Nonpoint - To The Pain Lyrics

Take me to the pain,
and all the way back again.
Taking me to the pain,
and all the way back.

Life sums up in three words,
better than average.
It never comes easy.
It's a savage world.
With damage attached,
and doses of happiness,
in between if you can survive the rest.

The lies that consume you.
The pain shows you the way.
The feeling kills inside you.
But you stay knowing eventually,
the pain goes away.

You have to get through it somehow.
I'll tell you when,
the time isn't now!

I'm on the ground with 110 men,
beating the life from me.
I shake off most of them,
to reveal my shattered bones.
My stand my decision to,
my reasons for it all.
I take the way of the others...

Straight back to the pain,
and all the way back again.
Taking me to the pain,
and all the way back.

Forget about taking though,
seeing past, understanding,
letting it go, forgiving
and forgetting, when we know
everything we know and doing
nothing about it.

We're just puppets with the hand
of pain controlling form inside
us and it takes us to the pain.
Knowing that they hurt us when
they take us back around again.

Straight back to the pain,
and all the way back.

Could I put it down on paper for you?
Then you're forcing me to suffer you.


How alone we are till the pain comes along.
How alone we are till the pain comes along.
And when you think it's never going to pass,
it's feeling so good at last.
Just when you think it's never going to pass, it's feeling so good at last...


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Nonpoint To The Pain Comments
  1. Gonzalo Burgos

    wwe's ruthless agression era

  2. Bradley Davidson

    Every time I hear music like this always gives me chills every time when I was little while living in Fullerton, California. I wish music like this is still existing 🤘💯

  3. koza420

    What an absolute banger!!

  4. derkohones

    bomb track

  5. Dragon Warrior Productions

    Prime alt metal.

  6. vileToxxie

    the chorus is fucking god tier

  7. I Might Be El Fakidor

    2019. Some songs age well. This will always be one those songs, albums, that do that.

  8. 0624clint

    This album introduced them to me and I've got all of them now. To this day I'm the only person I know that even knows who they are.

  9. swainson southern hot mess

    Just plain kick ass song....SPEACHLESS.... SITTING BACK AND CHILLING WITH THIS ONE....

  10. Shane Feeney

    Baddass song

  11. A. Ibargüen

    2:51 to 3:33 best of the song

  12. SuperBigshow72

    Great band! Use them to get hyped up to hit the weights!

  13. xdeadmeatx

    Does anyone know what guitar amp was used for this album? These early-mid 2000's nu metal albums had the heaviest fucking guitar tones. Iowa is another great example, pretty sure that was rivera knuckleheads and some kinda mesa boogie.

    Roy Belmont

    Im not sure the exact amp but a mesa dual or triple rectifier with a tube screamer in front should get you somewhat close.

  14. Desert Cactus

    Good song

  15. Taylor Chastain

    Shits got me wanting to pick a fight with a troll.

  16. Nick cap

    met these guys twice once In worster mass and in Hampton beach nh. some of the nicest down to earth guys you ever meet

  17. Metalhead Michael

    Now that I've started going back to listening to songs off this album, I've been starting to better understand why this is their most popular album. This was the last album before things changed, and this is coming from someone whose favorite album is Vengeance, the album following this one. The worst change off all was Elias' voice, he don't hit them high notes anymore, not even live. That was a trademark of pre-Vengeance Nonpoint's sound. I guess he can't do it anymore after all them years of doing it. Also, no matter what Elias or Robb say, the current lineup is good, just not the best, in my opinion. The OG 4 was the best, but that's not to take away any credit from Goldman or K.B.'s successors.

  18. northernlighttt

    I havent heard this song in years. Glad to find it again.

    Naseem Scott

    Svr 2008 trailer

  19. christopher x

    the chills \M/

  20. Gio

    Alone we are - until the pain comes along.

  21. Ivan Puskovitch

    4:13 is the best

  22. ga018vin G

    Great fuccin song non point brings the noise

    Metalhead Michael


  23. TwistedMind Factory

    i know this band since 5 min and i luv them

    Glaz Nevi

    TwistedMind Factory my thoughts exactly haha

  24. Antwon Roberts




    josh schaefer

    You obviously haven't heard many metal songs


    i have to agree with you

  26. Rolodex Propaganda

    Christ. So much nostalgia. Love this track every minute of it. Especially the "slowed down" part. Couldn't imagine someone skipping that. I haven't heard this song in years, but today I heard it again and still kicks.

    Alyssa Gurdon

    mark A I always put the slowed
    Down part on repeat !

    Garrison Hunt

    Rolodex Propaganda it gets better as it gets worse nonpoint always will be one of my favs

  27. Jo Jo

    3:53 to skip the soft part


    @Jo Jo What??? The soft part is the best of the song!

  28. Sam Watson

    Chorus is SOLID on this song.  Wish they'd put an entire song out that hit hard like the chorus does the whole time.

    Layne Gallatin

    I agree man

  29. MikeBee515

    raw. ultimate bounce song

  30. 679549578

    lee priest

  31. Jayme Patageul

    PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Zoujen

    I can't find the live version? 'Bout to give up.

  33. FluffyAnger571

    This makes me wanna cage fight or run the government in an epic Bourne style chase then when they corner me on top a building I jump off and land on my dragon named Titan and fly away to destroy their headquarters with stealth...

  34. That Dude Named Dale

    Nonpoint, Disturbed, Chevelle, Avenged Sevenfold and Killswitch Engage all make for the best playlist when you're working out! If you're heavier than that, add Slipknot and Trivium to it lol. Love this song and everything Nonpoint makes. Amazing band.

    Michael Tracy

    Dale Reynolds don’t put Avenged Sevenfold in the conversation and you may have a playlist...

  35. NigelT

    Damn great song and album.

  36. Drew Steele

    im happy i got to see these guys live downtown in my home town at the altered skin revolution tour (they played with kittie) and saddly after that show they said they would never play here again but at least i got to see them the one and only time they were of my favorite bands of all time

  37. Angela D

    Sounds awesome!! Rock on!!

  38. Thor GodofThunder

    We need to bring one dude to the pain. lolol. he will die from it cause of everyone wanting to take him to the pain.

  39. LegendaryFiction

    dude this song goes hard as hell gotta love it but not my fav song more like my 2nd fav =]

  40. christoffer palmø

    1 dude is a PAIN!

  41. InsaneBlaze23

    I got a list for you.
    Skin, Alive & Kicking, Busedome(however its spelled), Peace of mind, hide and seek, Code Red, Breathe, Miracle, pretty much all there songs are good, there my 4th favorite band ever.

  42. David campbell

    non point in general is a good band

  43. jakecal

    TAKE ME TO THE not pain but..

  44. Marissa Wing

    Um, sweet thanks. I'll order 'em.

  45. 14aXis28

    Dude if you really can't find the other four albums....that's some bullshit. Anyway they are titled:

    Statement, Development,, Recoil and Vengeance.

  46. Marissa Wing

    To The Pain album is the only one I have and the only one I have heard but I absolutely LOVE Nonpoint an wish I had more but I can't seem to find any more albums... it sucks. :)

  47. 14aXis28

    This is their best song still, to me.

  48. Ryan Burke

    the breakdown at the end is awesome best part of the song

  49. msgland12

    NONPOINT 4 EVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!