NOFX - The Quitter Lyrics

Be a winner not a problem admitter un quit
(I quit, I'm shit)
Better to be a hepper than a healthy 12 stepper, forfeit
(I'm shit)
You wanna keep it goin’ but you don’t know how
Everyone at meetings gets a Löwenbräu
You quit (I quit)
You’re shit (I’m shit)
You’re a quitter (I’m a quitter)
And no one likes you

Start a pattern of behavior; I see no reason to stop.
(Don't stop, don't drop)
You got a habit, got to have it ’til it’s finished don’t drop
(Don't drop)
The Charlie Chan’s chopped, Pabst pitcher been poured
You got a spare kidney and your liver looks bored
So stop (With friends)
fucking (like you)
around (I’m fucked)
You’re buying the next round

“C’mon you gonna Quit?
You gonna walk away and Quit?
Mark my words:
If you ever wanna be a winner
You're gonna quit talking about quitting
You got that?”

You wanna be a Thompson, Hemingway, Bukowski
Banging Bill Burroughs lived to 83
You’re fa- (You're a)
-mous and (fucking)
you’re rich (dickhead)
quit acting like a bitch

And no one likes you!

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