Nonpoint - Mindtrip Lyrics

You're about to take a mindtrip
So get your ticket stamped
Pack your thoughts on up
And set yourself
To rant and rave I'll pave the way
And clear a path
For all the aftermath
That's gonna happen
When these verses hit
Your bony ass Bon Voyage I'll check you later
Now check your reason
Was it all for pleasing
Or was it all misleading
Or do you need a guide
Brother check your side I'm gonna take you on a joyride
Trip inside your mind
Trip inside your mind
Trip inside your mind
Trip inside your mind
Feels good and separate yourself
It feels real good I think I kicked in another 12 hours
I'll be back again the vitamin C Is making me C
The visual dreams
All the colors and the schemes
The visual dreams
The light from the moon
Screams shuttering
Laughing to breathe
Separate yourself I'm gonna take you on a mindtrip
I'm gonna take you on a mindtrip I'm gonna take you on a
I'm gonna take you on a I'm gonna take you on a
Separate yourself
Separate yourself
This neverending story is ending finally
The scheme of things
The ways of life
You step into the pit
Of the heart, the mind, body, and soul
These griffin roles
You'll soon be playing them alone Jester jokes told again
And then you say we're friends
Well I'm laughing and coughing
Set me off and check the character of this cartoon
Delusions you are seeing
Are coming real real real soon
Trip again
You're my only friend I wanna trip I wanna trip again
Trip again
You're my only friend I wanna trip I wanna trip again
I wanna trip again I wanna trip again I'm gonna trip again
Trip again trip again trip again I wanna trip again
Trip again trip again trip again trip again
Trip again trip again trip again trip again
Separate yourself
Separate yourself
I'm gonna take you on a mindtrip I'm gonna take you on a mindtrip
Separate yourself
Separate yourself
Separate yourself
Separate yourself
Separate yourself
Separate yourself

Separate yourself
Separate yourself
Look inside
You're gonna find me there
Looking for your simple pleasure

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Nonpoint Mindtrip Comments
  1. Nunja Biz

    I’ve only become aware of Nonpoint within the last 9 months. I like them alot , but this song is absolutely amazing!

  2. Kry Kry Stott

    Total late 90s- 2000s metal (2000-2009) it was a era and time like no other they sound a bit like early Incubus in this song 💯🔥💯🔥

  3. Dan Wrench

    Was that taped at the Kelsy club?

  4. Bob

    That intro is amazing! :D

  5. Rodrigo Miranda

    Reportandose en 2019🤘

  6. Celser Games

    666k views, hmmmm...

  7. Matt Gallant

    Oh 90s metal lol still love it. They were one of the good ones. Like Incubus and the Deftones.

    Kry Kry Stott

    More so 2000s metal this song came out in 2000

  8. Sweet Jones III

    Didnt know Munky was the lead singer of Nonpoint lol

  9. Sue Sutton

    I really want to see these guys play in NZ . . . .. .

  10. Bradley Nye

    yes, yes, and YES!

  11. Bob

    0:18 bring your bony ass over here :}

  12. Shawn Newton

    Who remembers UFO Pants?!! maaad classic.

  13. InlineMadLad

    The band who fukked up everything they got, and later do not include the album Statement on Spotify, lucky me, I got the first press on CD...fukking epic album.

  14. taprackbang88

    Here i sit, 9 years later... Still waiting for more music like this. Anything like To the Pain or earlier please. Thanx

  15. 50 rnd

    Never gets old!2018!

  16. Mister Vegan

    Trip inside your mind..... <3

  17. 3Xcollasso

    good stuff....rage against the machine jr.

  18. Syclone0044

    My favorite part is 3:07 those heavy, chunky guitar notes. Reminds me of how Slayer - Raining Blood goes during the part immediately following the "breakdown"(?) about 2/3 way through the song.

  19. Toxik-Vermin

    I dont like their stuffs after Recoil but damn their earlier work is badass.

  20. Noah Dx

    Were they are a hardcore band before they went numetal? That was a very straight edge sounding breakdown.

  21. Kenny Smiley

    They take me on a mind trip

  22. hudalla hudalla

    I grew up with this cd it made me a drummer.

  23. Dan Allen

    simply an amazing band

  24. Jared S

    still one of the greatest songs EVER!!!!!

  25. Lobonoir

    Yeah ..............Separate your self .............Take a trip !!!!!!!

  26. leah buh

    Que banda tan infravalorada

  27. Skwisgaar Skwigelf

    Still the best song they ever recorded. Period.

  28. GB Packbrew

    My favorite Nonpoint song by far....The band is filled with straight up cool dudes. I've seen them twice now, and each time after the show they are out their greeting the fans, taking pics, and signing autographs. A class act for sure. Not to mention the show show is amazing!

    Rodrigo Miranda


  29. Cee Cee

    separate yourself..every morning when I walk into the office..

  30. Mulmaster

    i wanna trip again....

  31. Colin Powers

    look at those parishot pants or that"s what they look like lol

  32. AJAXXX420

    Filmed in '99 at The Fubar in Unincorporated Fort Lauderdale, off of Cypress creek and just west of Dixie hwy. Was in the crowed. Can confirm.

    Chris Vatter

    was there too

    Gabriel Trujillo

    I was there when they in second stage of the ozz fest they signed my t-shirt from this concert

  33. Syclone0044

    This is one of the heaviest songs I've ever heard. Just fucking love how many times it has like those nasty breakdowns or whatever, and how each one seems more wicked than the previous one. A goddamn masterpiece!

    josh schaefer

    Lol you obviously haven't heard many songs then listen to Exhorder or cattle decapitation they make nonpoint which is a great band seem like a little kid band


    +josh schaefer Give me an example song. I've heard plenty of stuff that would "seem" heavier than this, but fails to create a heavier effect because it's just wanton use of speed and noise.

    josh schaefer

    slaughter in the Vatican - hammer smashed face - any electric wizard song - gojira love - etc

    Cameron Birch

    +Syclone0044 Checkout Emmure if you just want break downs lol

  34. Nicolás Rivera


  35. Don Morse

    god i need to TRIP MY BALLS OFF!!!!!!

  36. Aleks Darkone

    Holy shit! the vocalist it's a copy of Chino from Deftones in the 90's, if you don't believe me look the bootlegs in @mrvesanique channel

    The Irony

    Aleks Darkone just because he has dreds and a black windbreaker? lol ok dude

  37. Iron Heart

    I was only 16 when I first listen to these guys! I'm 23 years old now and damn this song bring back memories.


    +Iron Heart Yeah it's good shit for sure.

  38. tae smellsbad

    this guy is the best nu metal vocalist i know


    @tae smellsbad
    Lynn Strait IMO ~ he was taken FROM HERE WAS TO SOON.....just think if he lived out his life WHERE he would of taken NU METAL to =) <3 rip LYNN

    tae smellsbad

    Oh yeah snot, love that band too

    Craig Hauser

    Sorry but snot sucked

    Metalhead Michael

    Not to mention, he's the vocalist for the best band in the world!


    hell yeah!

  39. Vamperic Evil

    I saw them a few times back in 98 when they were playing little clubs in ft . Lauderdale when I was a teenager! Fucking awesome!

  40. u8sumthinbad

    Third song of this band I have heard. Awesome. Onto the fourth now.

  41. Michael Callaby

    are you wearing UFOs Bro?

  42. chris stravoskufis

    its this just me does this like a sevendust knock off headtrip kinda funny....

    Twitchy Mang

    kind of is

    Metalhead Michael

    chris stravoskufis This sounds nothing like "Headtrip", and both songs have 2 completely different meanings.

  43. Ronny Hernández

    puerto rico rulz.... vamos latinos carajo SALUDOS DESDE VENEZUELA...


    Elias es mitad dominicano! 

    Ronny Hernández

    Latino 100% ese pana, su musica es lo maximo

  44. damnationdefied777

    Andy had the most kickass guitar tone! 


    +damnationdefied777 Fuck yeah dude! I started Facebook page for him called Andrew Goldman Original Nonpoint Guitarist.

    Metalhead Michael

    damnationdefied777 He still is their best guitarist ever.

  45. Nevada Campbell

    Has Nonpoint came out with a new album here recently???! I have always thought that they were an amazing band, and could never figure out why they weren't more popular than they were!!? Most fans said that they were cool as hell to hang out with absolutely no egos or nothing!?

    Aaron Terrell

    They never stopped putting out music


    Their most recent album/release was The Return(2014) check that shit out man!!


    +EscapeTheEnigma i think they just released the album art for their next album called The Poison Red

    Joel Bailes

    darkslayer366 And it's fucking badass \m/

  46. Nevada Campbell

    Does anyone else think that Nonpoint's drummer looks like David Dramain from Disturbed!!

  47. Anthony Haller

    The singer looks like Jah from (Hed) P.E. .

  48. mims24

    I remember that day! Miami Local Band Scene Died now! 

  49. Fernando V

    This was my very first X trip song. Still think it's the best! Much love Nonpoint!

  50. Garrett Nibarger

    love this song so much!! thanks Nonpoint!

  51. poindextertunes

    heavy riff after heavy riff. loved it and still love it

  52. spartan346

    I too, aggressively want to trip again.


    I just did last night..."and the vitamin c is making me see the visual dreams, colors and schemes"

  53. nando gutiérrez


  54. Neos


  55. Manai Reem

    MEMORIES ^_^ 



  57. Johnny Bravo

    2:52 i didnt know james hetfield played bass in nonpoint

    Silver Shadow

    he's look like andy james

  58. Spring SparkleSeed

    Bring the NOISE.

  59. Nekomesha

    So badass

  60. Matt Miller

    Drummer is on a mission as well

  61. Chris Vatter

    Fubar miss that place

  62. GruevyJamLover

    still one of my favorite jams

  63. Lawrence Crecy

    That Bassist goes hard!

  64. vman106

    holy crap. Great song ! :)

  65. Johnny Damian

    I was at this showww when they recorded this in south fl. The crowd was so hypedddd

  66. MadGraveRobber

    heard this for the first time a year ago. Now, it's still awesome.

  67. J HEEZ

    haha 1:30 very pissed off/hyped up bassist

  68. Redmailnet

    They did what? Shame on 'em!!

  69. Maurits

    Good point.

  70. CMClaudio1989

    I think it might be about tripping. Just my opinion

  71. Maurits

    What I'm wondering, is what this song is about.

  72. Mike Oakly

    love uuu guys!! Madison WI does too.

  73. D3coify

    0:01 Now that´s what I call a fan!!!

  74. Lin Can Park

    Thumbs up if this song sent your mind on a trip!

  75. KempfPlus

    I like the Struggle album version this song too, it's grittier.

  76. Carlos Burgos


  77. Mike Hejja

    Raise your hand if you were at this music video taping.

  78. Joe Rios

    I think this song is better than the album version. Just sayin

    Metalhead Michael

    Joe Rios This is the album version. But yeah, the demo is better.

  79. King Feliciano

    i'm doing a mindtrip too doing my high school intramurals.

  80. andrew12341231

    totally jelous

  81. tweek763

    awesome :-)

  82. andrew12341231

    how did it go?

  83. tweek763

    goin on a mindtrip tomorrow

  84. crazymanwithastick

    The Statement album is still one of the best albums I've ever experienced!

  85. CT-117

    I want to meet up with Lucy again and listen to this

  86. OnAChairSitting

    You got Britney Spears? Ha. That's nothing. I got an ad about Justin Bieber I wasn't allowed to skip.

  87. YoSeCualEsMejor

    im here cus i was watching a Darwins Waiting Room video, and i click this on accedant, but now i love this song, NonpointVEVO just got a new sub :)

  88. pedro jose

    min 1:14 jajajaja

  89. 08l1v10nl0rd

    @MadGraveRobber Britney spears! Yay, Vevo was reading my mind, thanks for reminding me Madgraverobber!

  90. Scorpi

    Best part starts at 0:08 :)

  91. Sonnyv102687

    Im gonna take you on a mindtrip!


    Ola pessoal, sou um fã de NONPOINT aqui no BRASIL. Muito foda a banda, não entendo como aqui ela não é muito famosa. Abraços!

  93. DebbieK BLACK ANGELS Corpe

    :d <3 \m/,,\m/

  94. Jayme Patageul


  95. Rlad78

    Click 0:00 to trip again.

  96. Gothumanity

    @zackzack0815 Some of them do. And i'm part of them. Metalheads don't listen to only metal but are interested to know the other genres. Nevertheless, Metal will always be THE BEST \m/ I have nothing against you, just telling ;)

  97. AJAXXX420

    I was there. in that crazy ass crowd. i remember it was at the FUBAR(not there any more) off of Cypress Creek Rd. north of Fort lauderdale Fl. I was14. it was bad freakin ass. Ill never forget it. I think thats the back of Mel T's head that says NONPOINT in the first frames.

  98. John Francis

    Metalheads don't listen to lady gaga!

  99. Joey Barnett

    @ 1:12 Failed Swanton?

  100. Renroh Niloc Thguan

    We get a link to Lady Gaga on any video by Suicidal Tendencies, Nonpoint, etc. But does the Lady Gaga video link to something good? Nope.