Nonpoint - That Day Lyrics

It wasn't just the words that were thrown around,
It was the sound that they made when they hit the ground runnin'.

You were out for blood,
And I was still tapped out from the battle before!

I remember the smell in the room,
It was a bad tattoo like cheap perfume.

Waiting with the windows open,
Just hoping that the sun breaks through for a moment!

The days turned to weeks, months into a year,
I gotta bring up all the things that I want her to hear.

Then the same old pat on the back,
It all work out,
And everything will be alright!

Losing sight of reality while losing the fight to try to forget,
All I have are the memories of every single word you said.
Every single word you said.

I remember that day,
Everything changed.
I remember that day,
That image never fades away.
I remember that day,
Something died inside of me.
I remember that day,
That everything changed.

It wasn't just a senseless situation,
No sense of making something out of nothing now.

I know it would be pointless at this point,
It's hard to point out any problems now!

Are you forgetting that rumors and reputation
Don't help your situation.

When all you have to show the world,
Is how you act out your problems like a little girl!

And if memory serves me right,
You were serving up nothing but a plate of lies.

And it was covered in flies,
Rotten from the inside out,
Excuse my words as I put it in my mouth!

Yeah, losing sight of reality while losing the fight to try to forget,
All I have are the memories of every single word you said.
Every single word you said.

I remember that day,
Everything changed.
I remember that day,
That image never fades away.
I remember that day,
Something died inside of me.
I remember that day,
That everything changed.

You say I have a problem now.
I think we have a problem here.
You say I have a problem now.
I say there is no way for us out of here!

I remember that day,
Everything changed.
I remember that day,
That image never fades away.
I remember that day,
Something died inside of me.
I remember that day,
Everything changed.

I remember that day,
That everything changed.
I remember that day,
That image never fades away.
I remember that day,
Something died inside of me.
I remember that day,
That everything changed.
That everything changed.

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Nonpoint That Day Comments
  1. Gabriel Rios

    Just seen Them w My Brother In San Antonio

  2. Tainted Soul

    One of their best songs!!! Even more so when you can think of that ex that eventually pushed you too far and there was no going back to them!

  3. Badkittymia meow


  4. chumbo grosso carioca

    Show de rock

  5. Kelly Childers

    Damn nonpoint and five finger death punch along with shinedown omg doesnt get any better, what would be off the chain is if they did a concert together all three make it viral everyone needs to explode the internet and get it done

  6. Daniel Foerster

    *the day you lose your virginity* xD

  7. Jason Mills

    I still come to with song, it personally connects with my experience of losing fingers when I was 15

  8. Willy Nyanumba

    That day for me was when I discovered Alpha M

  9. fede camusso


  10. coldfire

    lösch die flamme hmmmmm :D

  11. Jamie Kelly

    Love this song

  12. Non-Compliance studios

    It never fades away.

  13. Derp Edon

    "That day" for me was when my best friend's dad overdosed on Meth. I was 9

  14. Qmaster

    anyone here in 2018 tired of that hip-hop crap  (this song played when I dropped my hot pocket)

  15. Joshua Ayer

    This song reminds me of the time I took my girlfriend to see a movie, and somebody jumped off a building and landed two feet from us.

  16. The Donsz

    When I checked a while ago, not very much of Nonpoint was on Spotify. Is that fixed now?

    Allen Hammer

    It's all there

  17. David Guerra

    One of the best fucking songs I've heard in a long time.

  18. Fps Doug

    god this shit sucks dick

  19. Arhenya30

    fucking epic song :D

  20. kyle benson

    This band and this song are soooo cringy, it's funny.

  21. Dust Phoxner

    This is Debra Morgans theme song after she finds out Dexter is a serial killer.

  22. jordan stephens

    Saw them play in Illinois last night it was badass

  23. Rocker GT

    Damn nonpoint is amazing lml

  24. LeCarnage

    I just listen to this because it's a good song..

  25. Mr. Purple

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees
    Put turkey bacon on a pan
    Shower it in black pepper (or not)
    throw that shit in there for like 20 minutes


    +Indy Shane This comment feeding metal heads since 2015.

  26. Dale Schnabel

    My sister two years died this song helps


    I wish you the best man, i feel sorry about your sister :/

    Dale Schnabel

    Cool how u today


    @Dale Schnabel im doing fine, my only worries now is what my job will be since i have no interest in any job and since im doing bad at school :/

    ben coolidge

    if you don't mind working you ass off you can do construction

  27. 5ti01qs

    Makes me think of when my dad passed. 18 years ago.

  28. The Millennial Gamer

    Love it.

  29. The Extinct Gamer

    is this Darude- sandstorm?

    Epic Ogrelord

    No, it's Jacob Sartorius-Sweatshirt

  30. ツfamoustexx

    That day for me was when i dropped a perfectly good taco. Show love ;(

    ben coolidge

    my condolences bro

  31. Ryan Turner

    That day is when my mom passed away,it changed a lot for me


    Ryan Turner same here but was when my dad passed away

  32. Robert Hardman Jr.

    This song reminds me of August 7th. My baby sister died and I still miss her. That was over 18 years ago.

    a7x fan

    so for ur loss bro

  33. ilovemusic2253

    I remember listening to this song when my boyfriend and I broke up and it helped and got me through it. Now this song brings me so much joy.

    Canadian Pride

    @MrGame N Watch
    I love you.


    I hear u sister, i felt lyk crap when me n my girlfriend broke up ( im a 14 year old lesbian btw ) but this song helped me get thru it n it even helped me beat the last boss on Ratch & Clank 3 bcoz i was stuck on him 4 dayz ! i was listening  to this song when i discovered Twilight n it changed my life, i relised that i was never a normal person so i cut my self n drank the blood n it gave me power! i hope to 1 day save humanty from the bad werewolfs n bad vampires bcoz i will be a super hero 1 day ! Kneel before me, degenerates. All hail the mighty Catfish!

    Thomas Larus

    @Fodder The Seventy-Third lyke gurl u ratchet


    +Dase savd my lyf

  34. Casey Hadford

    maybe not the best song to randomly find the day you are going in to get a lump behind your ear checked out...

  35. MMAh00lligan

    At least they ain't crazy about religion like P.O.D.


    @***** I like bacon.


    +MMAh00lligan Nice profile picture. Lol.

    Jack johnny

    havnt seen u comment on mma shit in ages, since like 2012

  36. Robb Rivera

    New Nonpoint album "The Return out on Sept 30th!! Pre order on iTunes today!

  37. Caleb

    This is THE pre workout/hype up song

  38. Nonpoint

    Nonpoint - Breaking Skin (Audio)

  39. J’CG

    "That Day" for me was when my girlfriends best friend came to my house and told me that her and her family had passed away in a car wreck while they were on vacation.

    Lyndsey Roach 79'

    RB Gaming dude wow I thought I was going through some shit I'm crying that's so sad! so sorry for your loss!


    Lulu Thomas It's okay ❤ thank you for your kind words :)

    Lyndsey Roach 79'

    @RB Gaming ❤❤ god bless you!

  40. Brett Ellis

    Those days for me is when my grandma had a heart attack and my 3 year old cousin (Who was like my nephew) had died because he had a tumor and the doctors started to operate and in the middle of a crucial point the doctor walked out of the E.R. grabbed a cup of coffee and went to go play 9 holes.

  41. Mike's Palace of DownTime

    Makes me wanna punch freiza through a mountain like goku

  42. lookatthis

    i do remember that day 🙀

  43. Christian Hatred

    we all have that day

  44. Jeffrey Goodall

    I'm a big "old school" metalhead, but I love Nonpoint's intensity. Keep hammering guys!

  45. Fred Otempong

    this song would be a great match for Attack on Titan

  46. asem

    Fucking AWESOME!! Can't stop listening :D

  47. :Execute:

    911 was dat day

  48. christopher valentino

    I love this song. My favorite song on the album. This song means a lot to me because it reminds me of the rough times I've seen in my own life.

  49. 71st SMITH


  50. dana jones

    It thoroughly surprises me as to how many songs could reflect a situation in a persons life.

  51. Jeremy Proctor

    Its not to heavy

  52. Patrick Appel

    Outstanding song!

  53. Michael Hoffius

    once again,Nonpoint have outdone themselves!!! beautiful album

  54. Sad HousePlant


  55. Gerald Stone

    "That day" for me was Dec 22nd when I watched a 19 yr old Girl die right in front of me...

    Jeremy Reed

    Damn bro...

    Patrick Appel

    I feel ya bro. I've watched many, many people die in front of me. Not all of them were trauma, but I still see their faces. I remember it all.

    Gerald Stone

    @Patrick Appel Yea this was a work accident..Worse thing I have ever seen and something I will never forget.This song reminds me of that for some reason.Sorry for your Issues thou Sir,I wish this on no one at all..

    Gerald Stone

    @Patrick Appel long Time since this went Down but it is still here.Sorry for the Necro.

    Todd Garver

    Jesus christ...

  56. jeff vaughn

    i dont thing there is a such thing as too heavy lol.

  57. Bassistking

    If my memory serves me right
    You were serving up nothing but a plate of lies
    (And it was covered in fles.
    Rotten from the inside out
    Still throwing up just to put it in my mouth)

  58. Armin Slisans

    Just listen to background guitar which starts in 10th second. In love forever :)

    Patrick Appel

    Oh man, just hit it. Great guitar work.

  59. Xanax37

    I remember that day...goodbye my brena

  60. JohnathonWayne

    I remember thats day paul walker died! RIP friend. You will be missed.

  61. Nick De Furia

    thank you megadeth, you exposed me to this fantastic band. i met them yesterday at the megadeth gig in NJ they are really nice guys with some epic music 


    Good on you. I missed the Megadeth/Meshugga/TesseracT show. Really disappointed in myself over that.

  62. Emma Silbernagel

    SiriusXM Octane. Thank You

  63. Kelly Lilburn

    I want it LOUD!!

    Armin Slisans

    Oh how I understand you :)

  64. Immersev

    101.5 bob rocks plays this song like 10 times a day because everybody loves this song.

    Andrew Benedict

    they jam it on octane Sirius xm too

    Mervin Rudes

    That's exactly how I started listening to them!


    Nonpoint - Breaking Skin (Audio)

  65. Immersev

    i remember that day everything changed............Is the first day of school.

    Nick M

    Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but it's assumed you aren't, so same

  66. JohnathonWayne

    100.3 The Edge! Thank you!!

    Trey Smith


    James Ferguson


    James Ferguson

    Trey Smith I see you boiiiii lol

  67. Nick ayala

    I Remember that day. I remember that day when I died and was reborn. This song is amazing. Keep this shit alive. \m/

  68. GOGXi dRumA Bubnjar

    The best heavy shit of 2013' incredible song!

    a7x fan

    i wouldn't call this "heavy" but its a good song

  69. James Halfhorse

    Worth every penny ain't it?

  70. Ryan Donato

    Brunettes are hot!

  71. simtech85

    and if they could stop playing Pearl Jam on Lithium, I would be an happy customer lol

  72. simtech85

    I Remember that day, everything change!! WHEN I HEARD IT FOR THE FIRST TIME ON OCTANE!!! EVERYTHING CHANGED!!! ROAR!!!

  73. Jon Bennington

    please tell me you are not blonde .... LOL

  74. Jon Bennington

    now if they would just stop playing Kid Rock on Octane ..... I prefer the cutting edge new rock n roll not all the squish face boo hoo love shizz plus I don't wanna hear music from 10 freaking years ago other than that Octane rocks !!! ( Hot for Kayla ;-) )

  75. Sam C-G

    me being a human being with ears that work.. this is better than juuggghhhstiiinn.. biiiiieeeeb..uuugh.... I can't say its name..

  76. CryptonicNova

    ......I'm sorry. *Walks away*

  77. Chris Hickman

    good song

  78. 3sp3c4u

    this song is fcking unbelievable

  79. GreenBayDave

    20 people don't remember that day.....

  80. ClubbyLion

    103.9 The Bear <3

  81. mellowyelloww1

    its all about that 989 The Bear :D

  82. Kenobi Captures

    Octane sirius xm!!

  83. Kirbycomet1

    this is a great band i dont care about ability though its all about the energy put into the songs and nonpoint is one of the best bands at this they remind me of a ffdp or disturbed

  84. Madeline Zapor



    Ikr, but at the end of the day its kinda nice being the odd one out listening to the music no one else in the room listens to. Same motivation for me getting my ears pierced.

    ocean ramon

    @ZeroPhoenix thats a dumb ass reason to get your ears pierced. You get your ears pierced cuz you like it, not cuz your insecure and want to be different.

  85. Tyce Pickett

    If anything they remind me of five finger death punch, they don't sound the same but they bring the same level of energy and aggression to all their songs :)

  86. Insid Aero

    Nonpoint definitely did.

  87. Robbie S

    94.3 The X!! :D

  88. I〉U

    Do guys really feel like this ?

  89. HazingNight

    Gotta love octane

  90. Tyce Pickett

    Fuck this song is awesome, keep hitting repeat over and over and over :) fuckin beautiful \m/

  91. Insid Aero

    94.1 JJO made me search this up. <3 I love it.

  92. McDutty


  93. Preacher Reachers

    LOVE THIS STATION! (Modesto)

  94. ALone7AceX

    I agree !!

  95. Hiz Oku

    96.7 The Valley's Rock Station <3

  96. Exce1si0r

    The only decent radio station in the area imo. ;o

  97. Mysterious13100

    95 will rock radio station brought me here