Nonpoint - Explain Myself? Lyrics

Like a watchdog standing at the fence.
Just begging for the next person to pass and test his patience.
Hammer back, cocked ready to go off.
Looking for any volunteers that want to crawl and cough.
Stand's up front when it's time to take a maybe situation,
to a definate, shake it up battle me,
you're going to see everything go red.
You bother me with your Grand Inquisition.

I won't and I shouldn't have to.
Why should I explain myself to you?

You're getting too close to the animal.
The one you're going to turn into a cannibal.
I'm not holding anything back.
So, you better be holding if I start to attack.
Body all scarred from the battles before.
But, I call them "monetary marks of war."
Battle started with or with out any kind of warning.
I knew that it was coming, so I did nothing about it.


Take it easy your going too far.
You don't want to keep this car in the red.
You don't want to start what you just can't end,
by just pretending that you're not going to bend.
Instead, you're looking right into the eyes of a savage.
Ready to pillage, loot, and ravage.
You've never seen anything like this.
Or react, the second you end up on the list.


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Nonpoint Explain Myself? Comments
  1. Dan Allen

    one of many amazing songs by nonpoint. they been around 20 years and i can remember them as a local band still get goose bumps everytime i see them. cant wait to see them live again

  2. 2 CHILL

    This song JUST MADE THE LIST!!!...of one of my favorite songs😊

  3. Anthony Haller

    @Redstar One And the U.S. government.

  4. Redstar One

    Send this to North Korea.

  5. TooLFan8

    @ 2:11 I came in my pants.

  6. dyranjedkllrguy

    AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Edmasterz

    I won't and I shouldn't have to.
    Why should I explain myself to you?

    two best lines in music`s history!