NOFX - Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Lyrics

We are Rome, Aztec Mexico, Easter Island paradigm
We are followers of Jimmy Jones, cutting in the kool-aid line

We are Animal Farm Pigs, we are a Terry Gilliam film
We are fear Oligarchy, we are wolves in wolves' clothing,
We are this planet's kidney stones

In the process of getting passed, metamorphosis from first to last
A system breaking down beyond repairs
A product of three million millionaires, a hundred million easy marks

We are Marie Antoinette, we are Joseph McCarthy
We've finally become the divided states
A nation built on freedom, fear, and hate, the denotation of Irony

We all want a Hollywood end, but we're getting a foreign one
The script has already been penned, and titled, "the epitaph of a drowning nation"

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NOFX Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Comments
  1. Paul Lomax

    Old fart says this album is one if the best.

  2. tu amigo y vecino el T-rex de Chrome b· -·d

    y esa cancion en español?xd

  3. Darkness J Wonderman

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    If your answer is no then go ahead and Crank up that simple plan CD and "rock out" like your mom said it was ok. (Just don't use any cuss words) God is listening.

  4. TheTorturekilla

    We get to play LOADED

  5. Justin Sumerlin

    When the bar closes you posers can find me here.

  6. Emiliano Dean

    FAT MIKE's Favorite Album !!!

    Lucky Vanderwagon

    Clearly the best album they ever did

    Lucky Vanderwagon

    Don't get me wrong. They had other good ones

    Emiliano Dean

    fuck yeah !! also, when it came out, i had really really enjoyed discovering this album after drinking four entire Colt 40's xD !!!

  7. Ricky Thurman

    Start the C.P.U.S.A. License Agreement!

  8. Ricky Thurman

    Judicate My Eyeball's!

  9. Ricky Thurman

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  16. John Suttle

    All you know is thier money. You don't even care about wellbeing. Im dropping truth bombs to teach the abandoned youth. Burn the world down. We can have a toast to Armageddon and a Joint for the punks who didn't make it. A big finger to the super rich. I hope they od in a fuckn ditch. Your White America is Amera Dust.

  17. Gian-Luca Nardini

    Trump 2020! :D



  19. Mike Dow

    I got into NOFX in about 92 I'd say. White trash era... I went back and got the older stuff ( longest line, ribbed, s and m airlines etc..) I don't care for the stuff before longest line too much. When I read their book, Which is amazing, I liked how Mike said Bad Religion's Suffer changed everything. That explains a lot! I've enjoyed all of their albums. Some more than others. This and Ribbed being my favorites. Mike's lyrics and song titlles are flat out amazing, clever, funny, and a little scary, as they should be! Both Backstage Passport's were great and Home street home was so, so good. I hope I get to see it live someday ( Cleveland?) NOFX are an important band that did it on their own and I will always be a fan. A bald, tubby, 47 yr old fan, but a fan none the less. Thanks guys. You truly ( punk) rock☠️ smelly, I've got a few yrs clean under my belt myself. You have been an inspiration. I would have snorted the green shit, I know it...

  20. Dave West


  21. prudence fitzenstein

    This has to be the most underated nofx album there is, it's literally like top 3 next to drublic and errorism and I feel like most people don't even know it exist. I'd blame the artwork

    murray brink

    I pretty much fell out of the whole scene thinking that NOFX were no longer relevant to me. Then I heard First Ditch Effort and realised I had simply been living under the rock of normalcy. NOFX are as relevant now as they ever have been. I'm 46 and am loving catching up with all the awesome music I have been denying myself. I LOVE NOFX.

  22. Byllgrim

    I DO like extreme metal, but sometimes I think there's more energy in songs like these.

  23. Pat Swayze

    Not their besr,but ok album

  24. Pedro Capelossi

    Thanks for uploading!

  25. Joe Soap

    I'm a cali scumbag .... I care nought for your point of view ...I'm here 'cause I'm a fuck'n cunt face.. gug bless Y'all

  26. Preston Stanley

    1 million views on this album yet I'm the only NOFX fan that I know where I'm from

  27. Lee Carter

    They lost after so long and thanks for the shoes its like pop punk gone wrong. Jesus saves

  28. Angélica

    Buenos recuerdos tengo de esta pieza maestra <3

  29. Leandro Miño

    Desde ak en adelante son todos los discos una cagada .se extraña lo que eran antes 🙁

  30. David Vardy

    I'm new..!!!! it's 5 am I'm in bed banging my head to nofx and it never gets old. ..fucking awesome! !!!
    love it. ...

  31. Darkness J Wonderman

  32. ThePoohat

    this is easily my favourite nofx album, probably one of my top 5 all time albums. one of only a handful i could consistently listen to from start to finish.

    YT Recluss


  33. jd tattoo

    Bueno, pues lo consegui la bici me la estan arreglando, mas adelante comprare piezas nuevas, de momento voy a recibir la bici arreglada y quiza con la caja xt nueva y ahora voy a por la gorra, voy a tatuar y lo voy a invertir en la gorra que me robaron, si no es por ebay es por amazon o la veo en alguna tienda, el caso es que ya lo solucione

  34. Ryan Espo

    I seen them at warp tour and they threw 4 gs to the crowd all In one dollar bills. One of the funnest shows yet

  35. Omar Uriel Quiroz O.


  36. Albi

    Most underrated NOFX album

  37. Whovian Gamer

    I will always love NOFX.

  38. Jason Kirkpatrick

    Joshua molested his little brother

  39. Manuel Relgeiz


  40. Chris Neumann

    Let's all just get shit-faced and listen to Nofx

  41. Chris Neumann

    No Effects fuck yeah 1 a.m. punk rock fuck you

  42. Paul Stettler

    This is fat mikes favorite nofx album i read somewhere

    Jee'zus Carone

    its mine as well, even tho i grew up with ribbed, punk in drublic and their first live album.

  43. Vince van der Perre

    seems like this album is 12 years old. One of my favs

  44. Vince van der Perre

    Instagram brought me here


  46. Constantly Correct

    I used to like NoFX. Then I realized that they are fucking moronic leftist idealogs, and doesn't actually THINK. It's repulsive vacuous behavior. No thanks!

  47. partyhardwithme

    Holy shit, 31 years old, diehard bad religion fan, i can't believe i didn't listen to these guys before. Now im fucking addicted.

  48. Cody son ######################

    I've only worn them listening to this how to turn 10 Jesus Christ I hate this phone

  49. People Corrupting People

    Hey Criminals! Shameless self promotion time! If you like _____Nofx_______, please check out our band: People Corrupting People! You might like us!
    We're music for people who hate music!

  50. Daniel M

    For me this is the second best NOFX album, after Shoes. Drublic and Fuck the Kids are tied at #3

    Errorism is good, but to me this album is just a better version of it

  51. R. B.

    Great Album.

  52. Greeny Gob

    1) 60% (00:00)
    2) USA-holes (02:25)
    3) Seeing Double At The Triple Rock (04:39)
    4) We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drums
    5) The Marxist Brothers (09:27)
    6) The Man I Killed (12:11)
    7) Benny Got Blowed Up (13:30)
    8) Leaving Jesusland (14:35)
    9) Getting High On The Down Low (17:29)
    10) Cool and Unusual Punishment (18:43)
    11) Wolves In Wolves' Clothing (20:49)
    12) Cantado En Espanol (22:46)
    13) 100 Times Fuckeder (24:13)
    14) Instant Crassic (26:10)
    15) You Will Lose Faith (26:45)
    16) One Celled Creature (29:17)
    17) Doornails (30:49)
    18) 60% (Reprise) (33:04)


    Greeny Gob mvp

    Mark Hurley

    You just copied the description


    Mark Hurley the description doesnt have blue time links


    Their second worst record behind coasters. Still, some tunes are quite enjoyable,

  53. Uncle Napalm

    or doornails. it reminds me of those years i was addicted

  54. Uncle Napalm

    best song officially is seeing double at triple rock

  55. Rodrigo Carballo

    This was about 10 years ago, at that time I was 12 years old. I remember listening to an mp3 of my brother "The Man I Killed", and other songs with lagwagon, no use for a name, bad religion, etc ... and every time it rang, my head exploded. I know because until today I remember that sensation, and he keeps it with a big smile.

  56. Shawn Wiggins

    237 people thumbs downed this?? Really??

  57. Chris Hufham

    Favorite is Seeing Double at the Triple Rock!!!

  58. USAGreatnexs Freedom

    mike have tou been 2 san diego? nice place

  59. Chad Ehlers

    glad punk rocks not dead , love all the controversy

  60. Lulu

    Best punk band ever, NOFX discography here:

  61. TheIceFury

    Doornails my favorite song from this album :D

  62. Fahrul Blink 182

    I like punk rock the best a nofx good of sound.

    Mark Hurley

    AWW look its trying to communicate

  63. Charlie Anderson

    NOFX is besto

  64. Cereal Killer

    Sometimes I wonder if NoFx would still be as good without Smelly, Melvin, Hefe and Mike?

  65. Kobe Beyan

    wow this album holds up to everything going on today

  66. Quentin Joe

    I remember when I was 26 ,27,she was19 r20 we fuck around I miss that time wish you were here now still having a blast .sings like this make me think what she doing now.????

  67. hernan

    I volunteer to teach Spanish to El Hefe (Jefe)

  68. videman21 O.g.

    i like that people are still listening to nofx in 2017. it comes as a shock to the rest of my generation when i start bumping the punk rock but no fucks

    S K

    Haha, yea same, people are always like "how can you listen to this", but who cares :P

  69. Ilselott

    I think this one's my fave album of nofx <3

  70. sbeaulieusonopan

    Sealing the sea of cheese

  71. asdf

    Love these guys, besides them being fucking pro Israel that is.

  72. nebulaxeon

    Nofx are- SAF.

  73. X Y

    Impeach Trump !!!

    Mark Hurley

    Impeach “X Y”

    catatomic counts

    trumps a carrot

    Bernard Bourdeau

    Impeach "nouseforanamehere"!!!!!

  74. Martin Spud

    They really need to remaster this album.

  75. Mateus Marins

    MOst of nofx songs are fucking good,
    respect from Brazil !

  76. Jessie Shoemaker

    this album is fuckin awsome!!!

  77. A D

    NOFX lost. Conservatism is the new counter-culture.

  78. Selfish Gills

    Such a great album, very underrated.

    The songs I listed below are beyond amazing. The band's anger/angst is so beautifully channeled into the songs you can feel it. This is what punk is all about!

    You will loose faith
    100 times fk-eder
    Indifferent drum
    One cell creature

    And...Check out my cover of idiots are taking over 😹

  79. James Farmer

  80. Jordan

    thanks nahwhafex

  81. Shaggy Doo

    chinga la tuya xd

  82. Memelandfarms

    Jesus fucking Christ there's a lot of advertisements on this video

  83. Edgard Salvador Ruiz

    el mejor álbum de nofx

  84. Kabel Records

    Auch sehr cool! Unbedingt anhören:

  85. Guido Parco

    BTW Fat mnike is not even fat, compared to most people he is a skinny fucker, so thre. STEET

  86. Guido Parco

    Fuk of nofx your shite hawks n I hate U, U xunts====

  87. reptilly billy

    you arse. how you think nofx would react if they found out your trying to earn money from their songs.

  88. Michael Teixeira

    check out this band - The Twenitest

  89. Ray Carril

    well duhhhh

  90. Taylor Harlow

    bunch of kooks


    Taylor Harlow how'd you know I'm one of those special chefs that don't cook food *scratches arm* none of us are insane or high *scratches other arm*

  91. Maxi Bam

    todos los discos de nofx son perfectos


    Very good!
    Brazilian punk / hardcore band launches live for 15 years. Oldschool. Get to know!

  93. Hanna Vardy

    got to say. .nofx. .fucking awesome. .....

  94. sentiospoot

    My dad used to play this album all the time when I was growing up. Takes me home a little bit. Thanks for exposing me to political rage as an eight-year-old, Dad, makes me much better at it now that I really need it.