Nonpoint - Peace Of Mind Lyrics

Trapped inside
Places i'm starting to hate
Stuck inside
Wasted i fall into place
Watching the world
And waiting for something to change
Do what we have to
To get what we need
From whats left
For people like me
Batterd and bruised
From the chances i take
Its the impossible way that i think

You shouldve been satisfied
You should have been full inside
You could have been happy
Simply with your peace of mind

More than just
More than a thorn in my side
More than just
More than our differece aside
Im choosing sides now
Still waiting
For my peace of mind now
No strings attached
To the
Promises given
To the
Faces and places
Of those that i hate
Its the impossile way that i think

You shouldve been satisfied
You should have been full inside
You could have been happy
Simply with your peace of mind

Heres your share
And my share
You still need
More to fill
Its all
Or nothing at all
You take from me
You need to rest from me

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Nonpoint Peace Of Mind Comments
  1. Eli Fury

    2020 boys. Still banging this

  2. Joshua Mcmurray

    microchips test

  3. Joshua Mcmurray

    the entertainment industry and invention industry steal with contracts and hurt the contract signer for money and they hire the poor to curpt the contract signer with law

  4. José Coy

    2018 lml

  5. Oskar Sügijainen

    This song was used in the movie CarpeDiem2 and its cool i finally found it but there was another song used in this movie which i cant find.Its lyrics were something like "Its your tv and nature,go where ita takes ya do what it makes ya",maybe someone knows what im talking about and could lead me to this song.I would be very thankful.


    The other song you're talking about is "Freak of Nature" by Sinisstar.

  6. Joel Bailes

    Best song on this fucking album \m/

  7. Robert Castaneda

    Check My Peace Cocina!!! Stoopid Puta!!!! Ive been here 4EVER... I aint goin nowheres AYE. FUck YOU!!! More than just...More than a thorn in my side....Its the impossible way that I think.

  8. Reem manai


  9. Kristian Collins

    I thought this would be a remake of Boston's peace of mind

  10. shnoogums1

    this is one underrated rock band if i ever knew one

  11. Jayme Patageul

    so fucking TRUE .... :'(

  12. Sora657

    and A7X overrated

  13. Kyle Neff


  14. raknus pater

    I love this Fucking Song !!!!!

  15. DJ Groff

    @OfficialBrettJustin I hear ya man, I was thinkin the same thing

  16. Kristjan Velleste

    ahh, what ? uh yeah nonpoint!
    btw, awsome song, i love that begginning!

  17. Pharmies Reggae

    nonpoint were hella friendly when i met them at the Sprite Liquid Mix tour... all thizzzzzzzzzzed out!

    George Montalvo

    met them in Orlando great People one of my favs

  18. raknus pater

    I love itttttttttt !!!!!! ♥

  19. Louis Keyser

    yess that is true vokken kraaikop