. Norha, tu es comme le bon vin !!!!! Tu es encore meilleure.