NOFX - The Man I Killed Lyrics

As they tightly strap me in, give me lethal injection
I've just a few moments to live, I've no remorse for what I did
It was for the benefit of man, I made the utmost sacrifice
Before more damage could be done I took his life

There was a split second of silence when the dart punctured the skin
Beady eyes rolled back in head, the body dropped from the poison
They could incapacitate me, but could not erase my sneer
I heard a thousand people screaming, I know three billion others cheered
He was gone, and I would soon be

Executed by the state, all appeals would be in vain
I was not criminally insane, in fact I was found to be
An otherwise caring and respectable member of society
A minor threat except for that one man I killed

As the sedatives take effect, I just smile, close my eyes
There's a priest kneeling next to me, he asks me if I realize
I was going straight to hell, and he thought that I should know
That the man I killed's replacement planned this whole scenario
And what I did would make no difference

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NOFX The Man I Killed Comments
  1. Ronald Poon

    amazing video

  2. jay

    Haha cool outro

  3. mellowedpunker

    noice job mate

  4. Juggalo Magic Ninja MCL

    Great job, really nice fit! Kept up with the song spot on, very cool!

  5. Yaboi Colvin

    Fucking love this song

  6. Claire Dumortier

    I di coi?

  7. fullskapunk alchemist

    Loved how the jets flying in went perfectly with the guitar. Also at the end when you run out of credit was the pose of the figure alluding to either minor threat's selftitled or out come the wolves by rancid?

    Mark Arandjus

    Was a indeed a Minor Threat reference :)
    You'll notice it first shows up at 0:48 going along with the lyrics.

  8. Christian Exposito

    hey mate, check this version of the song -->

  9. Gian-Luca Nardini

    Trump 2020!

  10. James Porte

    A minor threat... Except for that 1 that I killed

  11. Evan Smith

    That music video couldnt have been any better great animation and depicting the whole story

  12. Adam Bomb

    I know this is about Bush, but we can apply a lot, if not more, to Trump the Clown.

  13. Chris Wilkin

    Nice work mate👠

  14. Tralalalala

    wait this isnt an official MV? seems so right

  15. Grant P

    Maybe next time kill two birds with two darts ?

  16. SidtheKid

    the balloon dude with the dart gun cured by depression

  17. Marty McFly -

    The only problem with this song is it isn’t long enough

  18. Daniel Solano

    Years ago the president of Venezuela died, the vice took his place and turned out to be much worse.

  19. Frank Elton

    Yes I agree that in you killed a world leader is not the solution. Caus here in Holland the whole gouvernement is rotten and corrupt. And they act like theire one of the best country in europe. But infact they are the best criminals of the whole world. And like to steel of the poor People. And are good in raping and killing so fuck all gouvernement

  20. wrarmatei

    Such a great album. NOFX is unusual: the newer the album, the easier I can listen start to finish without skipping any songs. Wolves in Wolves Clothing and The War on Errorism are good examples.

  21. Marko Joseph

    You timed the airplanes at the funeral to the pick slide and their trails looks like guitar strings. Beautiful :)

    Mark Arandjus

    Always nice when someone notices those details ^^

    Marko Joseph

    Mark Arandjus I know what you mean. Kinda planning on making music and videos for it for a living. Political stuff always gets me hyped ^^ what programs do you use?

    Mark Arandjus

    Well this was just plain old Flash, but for editing like the Dark Knight trilogy video on my channel or for videos that I make at work I use Adobe Premiere :)

  22. Marko Joseph

    This is fucking incredible

  23. Joel

    This video is super applicable right now....

    that one loser

    Joel Numainville it always has been.

  24. Zevegas

    Awesome work man! Keep it up

  25. Brady Sharrett

    Go Trump! :P

    what usernme?

    fuck Trump!!!

  26. Jas Max

    Donald trump ??????? : ) ; ) ....please.....

  27. Burgess Forge

    Well this is pretty applicable to our current situation

    Red Johnson

    Everyone is saying that same thing nowadays, but its been like that for much longer than you think.

    Sleaze McSleazerson

    It really isnt, cus killing trump would make things worse. Pence would be in power.

    Addison N

    Jefe s Yeah, but that’s a part of the song too though. It would still be applicable.

    Sleaze McSleazerson

    @Addison N true

  28. Khairuddin Rosle

    better dump trump before the man i killed does happend

    Tropicana Orange Juice

    Oops, too late!

  29. degen

    There will be a punk revival because of this election.


    PunkInDrublic98 You can't revive what is already alive.


    Back from a year, and man if this song was great to sing to then, it sure fuckin is now. Local scene has popped off too

  30. James Levron

    dude you did an awesome job with this man

  31. DFM Bass

    Anyone guitarists or drummers want to start a band with me in Florida? With this shitty election and our future shitty president we'll have a lot to write about.

  32. Facundo Böhle

    Some intelligent man will buy the copyright of this song because this is gonna be really relevant after 2016, I bet.


    Facu Schauerte The song is already owned by NOFX, what are you saying?

  33. Crunchatize Me Senpai

    This is a pretty awesome video, I gotta say. Simple, but it gets the point across, and fits the art style of the album as an added bonus. Good job if you're the one who made it

    Mark Arandjus

    I am, I sometimes think about remaking it for HD, but I don't think it would catch on as this one did for some reason. Then again, looking at this election cycle, the next US president is sure to suck :P

    J l

    Hd! Hd! We want it!

    Diamond Dash

    @Mark Arandjus please remake. It would be amazing.

  34. thePlayer787

    what's the second song called?

    Crunchatize Me Senpai

    "Flossing a Dead Horse"

  35. Dennis S

    Good Job on this vid!

  36. cameron woodbury

    This is a great video! Well done!

  37. 1. FC Baum

    This is just awesome!

  38. RIchard Lamphier

    It's good to see so many recent comments so many years after this album was made. Gives me faith that punk is still alive and kickin'

    RIchard Lamphier

    +Luke Horror I've tried to show these guys to some of my friends and they don't even try to give it a chace. I know that they would agree with what Fat Mike is saying, but they won't even give it a shot because of the music...which, in my opinion, is pretty bad ass too!

  39. Roterodamus

    Awesome video!

  40. Ognjen Ardjelan

    It's like a Prison Break story in one song

  41. Rapha Flores

    What's the name of the song at the end?

    Cody Nation

    +Rapha Flores It literally says it at the end. But, "Flossing a Dead Horse" - NOFX

  42. unecomplette

    love ^0^ thanks mr. plouf and the song creator

    TwilCynder TWB

    Yeah, thanks mr.plouf ^^


    unecomplette Huuuum ! A la fraiiiiise ! :D

  43. MLG Oatmeal

    make moooore i NNEED MORE

  44. Mixtape-Ninja音楽忍者

    Love this song

  45. Jeffrey Sall

    Aw newgrounds....NOFX.... its like the early 2000's all over again

  46. Anej Nobody

    Amazing video man :D congrats \m/

  47. Anej Nobody

    Amazing video man :D congrats \m/

  48. Wax Mop

    Hell cant be much worse than this place called ohio...
    Maybe satan will smoke a joint with me in his lava Jacuzzi. 

  49. 7eonardo2

    0:39 Enlarge your penis lol

    Mark Arandjus

    Heh, I forgot about that one.

  50. BananaMasterRace

    I wish someone did this to bush.

    All Omen

    you have to specify alot of prime ministers in the world, spain, monaco, Portugal etc

    MLG Oatmeal

    @BananaMasterRace true, a lot of people would still be alive


    @All Omen UK because Queen
    Either I kill the Prime Minister and everyone in parliament or
    Queen banishes parliament 

    All Omen

    @BananaMasterRace holy shit it took you more than 4 months to say that? xD


    @All Omen Never really paid attention to this through notfications because it was just "someone liked your comment" until MLG Oatmeal replied to me.

  51. Illiniguy34

    Awesome job.

  52. George Ewing

    P-e-r-f-e-c-t :)

  53. Tomas Wallyveira

    pretty cool animation dude you ;)

  54. Stian Larsson

    Excellent work.  Great vid.

  55. T075

    Pay the man NOFX.


    i see what you did there

  56. Mitch M

    This is sick, good job.

  57. Lewis Taylor

    Song at the end is "Flossing a Dead Horse", sorry I can't reply to you guys 'cause of this shitty new comment system. Maybe this will work @Mark Arandjus @FuckingWeasel 

  58. tom

    What is the song at 1:21 ?

  59. Devin Buerger

    When he says minor threat the guy is doing the Minor threat album cover pose lol

  60. chumples youzen

    did you just read the title and post? id rip this comment apart line by line but mark arandjus pretty much nailed it. except i like how you point out "looks like they are just getting rich to me" because that's just inaccurate. research the history of NOFX.

  61. Agilities OW

    You nailed it! People is so stupid they can't get the mesage.

  62. SlaymakerNoise

    This fucking rips. Nice

  63. Mafon2

    Great work, you've done well. I realy enjoyed it.

  64. Jaben Betz

    this is probably the best thing i've seen all year! im watching it again.... and then again... and when my brother comes home im showing him too... and then i'll watch it again once more...

  65. schpoingle

    good job broseph. Im an animator in new york. i appreciate the work you put in. thanks for sharing.

  66. itamar991

    nice video :)

  67. Eric Perez

    It's like this song was made for Link from Prison Break

  68. Rancid Badger Day

    It would have been better if we killed him then, but now works great too!

  69. John Skapyro

    Amazing video for an amazing song ! NOFX rule ! Great job man ! Cheerz from Greece !

  70. Volumed

    False, George Bush was only a puppet.

  71. Javier de Miquel

    great video dude!

  72. trumph77

    bad ass video man

  73. xxalexmonxx

    You must feel pretty stupid...

  74. DemoniacalLaughter

    Great video!

  75. Pablo Escobar

    awesome video

  76. turtlemelody75

    You are part of the problem.

  77. sdfdg

    Sup dude, good to see the video got a bunch of views!

  78. The Minimum Wage

    Are you a moron?

  79. Jimmy Rage

    reminds me of JFK and obviously troy davis

  80. Tony Montana

    You need to make more!

  81. Emin Bastea

    now it's the official video

  82. 99mcbrady

    still punk

  83. thebleeding456

    don't feed the troll.......

  84. Sasha Kolbinger

    Good video

  85. CheckeeAintAmused

    I like the Minor Threat reference at 0:48

  86. Dino Abortion

    Make more. Many many more. Try something for fatter than Albert? :)

  87. Steven Buswell

    Just because you have the right to have your own opinion doesn't mean it has any value.

  88. leejames929

    did you stop before the end the point of the song is that doing something like the guy did in the song is pointless because it would not change anything

  89. spenore

    So they're "uniformed teenagers" if they don't come to the same conclusion that you did?

  90. Mark Arandjus

    I regretfully inform you that you've missed the point of the song.
    The band hasn't gone out and become martyrs because the twist at the end is that doing so would have 'no significance at all' and would be pointless, since removing a leader of a corrupt system does not remove the corrupt system.
    Also, the irony of you accusing people of a jihad while wishing me and NOFX a terrible death because we made something that clashes with your beliefs will be lost on no one.

  91. CrazyforSwuffles

    hooray, jihad for uninformed teenagers. What irresponsible pricks. I honestly love most of their music but this is absolutely ridiculous regardless of the target and I hope the uploader/band members suffer the fate of hypothetical man in the video and realize no one cares when they're gone. Furthermore, if the band is so righteous in their cause, why haven't they done what they threaten and became martyrs? Sounds like they're just getting rich to me...

  92. Eva Villanueva

    Mooooooron ahead!

  93. ihavekankles

    edgy music for edgy teenagers.

  94. Eva Villanueva

    One of the smartest comment I have read here on Youtube. If people wasn't stupid then stupid music would die...

  95. JanieJones77

    That's amazing dude. Hey, great job! :D