NOFX - Re-gaining Unconsciousness Lyrics

First they put away the dealers,
keep our kids safe and off the street.
Then they put away the prostitutes,
keep married men cloistered at home.

Then they shooed away the bums,
then they beat and bashed the queers,
turned away asylum-seekers,
fed us suspicions and fears.
We didn't raise our voice,
we didn't make a fuss.
It's funny there was no one left to notice
when they came for us.

Looks like witches are in season,
you better fly your flag and be aware
of anyone who might fit the description,
diversity is now our biggest fear.

Now with our conversations tapped
and our differences exposed,
how ya supposed to love your neighbor
with our minds and curtains closed?
We used to worry 'bout big brother,
now we got a big father and an even bigger mother.

And you still believe
this aristocracy gives a fuck about you.
They put the mock in democracy
and you swallowed every hook.

The sad truth is
you'd rather follow the school into the net
'cause swimming alone at sea
is not the kind of freedom that you actually want.

So go back to your crib and suck on a tit
go bask in the warmth of your diaper.
You're sitting in shit and piss
while sucking a giant pacifier,
a country of adult infants.
A legion of mental midgets,
a country of adult infants,
a country of adult infants.
all regaining their unconsciousness

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NOFX Re-gaining Unconsciousness Comments
  1. Aaron Johnson

    AI and Orange Peels

  2. PlayitNext Games

  3. SamWize Ganji

    Mental midgets

  4. Matt

    This sounds so fucking good right now 🍺

  5. Ace McGilicuddy

    check out the poem "First They Came..." then the lyrics might make a bit more sense

  6. some guy

    lol now trump is the dude

    Lex Glad

    Angry hate-clowns

    August 8x

    Lol orange clown impeachment on the roll

  7. John Redcorn

    this song comes off as pro-Trump to me in 2016. liberal mental midgets. "the sad truth is, you'd rather follow the school into the net. 'cause swimming alone at sea is not the kind of freedom that you actually want"

    Mark Arandjus

    Aw man, speaking of anti-feminist NOFX lyrics, you forgot The Black and White one of my fav NOFX songs and the most directly anti-feminist lyrics (far as I'm aware). Which also I think encapsulate their whole attitude and the crux of what you're saying:
    ♪ Simple solutions created by black&white thinking, too bad the world not work that way

    Even so, I get what you're saying, but like I said before: The first part of this song is pro-prostitution, pro-drugs, pro-gay rights, pro-refugees, and pro-diversity. Not exactly right wing conservative, those things. The song is very clearly about the then rise of right-wing mentalities and it seems right-winger-ism is making a bit of a comeback so EVEN TODAY this song is still anti-right, not anti-left, especially with lyrics like 'and you still believe this aristocracy gives a fuck about you' seeing how Republicans, who currently hold most seats, install one corrupt bought-and-paid-for conflict-of-interest administrator after another and people think the 'swamp is being drained'. Lyrics like 'diversity is now are biggest fear' are more appropriate for people who want to restrict immigration, call trans people mentally ill or paedophiles, and chant for walls at the southern border, rather than a few insufferable liberal collage nitwits.

    But hey I certainly won't tell you how to listen to music and interpret lyrics, The Faded Line by Lamb of God is to me a Love Song, though that's clearly not the intent. Just don't get it twisted ;)

    Επαμεινωνδας Κοσμας

    The sentiment is there to be used as a very anti liberal song despite intending to be a leftist liberal anthem.

    Mark my words; within 50 years you'll be seeing black gays knocking over statues of Martin Luther King JR because of his 1960s opinions of homosexuality.

    Assuming the west lasts 50s years.

    John Redcorn

    I'm glad some people were able to understand my perspective. I knew I wasn't alone on this. I think the reason the song seems to describe the modern radical left so well is because they are so much more similar to the radical right than they realize.


    When you're a stupid cunt with accidentally good taste in music, so you try to get around the fact that the band you love would hate your dumb guts.

    Florida corporate unions now !!

    John Redcorn nofx is about as left as it gets. You are simply a moron and a shill for the 1% lmao

  8. Numonkei

    @darkredARN OH KNOES!!! TTHE APPOKKA-lips. :-)

  9. Aaron Rosas

    hahahahaha 2012 viewers!!!!!